EXCLUSIVE: Gentle Giant Bringing I Hate Fairyland's Gertrude To SDCC

SDCC Exclusive Skottie Young I Hate Fairyland Gertrude Statue

For fans of Skottie Young and his fantastic creator-owned series I Hate Fairyland, merchandise has been pretty hard to come by. Sure, there are comics galore, but as collectors, we have always wanted more. Well, thanks to Gentle Giant, the wait is over. They are bringing Gertrude to life in statue form as an exclusive at this years SDCC:

Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland Gertrude Statue

Life is hard when you are 6 years old… and even harder when you have been trapped in Fairlyland for almost 30 years and your mind and emotions grow but your body does not. That is exactly what happened to Gertude, the main character in Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland from Image Comics and it's made her a little…unhinged.

No one in Fairyland or on your collectibles shelf will be safe from Queen Gert when she comes to reign. Gert stands triumphant atop a defeated mushroom with a bomb in one hand and her bloody axe in the other. As you look into her eyes, there is no question as to how she feels about being stranded in Fairyland.

This statue is based on an original sketch by Skottie Young, created specifically for this piece. This limited edition statue will come hand numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

I HATE FAIRYLAND, Created by New York Times Bestseller and Eisner award-winning cartoonist Skottie Young!

ONCE UPON A TIME in Fairyland, there was a girl….who hated the place and did messed up stuff!

Meet Gertrude, a grown-up in a six year-old girls body, who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for nearly thirty years on a maddening quest to return home. It's just her, a fly named Larry, and a Battle-axe, against Slug Lords, Mushroom Men, Zombie Fauns, Barbarians, her nemesis Queen Cloudia and all kinds of insane insanity! Sculpted by real giants at Gentle Giant Studios, each piece is highly detailed and hand-painted by one-eyed elves who dip cotton candy paint brushes in the body fluids of Rainbow Griffons. This supremely magical collectible will make you the envy of all your friends so guard it well, but do not let it go to your head. Of course, we can't prove any of it and all of this is pure speculation on our part, we just work here.

The statue will be available every morning at the con, including on preview night, with a certain number available each day in the morning at their booth, #3513. The cost of the statue is $120, and a certain number of them will be available each day.

As if that's not cool enough, Young himself will be signing at their booth each day of the con Thursday through Sunday, as well (check with them at their booth at the show for exact times). If you are a Platinum Member of Gentle Giant's Premier Guild collectors club, you can go right now and pre-order one. If you are not a member, go to gentlegiantltd.com and sign up!

And let me tell you, this thing is well worth a purchase. The sculpting work here is top-notch — I am especially impressed with the job they did on her hair. Gertrude has the typical cute-but-deadly expression on her face that we all know and love, and the poor dead mushroom she has killed has an adorably horrific look on its face. There are absolutely no paint troubles on this one, as is standard with the stellar work Gentle Giant always gives us. My 5-year old thinks it's the greatest thing she has ever seen, so I think that about sums it up.

If that wasn't enough, they are also going to be selling their Star Wars Celebration exclusive Jumbo Dianoga Trash Monster at SDCC, as well. Again, if you are a Premier Guild Member, this is available to you now.

When the vintage Death Star Space Station Playset was released in 1978 the designers had to take some creative license on the included trash compactor monster.    We all knew about the eye stalk and the tentacles, but the wings, the mouth full of teeth and the fin were a revelation to us kids.  Now the thing lurking in the muck of the Death Star had a "face."

Grab your Jumbo Han, Luke, Leia and Chewbacca because now you can re-enact the pulse-pounding trash compactor scene from Star Wars: A New Hope with the convention exclusive Jumbo Dianoga Trash Monster!   Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars with part of one of the greatest playsets in the history of toys! Scanned from the original vintage figure/accessory and reproduced in the 12" scale, Gentle Giant's Jumbo Dianoga Trash Monster comes packed with accurate 3-color foam "trash" and in a spectacular vintage inspired full color box!

Gentle Giant Ltd's Jumbos – Just like you remember, only BIGGER!

Price: $80

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