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Humble Games Releases Remastered ‘90s Shooter PowerSlave Exhumed
Humble Games and Nightdive Studios have come together to release a remastered classic as PowerSlave Exhumed is now in their shop The classic '90s shooter has been fully restored to its glory with upgrades to make it run smoother and play a little bit better on modern platforms The game will be on sale for[...]
Unpacking Release New Behind-The-Scenes Teaser Video
Humble Games and developer Witch Beam revealed today that they will be releasing the PlayStation version of Unpacking on May 10th PS4 and PS5 players will now be able to experience this wonderfully calm game about moving and the transitions of life, as you experience it through the evolving life of the unseen mover To[...]
Humble Games Releases New Demo For The Iron Oath
Humble Games released a new trailer today for The Iron Oath as they showed off a new look at the gameplay for their upcoming title Along with Curious Panda Games, the team is showing off more of the mechanics and what you'll be doing as you play through this '90s PC gaming throwback You can[...]
Unpacking Release New Behind-The-Scenes Teaser Video
Humble Games and developer Witch Beam announced last week that Unpacking is getting a physical edition, and will be coming to both PS4 and PS5 The game took the industry by storm and has racked up a ton of awards and accolades since it was released, giving players a mellow but interesting puzzle title that[...]
Humble Games Set To Publish Chinatown Detective Agency
Humble Games dropped a new trailer today revealing the game's main protagonist, going by the name of Amira Darma, who is voiced by Leonie Koh This latest trailer gives us a better look at the character and what drives her This is the perfect introduction to who you'll be playing throughout the game as you[...]
Humble Games Releases New Demo For The Iron Oath
Humble Games and Curious Panda Games released a brand new free demo this week for The Iron Oath for Steam Next Fest The team has been planning to release the game this Spring and give players a different kind of turn-based tactical RPG that will take you back to '90s and '00s PC titles but[...]
Humble Games Set To Publish Chinatown Detective Agency
Humble Games and General Interactive Co have launched a brand new demo for their mystery adventure game, Chinatown Detective Agency The demo is available exclusively through the Humble Store, as you'll be given a chance to perfect your detective skills while globetrotting for INTERPOL in another intense case The game will be released sometime later[...]
Humble Games Set To Publish Chinatown Detective Agency
Humble Games announced this week they've partnered with General Interactive Co to publish Chinatown Detective Agency for PC The game has been in development for over two years now, as the team took inspiration from the Carmen Sandiego franchise to create this mystery-solving title where you'll be globetrotting as an investigator operating out of Chinatown[...]
Next Space Rebels Will Release In Mid-November
Humble Games revealed this week that they're planning to release their upcoming simulator game Next Space Rebels in mid-November The game is part engineering course, part rocket science, part foolish behavior with explosives as you build different types of rockets at home with everything from crayons on yellow pad to sophisticated design software, making rockets[...]
Into The Pit Receives A Free Demo Prior To Launch
Humble Games has launched a free demo of their upcoming game Into The Pit so you can get a taste of it before they officially launch the game Like a lot of games over the weekend, Into The Pit joined the Steam Next Fest to show off what the game was all about, and with[...]
Unpacking Release New Behind-The-Scenes Teaser Video
Humble Games has released a new video for their upcoming game Unpacking showing a more behind-the-scenes look behind its development The video gives an enriching discussion from the developers about how the game came to be after the two met and eventually moved in together, which sparked the creation of the game's main concept The[...]
Unsighted Is Set For Release At The End Of September
Humble Games has revealed the release date for their next game Unsighted, as it will be coming out at the end of the month Quite literally as it will be released on PC and all three major consoles on September 30th if you'd like to get a taste of the game, you can try out[...]
Flynn: Son Of Crimson Announces Official Release Date
Humble Games revealed this week that they now have an official release date for Flynn: Son Of Crimson on PC and Nintendo Switch The Studio Thunderhorse developed game is now currently set to be released on September 15th, as you'll have a chance to play through the handcrafted 2D action platformer in about a month[...]
Dodgeball Academia Receives A New Trailer Ahead Of Launch
Humble Games decided to drop a brand new trailer today for Dodgeball Academia as they prepare to release the game this August This particular trailer doesn't really have that much in gameplay, but it does go a little more in-depth over the lore of the story being told Are you the one to answer the[...]
Humble Games Signs 11 Developers To Black Game Developer Fund
Humble Games revealed this week they've signed a new line of independent developers to their Black Game Developer Fund The new line of companies span the globe from Uganda to Brazil to the UK Each of them presents a new game and outlook that is unique to the industry as they are pushing to represent[...]