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Dark Crisis Superman by Tom King and Chris Burnham
While Brandon Thomas, Chuck Brown and Fico Ossio do the same in a back-up strip for Aquaman Poor Aquaman, has to share his main title with another Aquaman and si now relegated to a backup strip. Pariah The Great Darkness A World of Dreams Hope. Following the tragic events in Justice League #75 by Joshua Williamson and Rafa[...]
Superman Son Of Kal-El #8 Review: Too Similar
Two similarities? Merely coincidence, right? Then there's a team-up — Jackson Hyde, the tyro hero called Aquaman following in Arthur Curry's footsteps, is on hand to face off against The Gamorra Corps (seriously), people gifted with synthetic superpowers by Bendix sent to show up the second Man of Steel Their very high mortality rate in the[...]
Okay, now with that out of the way… we all know about the surprise cameo in the season finale, with the Justice League showing up just in time for Ezra Miller's Barry Allen aka The Flash joining in with Cena's Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker in busting Jason Mamoa's Aquaman's gills about all of those "sex with[...]
DC Comics Overship Aquaman #2
So retailers can make more money selling a copy of Aquamen #1 than any other comic on their stands. And that is how the Aquasausage is made… AQUAMEN #1 CVR A TRAVIS MOORE (W) Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas (A) Sami Basri (CA) Travis Moore Dive deeper following the thrilling conclusions of Aquaman: The Becoming and Black Manta! When a[...]
Aquaman & Flash: Voidsong From DC - Two Heroes Both With A Film Out
Announced at ComicsPRO's Annual Conference, which is taking place virtually around the world for a second year in a row, comes a new series starring Justice Leaguers Aquaman and the Flash, both of whom have a movie out Hence why this series exists By Collin Kelley & Jackson Lanzing, Vasco Georgiev and Rain Beredo, it's a[...]
Cover image for Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #5
Aquaman and Green Arrow find themselves stranded in an Earth populated by Dino-Rachels in this preview of Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #5 Oh, so it was a problem when Claremont did it, but this is okay? Hypocrites! Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN/GREEN ARROW: DEEP TARGET #5 DC Comics 1221DC052 1221DC053 – Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #5 Ejikure Cover[...]
But more importantly, how will this new "two Aquamen" status quo work? How will the fish know who to listen to?! Check out the preview below. AQUAMEN #1 DC Comics 1221DC024 1221DC025 – AQUAMEN #1 CVR B KAEL NGU CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 1221DC026 – AQUAMEN #1 CVR C NICK ROBLES CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 1221DC027 – AQUAMEN #1[...]
But fans of Smallville remember Ritchson from his more "aquatic" days as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, a role he played over the course of four episodes, beginning with 2005's S05E04 "Aqua," with his final appearance in 2010's S10E09 "Patriot." The actor made such an impact during his debut that conversations immediately started about an Aquaman[...]
Finally, an Adults Only Aquaman Comic... Will We See his Trident?
So what would they be doing with a Black Label book? But Ram V and Christian Ward plan to break the mold by featuring not Batman but Aquaman in a new Black Label comic, as revealed in the EX-X-XCLUSIVE CBR article, "EXCLUSIVE: Aquaman Joins DC's Adults-Only Black Label with a Psychological Horror Series." The synopsis: Deep in the[...]
Zack Snyder’s Justice League Mera Statue Hits Iron Studios
Mera will be a perfect piece to display with the recently revealed Zack Snyder's Justice League Aquaman statue to unite King and Queen together once again The Snyder Cut Mera 1/10 Art Scale Statue is priced at $149.99, and pre-orders are already live and located here. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img[...]
Aquaman Rises from the Ocean with New Iron Studios Art Scale Statue
Zack Snyder changed up the status quo for Aquaman by casting Jason Momoa as the iconic DC Comics King of Atlantis After the incredible debut of Zack Snyder's Justice League, I do not think we will hardly see any collectibles for the film's first debut Iron Studios is continuing the love for the Snyder Cut[...]
Jackson Hyde needs to hurry up and become Aquaman already in this final issue preview of Aquaman: The Becoming #6 After all, DC can't launch a new Aquamen series with only one Aquaman, can they? And it's too late to find a replacement So hurry up and become, Jackson.  Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN THE[...]
DC FanDome Teases More Under Water Fun for Aquaman 2
Considering Aquaman was one of DC's best-received films on its roster, the constant discussion surrounding the upcoming sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom feels entirely appropriate Along with Shazam and Wonder Woman, the character is one of the only recurring heroes on the current DC lineup to receive multiple films – and a substantial amount of[...]
Superman Son Of Kal-El #7 Review: Radicalized Teenagers
The nascent Superman and an equally tyro Aquaman tried to dissuade the creature from its path until Bendix's Gamorra Corps (imagine even more generic versions of Luthor's Everyman Project, but flying a flag) stepped in with their own agenda. This Tom Taylor script hits many interesting notes: the enthusiasm of youth, a desire to level the[...]