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Yey even with that in mind, it has its own unique look and vibe that feels more timeless – wearing its legacy and lineage on its sleeve from the very start. DC Universe Over the past few weeks, viewers have learned a lot about Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) as well as the super hero history lesson built[...]
No, we're not talking about moving to a new place and her getting used to her mom's new beau. The changes that Courtney's about to go through are the kind not many people can relate to – except for one. And he's dead. But the cosmic staff wants what it wants – or in this case, wants who[...]
The Sandman key art (Image: Netflix)
From its rich characters and storylines to its intricately built-out worlds, we're excited to create an epic original series that dives deep into this multi-layered universe beloved by fans around the world." – Channing Dungey, VP-Original Series, Netflix Gaiman's multi-genre tale centers on Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, and the Endless, the powerful group of siblings: Destiny,[...]
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This week, in advance of Destiny 2's seventh season, called Season of Opulence, Bungie revealed the season's pinnacle weapons Today, on their weekly blog This Week At Bungie, Bungie went into detail on those weapons Those weapons are: Wendigo-GL3, a grenade launcher, Revoker, a sniper rifle, and Hush, a bow. Bungie buried an interesting note in[...]
Bungie Teases a New Era For Destiny 2 Down The Road
It sounds like Bungie has something big in the works for Destiny 2 down the road as the devs are teasing a "new era" will be coming soon Last week the company posted This Week post like they do every week, giving updates as to what's on the way for the game and improvements being[...]
In Hidden "Zero Hour", Bungie Return To Secret Endgame Content
This week, players discovered an unannounced experience inside of Destiny 2 in the vein of 2018's The Whisper mission Called Zero Hour, the 690 level mission is the culmination of a quest chain that, once completed, will reward the player with the exotic pulse rifle called Outbreak Perfected. Zero Hour, the mission, is an exceptionally hard[...]
A Breath Of Air: Oxygen SR3
I'm from the comics end of Bleeding Cool, but I play a bunch of Destiny 2. I enjoy using this season's pinnacle Vanguard weapon, the scout rifle called Oxygen SR3 At first blush, it looks like an above average scout rifle The only thing special about it is the exclusive perk Meganuera, which empowers Dragonfly, the[...]
Many of these people have been with Bungie for ages, and sometimes, you just want to move on to new things. But the timing of this, four "names" in Bungie leaving in such a short period of time, is not a great look, and even less so when you remember that Bungie has just finished its[...]
LoreCheck: Who is the True Protagonist of Destiny 2?
credit// Bungie If Destiny and Destiny 2 have one fatal flaw, it's absolutely the meandering, cyclical narrative that spends too much time trying to explain away game mechanics to really make sense However, recent events in the game have made things a bit more sensible, if you follow an absolutely insane fan theory. But sometimes, the craziest fan[...]
RUMOR: Sony is the Reason Destiny 2 Doesn't Have Character Transfer
credit// Bungie According to some recent rumors, based on well researched speculation, it appears Destiny players have yet another reason to dislike Sony Not only does Sony restrict content from appearing on Xbox and PC versions of both Destiny games, but it seems like they've also been responsible for blocking any kind of character transfer system so you[...]
Bungie has detailed the changes coming to Destiny 2's hybrid PvP/PvE game mode Gambit for the Season of the Drifter Most of the updates coming for Gambit are quality of life fixes. From the Destiny blog: To get Gambit primed for the Season of the Drifter, we have been working on some Quality of Life improvements We're changing the[...]
Bungie Confirms Trials of the Nine Not Returning to Destiny 2 Yet
Sad news for Destiny 2 fans who were hoping to see Trials of the Nine return to the game, as Bungie put the kibosh on those plans In a recent blog post from the developers, the team went into detail as to why the popular mode won't be coming back anytime soon, but at the same time,[...]
Destiny 2's Trials of the Nine Will be Missing for Several Seasons
The Trials of the Nine is a major PvP component of Destiny 2's endgame, however, it has been missing since Season 4 And it looks like players will have to get used to that, as Bungie is keeping the event offline for several seasons In fact, the developer may not bring the trials back at all[...]
Bungie is Patching the Titan Skating Exploit out of Destiny 2
Which is naturally a problem for a highly competitive multiplayer game like Destiny 2. From Polygon: The Titan's jump ability is called Lift, and uses momentum to propel Guardians up and forward If done in a certain way, Titan characters can move far faster than anyone else in the game While it was possible on consoles in Destiny, it takes[...]
Destiny 2's Crimson Days Rewards Players with a Masterwork Bow
credit// Bungie   Destiny 2 will be celebrating Valentine's Day with the Crimson Days event again this year and the festivities kick off next week While the event mostly functions the same way as previous years, the rewards for this year's event includes a masterwork bow alongside some of the more traditional rewards, like a shiny new[...]