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Secretlab Will Be Restocking Their Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chairs
Secretlab revealed today that they will be restocking their highly popular Cyberpunk 2077 model for their line of gaming chairs Ever since these chairs were shown off earlier this year, they have been in high demand Insane amounts of high demand The first round of chairs was gone in an instant as people needed to[...]
Secretlab & Blizzard Reveal World Of Warcraft Gaming Chairs
Secretlab and Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new partnership today as they present two World Of Warcraft gaming chairs Being released to coincide with the upcoming release of the Shadowlands expansion, you can show your allegiance to the Alliance with a proud blue and gold design, or gleefully scream "for The Horde" with this black and[...]
Secretlab and Facepunch Studios announce the official Secretlab Rust Edition chair
This morning, Secretlab revealed they've formed a new partnership with Facepunch Studios to release an official Rust Gaming Chair As you can see here, they've designed the new look around both their 2020 models for the Titan and the Omega, complete with the rust coloring and the logo What's more, the two have also collaborated[...]
Secretlab Reveals A New Gaming Chair Partnership With Team England
Secretlab revealed a brand new partnership today with Team England as they are making a Three Lions Gaming Chair The company has formed partnerships with teams before, but the majority of them have been esports teams This is the first of its kind in partnership with The Football Association in the UK to make a[...]
Secretlab Unveils Their New Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chair
Secretlab has unveiled their latest chair design in partnership with CD Projekt Red as we are getting a Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chair This one, according to their info, was designed for precise, ergonomic support and lasting comfort, keeping in line with their previous designs It incorporates all the engineering and tech of their Secretlab 2020[...]
GIveaway: "MapleStory" Themed DXRacer Gaming Chair
Would you like to win a MapleStory themed DXRacer gaming chair? All you need is a Twitter account and you could score this cool chair DXRacer has provided us a chance to give away a version of the chair you see below, in all of its pink, purple, and white glory What do you need[...]
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again to make another awesome gaming chair, this one featuring Birds Of Prey Following up from the Dark Knight Edition, this one is a cream color base with gold diamond-motif leatherette on the backrest accents Which also sites on the insides of the seatbase You can see Harley Quinn's special touches across the front and[...]
Secretlab Launches New Collaboration With Esports Team OG
This morning, Secretlab announced a brand new collaboration for a gaming chair, this time with two-time Dota 2 The International champs OG As you can see below, the "Dream OG" chair comes with the team's official logo and branding, not to mention their team colors Plus, as an added bonus, the right shoulder has two[...]
G2 & Secretlab Release "Army Of Champions Edition" Gaming Chair
Secretlab has formed a new partnership with G2 Esports, as they will be releasing a new Army Of Champions Edition gaming chair with the team The chair is in celebration of their dominance in games such as Rocket League, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six Siege You can get the chair in either edition of their Titan[...]
Secretlab Announces It's Latest Gaming Chair: The Titan XL
Secrerlab revealed their latest gaming chair earlier today, as they expand their Titan line to include the latest model, the Titan XL This particular model is 25% larger than the standard Titan model, along with some added features that make it ideal for people who weigh between 220-390 lbs Basically, if you're a bigger, heavier,[...]
Secretlab Partners With T1 For A Special Edition Gaming Chair
Secretlab has formed a new partnership, this time with League Of Legends esports team T1 to release their own special edition gaming chair Being created in both the Titan and Omega series chairs, they sport the team logo with their colors The chairs were designed to celebrate the team's success over the years, as they[...]
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A couple of months ago we visited with Secretlab in NYC to talk about their 2020 Series line of gaming chairs Now, we're reviewing one from the Titan line We've received Titan chairs in the past and they've been killer quality that makes for a great gaming experience, but we only had a little bit[...]
The OPSEAT Master Series Chair: Maximum Comfort, Reasonable Price Tag
I have spent the last week testing out the OPSEAT Master Series gaming chair, and I am happy to say it's changed my gaming world for the better. //Credit: OPSEAT Prior to last week, I spent most of my gaming hours in a decent office chair, with five wheels, cushioned seat and back, and arm rests[...]
Warner Bros. and Secretlab Partner Up For Batman Gaming Chairs
has partnered up with Secretlabl to produce a special 80th Anniversary Dark Knight gaming chair dedicated to the one and only Batman The company has made these special chairs with the Batman logo embroidered in them that look like something Bruce Wayne might install in the Batcave, or at the very least his own setup[...]
The noblechairs HERO Series has Less Flair, but More Practicality
credit// noblechairs noblechairs' HERO Series is a gaming chair with a bit less flair, but more practicality as it suits a wider range of body-types The chair is designed to work well for anyone who tends to be on the broader or taller sides of life, which means it's not ideal for my 5'0" self[...]
Review: Secretlab Omega SoftWeave Series
A short time ago we received a new version of the Secretlab chairs, this one being one of their SoftWeave series in the form of an Omega gaming chair We've had the chance to review a few chairs from the company and they all turn out pretty awesome, with one or two things that could[...]
Respawn RSP-400 Gaming Chair 1
I have never owned a gaming chair, as most of my hardcore gaming days are behind me I still game, however, and spend long hours in front of a computer for other reasons So having a comfortable chair is pretty vital Enter Respawn, who was gracious enough to send over their RSP-400 model for us[...]
AKRacing MAX Gaming Chair
It's been a minute since we reviewed a gaming chair, now that the holiday season is over and people have been working on new models to show off as convention season picks up The latest chair to come our way arrived from AKRacing, whom you may recognize from several esports tournaments They sent us one[...]
Commanding My Games In Blue: We Review Secretlab's Omega 2018 Gaming Chair
Like a lot of gaming chairs, the price is key as this particular model comes in at $330 (as of when we wrote this review), which may send a few people running, but considering a lot of the higher-end chairs on the market range from $250-400, this is a pretty decent deal for the quality.   [...]
This Thing Has A Footrest? We Review The Respawn 110 Gaming Chair
We've gotten a few different gaming chairs over 2017, some were of awesome quality and some were lacking, but ultimately a lot of them were kind of the same Recently we received a couple from Respawn that don't quite fit the normal mold of a gaming chair Today we take a look at their RSP-110[...]
Back From Gaming Retirement: We Review The Nitro Concepts S300
The gaming chair company nobelchairs decided that the Nitro Concepts line should make a formal return to the marketplace and produced a new line called the S-300, which we happily received for review. First and foremost, this does not feel like your average gaming chair because of the fabric and the way the seat is designed[...]
Finding Comfort For Cheaper As We Check Out The "Titan" From Secretlab
A few weeks ago I got a rather surprising package in the mail: a brand new gaming chair This one came our way from Secretlab, a Singaporean-owned company who has been branching out the past year with two specific models Today we get to review one of those in their pro-gamer chair simply called the Titan. The[...]
Secretlab Launches A New Branch In The UK
Originally launched in 2015 in Singapore, the company has slowly been expanding through Asia and Austrailia as a primary gaming chair maker that several eSports league players picked up on in those areas The company recently jumped across the Pacific and into the highly competitive U.S market, and are now making their way into Europe. Secretlab[...]
Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved
It has no scratch marks on it from him launching himself onto and off of the chair, is resistant to collecting cat hair, and hasn't managed to be chewed into submission. So if you need a gaming chair that will withstand your nightmare cat, I can recommend no chair more than the Icon series. If, on the[...]
Gaming Like A Bond Villain: We Review Noblechairs' EPIC Series
Gaming chairs have become the must-own luxury item of anyone who does this for a living, or at least makes video gaming their passion beyond the 9-5 I personally haven't had one in a few years, but my old chair was heaven to sit in, and have been in desperate need to get another proper[...]