Let's Take A Look At Disney's Toybox WandaVision Figures

WandaVision ended a few weeks ago now; how crazy is that? As we all still continue talking about it, the products from the show are starting to trickle out. Most importantly for us, collectors would be the various figure releases so we can add Wanda, Vision, and more from the show to our MCU displays. We still have to wait a while for a Marvel Legends or Hot Toys release, but Disney waits for no one, and last week they put a two-pack from the show on preorder from their popular Toybox line. We got it in the mail today, so let's look at the first WandaVision figures to hit the market.

WandaVision Figures Are Going To Fly Out Of Stores, No Matter The Style

The packaging for the Toybox line is not all that exciting, but it does display well. The window box on the front shows off the complete Scarlet Witch and Vision figures, and not in static poses either. Vision is posed in flight, with Wanda performing spells. Very nice if you are a MOC collector, just not exciting. The back shows off a Loki figure, but I am not sure if this is a new figure from his show or a previous release.

These are my first Toybox figures, but being from WandaVision, I had to have them. I was not prepared for how strange these are in your hand. Both have good points of articulation, but they have a weird swivel in the thigh that makes it hard for them to stand especially Vision. His translucent cape can come off and go back on easier, which is good because it is too long and messes with posing him. The sculpt is great, though; both figures have a more animated style that I enjoy. Especially Wanda. I love, love, love her costume from the end of the show, and they did a good job capturing that here. The details in the crown are especially neat. But, like Vision, that weird thigh swivel almost ruins her. You have to perform a balancing act to get her into some relatively easy poses.

Let's Take A Look AT Disney's Toybox WandaVision Figures
Disney Toybox Figures

At the end of the day, though, these are aimed at kids, and in that regard, they rule. My daughter loved WandaVision, and she has been running around with these two ever since I finished taking these pictures, so what do I know. For the price, $18.99, these are solid figures for kids to bash around with and would also look good on an adult collectors MCU shelf, especially as a placeholder until the Legends figures come out. While not perfect, they remind me of the show when I look at them, especially the look from the earlier episodes.

If you want to add these to your collection, go here.

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