Pirates Galore In Tonight's Episode Of Once Upon A Time

ABC's Once Upon a Time has been back for a few weeks now, and the second half of Season 5 has been a dark and twisted one. "Underbrooke" is a pretty cool place, and the amount of cameo's we've had from past cast members has been great. Now that Hook and Emma are reunited, there's more family business to attend to as they try and figure out a way to get back to Storybrooke. Tonight is going to be a pirate filled episode as we meet Hook's brother.


Here's what the writers had to say about the event:

Edward Kitsis teased:

"We'll find out this weekend if Hook's brother is a fan of Captain Swan."

Adam Horowitz added:

"Just because he's dead doesn't mean a big brother can't have opinions on his kid brother's love life."

The clip below looks like things end up being pretty agreeable between Emma and Hook's brother, but who knows what will happen before and after. The conversation is intense and I look forward to seeing how this plot development pans out.

Also, there's this to look forward to…

Tune into Once Upon a Time at 8p.m. tonight!