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Konami & eFootball Become Official Game Partners Of Club America
Konami revealed today that both the company and their popular sports title eFootball have become video game partners for Club America As it has been with most partnerships like this, the company will basically have their branding and promotions all over CA events and arenas, promoting the game and whatnot, while also having a stronger[...]
Konami To Hold eFootball Championship 2022 This June
Konami announced this week they will be holding the eFootball Championship 2022 this year, with multiple events happening this June The plan will be to open up the competition to many different players at various levels of skill from the beginners to the elite There will be two competitions held this time around, the first[...]
Konami & LIGA BBVA MX Announce Exclusivity Agreement For eFootball
Konami revealed today they have signed an exclusivity agreement with LIGA BBVA MX to bring their leagues over to the eFootball franchise The shorthand to the deal is that they now have access to the players and stadiums of LIGA BBVA MX to take images, including 3D scanning and movement capture, in an effort to[...]
Konami Partners With The USL For Multi-Year eFootball Partnership
Konami announced this week they have signed a new multi-year partnership with the United Soccer League (USL) tied to eFootball As you might have guessed from previous deals, this means you'll be seeing the USL integrated into the game as you'll be able to play the teams and players from the league against others from[...]
Konami Will Launch eFootball 2022 On Septenber 30th
Konami finally announced a release date for eFootball 2022 today, as we'll be getting the game globally on September 30th, 2021.  However, there is a bit of a catch to all of this The game is basically being released to get players into the game and playing as their favorite teams, but the gameplay itself[...]
Konami Drops A New Gameplay Trailer For eFootball At Gamescom
Konami has released a brand new trailer for eFootball this week during Gamescom 2021 as we get a better look at the incoming gameplay Along with the trailer, the team behind it released more information about all of the features and improvements that will be introduced into this game, as they look to provide the[...]
Konami, MLSPA & OneTeam Announce Multi-Year Deal For eFootball
Some major news from Konami this morning as they have reached a new multi-year agreement with the MLSPA & OneTeam for eFootball While a lot of the specifics were left out of the details, the overall message is that we're going to be seeing the MLS, in all of its glory, come to the game[...]
Konami Reveals More About The eFootball.Open Structure
This week, Konami dropped a ton of info about how they intend to run the PES 2020 eFootball.Open, including how they will structure the season We now know that the competition will be headlined by two major tournaments: the eFootball.Pro and eFootball.Open The league will kick-off this December, with player registrations for eFootball.Open set to begin in[...]