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Disney Speedstorm Releases Its Season 2 Update
Gameloft has released a new update for Disney Speedstorm this past week, as the game enters Season 2 with a ton of new content As you can see from the image below, Toy Story makes their presence known on the track, with new reimagined Disney and Pixar racers who will be racing around a new[...]
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Gameloft has released a brand new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, as Early Access players have some new free content to try out The update is called "The Remembering," and it will have you exploring the new Forgotten Lands Biome, as you will attempt to unravel the mystery of finding the true source of the[...]
Disney Dreamlight Valley Gets Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Discord Event
Gameloft has launched a new event for Disney Dreamlight Valley; only this one you'll have to travel to the realm of Discord to check out The adventure features two of the game's most prominent characters as you'll see Donald and Stitch get into it again The Discord channel has a brand new bot-operated choose-your-own-adventure storyline[...]
The Oregon Trail
Gameloft has released a brand-new update for the modernized version of The Oregon Trail, as players can download the Cowboys & Critters update The content comes with a ton of new features, including thirteen new stories, more cooking options, new quests to explore, a new treaty, and so much more We got the notes from[...]
The Lion King Comes To Disney Dreamlight Valley In Latest Update
Gameloft has released a new update this week for Disney Dreamlight Valley, as the Pride Of The Valley update adds characters from The Lion King The update adds some awesome characters and settings from the classic film, which includes a completely new realm to explore, as well as Simba and Nala, all totally free You're[...]
Asphalt 9: Legends Brings In The Lamborghini Revuelto
Gameloft has partnered up with Lamborghini to bring in one of their iconic cars to Asphalt 9: Legends, as players can now drive the Lamborghini Revuelto The addition of the car int he game coincides with the reveal of it in the real world, as the latest Lambo design rolls off the assembly line and[...]
New Racing Title Disney Speedstorm Revealed During D23 Expo
Gameloft dropped a new trailer this morning for Disney Speedstorm, showing off the content you can get if you decide to buy the Founder's Pack The two-minute video shows off many of the characters that you'll be able to access across different Disney and Pixar properties, along with many of the cosmetics that will come[...]
New Racing Title Disney Speedstorm Revealed During D23 Expo
Gameloft announced this morning their upcoming Disney racing title, Disney Speedstorm, is headed to Early Access on April 18th, 2023 Those who purchased the Founder's Pack on that date can take part in the cross-platforming racer on all three major consoles and PC On top of the news, they are offering three different versions of[...]
Auto Draft
Gameloft revealed a brand new competition series in Asphalt 9, as players will be able to compete in the Porsche Asphalt Series 2023 This is a brand new competition that will kick off this coming Friday, giving players a chance to face off in multiple competitions with a ton of prizes on the line, all[...]
Disney Dreamlight Valley Launches "A Festival Of Friendship" Content
Gameloft has launched new content for Disney Dreamlight Valley this week as players can take part in A Festival Of Friendship This is basically their way of throwing a celebration for the anniversary in the game with some new things to do and additions to explore, such as Mirabel from Encanto and Olaf from Frozen,[...]
Disney Dreamlight Valley Releases Missions In Uncharted Space Update
Gameloft has released a brand new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley today as players can now experience "Missions In Uncharted Space."  This is essentially the holiday update for the game as they ass a number of things from Toy Story into the mix, as well as some other updates to keep the game going and[...]
The Oregon Trail Will Be Released For Nintendo Switch Soon
Gameloft announced today that they will be releasing the modernized version of The Oregon Trail for the Nintendo Switch This will be the PC version that players have had the chance to experience, as you're getting a modernized version of a classic educational title With a few changes made for Switch players to make it[...]
Disney Dreamlight Valley Receives Free Update, Scar’s Kingdom
Gameloft has released a brand new free update for Disney Dreamlight Valley as players can jump into the Scar's Kingdom content This is the first free content for the game, which launches the next Star Path season, which is available now for Founder's Pack owners Here you'll be headed to the savannas of the Sunlit[...]
Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals Toy Story Update At D23 Expo
Disney and Gameloft revealed the next major update to Disney Dreamlight Valley at D23 Expo as Toy Story is coming to the game The team didn't really give out too many details beyond the footage shown in the trailer below What we do know is that we'll be getting Woody and Buzz Lightyear added to[...]
New Racing Title Disney Speedstorm Revealed During D23 Expo
During the D23 Expo, we got a glimpse at a brand new racing game on the way as Disney and Gameloft revealed Disney Speedstorm The game will be using, you guessed it, Disney and Pixar characters as racers as you will zoom around the track in what very much looks like a Disney spin on[...]
Gameloft Announces New Game In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Gameloft has released a new trailer for Disney Dreamlight Valley this week as we're given a better look at the gameplay The trailer gives you a bit of a breakdown as to how everything will shape up when you jump into the game, from taking care of issues around the kingdom to unlocking characters to[...]
Gameloft Announces New Game In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Gameloft has announced that their upcoming game Disney Dreamlight Valley will be getting an Early Access release this September The wondrous game that allows you to build your own home and help save a world filled with Disney and Pixar characters has been teased for a short time already, but now we know the game[...]
Gameloft's The Oregon Trail Will See A Vinyl Soundtrack Release
Gameloft has partnered up with Decca Records to release a new vinyl soundtrack pressing for their version of The Oregon Trail The team released their version of the now-iconic learning game back in 2021, which came with its own robust soundtrack that gave the game its own identity Now you can snag that soundtrack for[...]
Gameloft Announces New Game In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Gameloft announced a brand new game today with Disney as the two will be releasing a life sim-adventure called Disney Dreamlight Valley This game will have you essentially playing as an avatar of yourself who has found yourself in the Dreamlight Valley, where all Disney and Pixar characters live amongst each other However, a terrible[...]
War Planet Online Holds Crossover Event With Terminator 2
Gameloft has launched a brand new event into War Planet Online as they're celebrating the legacy of the action film Terminator 2 The company has officially partnered with STUDIOCANAL, the current rights holder to Terminator 2, in order to bring this event to life as they celebrate the 30th Anniversary of its release in theaters[...]
The LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR Added To Asphalt 9: Legends
Gameloft has released a brand new car into Asphalt 9: Legends as players can get their hands on the unique LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR Yes, the combined partnership of the two companies has formed a unique car that you can snag between now until October 30th, as you'll be able to vie for pole[...]
Queen Releases A Mobile Game With Queen Rock Tour
Gameloft and Universal Music Group have come together with the legendary rock band Queen to released Queen: Rock Tour This rhythm mobile game will have you reliving all of the band's greatest tours as you will play through 20 of their most popular songs As you might suspect from the genre, you'll be tapping along[...]
The Ghostbusters Have Been Added To LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed
Gameloft has added the beloved franchise into the game as you can play as five different characters You have your pick of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zedmore, and Slimer to add to your party and head off into battle with Along with the ability to unlock special sets like Ecto 1 The[...]
"LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed" Pre-Registration Opens
Gameloft announced today that you can officially pre-register for their upcoming mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed on both iOS and Android You can currently pre-register on their website as it will take you to both spots, even the Windows version if you so desire The devs even released a brand new trailer for you[...]
Gameloft Previews "Asphalt 9: Legends" Coming To Switch at E3
The last game we say from Gameloft at E3 2019 was a new port of Asphalt 9: Legends which will be coming to the Nintendo Switch The game has been a pretty decent hit for the company on mobile with a ton of supercars at your disposal to race around the track and even go[...]
We Tried Out "Disney Getaway Blast" From Gameloft at E3 2019
The other Disney-related game we got to try out from Gameloft uring E3 2019 was a second mobile puzzler called Disney Getaway Blast This game will have you working with the Disney crew to help restore an island to becoming one of the best tropical vacation spots in all the world after all the characters[...]
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One of the games we got to try out at E3 2019 from Gameloft was their puzzle title Disney Princess Majestic Quest for iOS and Android The concept for the mobile title is pretty simple as you will take on the role of the various Disney princesses over the years whose kingdoms have all been[...]
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We visited with Gameloft at this year's E3 event to check out all the mobile games they're working on, which included LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed This is a bit of a unique take on the whole LEGO adventuring kind of games as you will make your way around and help unlock levels and characters from[...]
Gameloft Announces LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed For Mobile
This morning, Gameloft and The LEGO Group announced a brand new team-battle RPG mobile game with LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed The game will take over 40 years of LEGO history and put it together in a game where you'll have iconic figures doing battle against each other in lands both familiar and strange Gameloft has[...]
Gameloft Announces Two New Mobile Titles For Disney
Gameloft had some surprising news this week as they announced they would be releasing two new Disney mobile games this year The two games the company will be working on releasing in 2019 are Disney Princess Majestic Quest, which will be dedicated to the Disney Princesses as you'll be tackling puzzles and unlocking stories, and[...]