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Fae Tactics Gets A New Trailer During The PC Gaming Show
For those looking to get a new tactical RPG, Humble Games showed off a new trailer for Fae Tactics during the PC Gaming Show This game feels like an absolute throwback to Final Fantasy Tactics, as you will be battling your way across a world filled with magic and peril You can read more about[...]
Humble Games Show Off Prodeus During The PC Gaming Show
Humble Games had a bit of a surprise during the PC Gaming Show as we got a better look at their upcoming game Prodeus The game has been in development for a while now as it is basically a throwback to the classic games like Quake and DOOM A first-person shooter where you are thrown[...]
Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th
Humble Games, creators of the Humble Bundle, is working together with Alt-Shift to bring Crying Suns, a new indie rogue-lite game, to mobile! The game will be coming out on June 25th of this year. Key art and the logo for Humble Games and Alt-Shift's new indie mobile game, Crying Suns. Crying Suns, as explained by the[...]
Auto Draft
The devs over at Humble Games have released a new gameplay video for Wildfire, showing off ten full minutes of the game The 2D stealth title has been getting a little attention as we creep closer to the May 26th release date, showing you how to become one with your surroundings in a platforming environment[...]