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She-Ra Meets Dog Man - Barb Graphic Novel Sold for 6 Figures
As the title of this article suggests, they are pitching it as She-Ra and the Princesses of Power meets Dav Pilkey's Dog Man With a middle-grade graphic novel series that will see Barb, a young Berzerker, who has to rescue her fellow warriors from the evil villain Witch Head before he takes over the world. She-Ra[...]
Dav Pilkey's Dog-Man Sells Ten Times The Top Manga In US Bookstores
1 by Hajime Isayama sold nearly 88,000 copies. Dav Pilkey's Dog-Man Sells Ten Times The Top Manga In US Bookstores But these manga sales were put in perspective compared to kids graphic novels, which topped the charts for all juvenile fiction sold this year in the bookstore market with Dog Man Vol 10: Mothering Heights by Dav[...]
Dav Pilkey, World's Best-Selling Comic Creator, Teaches Kids Comics
And now everyone can get a piece of him, Next week, kids can tune in from home or with their classroom and create comics with Dav Pilkey and a team of educators for a free event that will see readers from around the world create their own comic inspired by Cat Kid's Comic Club, Dog Man[...]
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His graphic novel series Dog Man gets five million printings of each volume Just as Dog Man spun out of his illustrated novels Captain Underpants, so it is to get its own spinoff and a new graphic novel series Cat Kid Comic Club Volume 1 will be published this December from Scholastic, three months after[...]
Dav Pilkey's Dog-Man to Party Like It's 1991 With 5 Million Copy Print Run
Following a 3 million copy print run for August's most recent entry in the popular Dog Man comic series by superstar creator Dav Pilkey, comic book publisher Scholastic has announced a 5 million copy print run for Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild, threatening to usher in a new speculator boom like the 1990s which could[...]