Black Panther Marvel Legends Hit the Mark… for the Most Part

Black Panther hits theaters in less than a month, but right now you can get your hands on T'Challa and others from the film in the latest wave of Marvel Legends. Hitting shelves now, the newest wave of figures features a mix of film-based figures and comic-related ones, as usual. No wave of figures is perfect, but this one is pretty damn close. We got our hands on them, so lets take a look!

As much as I like the box-style of Legends, it may be time for a change. They have had this look for a few years now, and it is starting to make every wave of figures seem exactly the same. Like always, big window in the front showing off the figure and accessories with key art on the sides and the wave with a large pic of the figure on the back. Really nice, but starting to get a tad boring.

Let's look at the comic figures first. Black Bolt gets an update, with interchangeable heads. Out of the two, I prefer the open-mouthed-I'm-yelling head for sure. I really wish that the wings were removable; it makes the figure look silly when you try to pose him any other way. The paint aps on mine are really well done, and overall this is going to become my default Black Bolt. A worthy redo.

Next up is a classic Namor. I was really worried about the wings on his feet, I have read reports of them breaking off in the package. I was happy to see that was not the case here. For me, this figure is almost too muscular. The legs are like tree trunks on this guy! He comes with tons of interchangeable parts, including the alternate beard head, and swimming hands. And of course, his trident. I actually like the beard head way more, and my classic sculpt has a weird mark on his chin that sadly did not come off with a magic eraser. He is so veiny that it makes me uncomfortable, though!

Invincible Iron Man rounds out the three comic figures. As far as Iron Men go, this one is okay. Both the armored and non-helmet head sculpts feel a little small, although less so with the Tony Stark head. That was the main draw for me on this one, I like when Tony has his helmet off, its always so striking to see his head on an Iron Man buck. Other than that, it is just another Iron Man Legends figure in a sea of others. He is the John Cena of this line.

As far as the movie figures go, they are the best of the wave. Nakia is an insanely cool figure. From the unique colors of her suit to the stunning head sculpt, this figure is a complete home run. As a build a figure, I do not like the choice of Okoye, but as a figure she is just as great as Nakia. Her legs are a bit tough to pose, but that's easy to forgive when the figures look this great.

Weirdly, the worst figure of the whole wave is T'Challa himself. I actually think they did a much better job on the figure from the Civil War wave two years ago. For all the good work they did on the head sculpts in the wave, the mask-less Black Panther head looks pretty bad. His beard barely looks painted.

Thankfully, I opened the best last. Erik Killmonger is a must-own. Ultra-posable, with a killer paint job and amazing detail, this may be my new favorite MCU villain figure. I have nothing bad to say about this one. Just buy it and love it as you should.

All told, these made me even more excited for the Black Panther film next month. If you just want the movie figures and the build a figure, you can skip the Iron Man. He does not come with any parts to build Okoye. While the comic figures in the wave are just okay, and stunningly the Black Panther figure is not so great, most of the wave is a great buy you will be happy with. Especially the Killmonger. If nothing else, you need that figure.

Y0u can order these figure right here.

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