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Temtem's Cipanku Island Update Now Available On Steam And PS5
Game developer Crema and publisher Humble Games have released an all-new update for their monster-taming game Temtem! In the update, monster tamers have the option to explore Cipanku Island and visit the first Mythic Lair in the game. A screenshot of gameplay from Temtem's Cipanku Island Mythic Lair update Image attributed to developer Crema and publisher Humble[...]
Carto Is Getting Special Physical Editions By Humble Games & Iam8bit
Humble Games and iam8bit revealed details for the special physical editions of Carto, which will be coming out sometime in Q2 2021 This edition of the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch ($35) and PlayStation 4 ($30), exclusively on iam8bit's shop each edition will include the disc or cartridge version (whichever you buy),[...]
Project Wingman Will Be Coming Out In Early December
Some cool news from Humble Games this past week as they will be releasing Project Wingman on PC in early December 2020 The Sector D2 developed title had the release date revealed during The Escapist Games Showcase – Fall Edition last week, which will officially be December 1st, 2020 You can check out the latest[...]
Humble Games Announces Supraland For Consoles On October 22nd
Some cool news from Humble Games this week as they will officially be bringing Supraland over to consoles this month The game was originally released on PC back in April 2019 and has been doing fairly well for itself since it came out Now the game will be released on October 22nd, 2020 for the[...]
Popup Dungeon Gets A New Gameplay Walkthrough Video
Humble Games and Triple B Studios have released an all-new video for Popup Dungeon, giving players an extended gameplay walkthrough This is one of the many games coming out this Summer we've been excited about because it's basically a paper version of a tabletop RPG, voiced by John de Lancie who played Q on Star[...]
Project Wingman Gets A New Trailer At The PC Gaming Show
Sector D2 and Humble Games brought a new trailer around for Project Wingman to show off during the PC Gaming Show Unlike other flight simulator games we've seen in the past, this one actually looks like a decent balance between realistic flying and fun dogfight combat When you look at games of this genre, it's[...]
Fae Tactics Gets A New Trailer During The PC Gaming Show
For those looking to get a new tactical RPG, Humble Games showed off a new trailer for Fae Tactics during the PC Gaming Show This game feels like an absolute throwback to Final Fantasy Tactics, as you will be battling your way across a world filled with magic and peril You can read more about[...]
Humble Games Show Off Prodeus During The PC Gaming Show
Humble Games had a bit of a surprise during the PC Gaming Show as we got a better look at their upcoming game Prodeus The game has been in development for a while now as it is basically a throwback to the classic games like Quake and DOOM A first-person shooter where you are thrown[...]
Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th
Humble Games, creators of the Humble Bundle, is working together with Alt-Shift to bring Crying Suns, a new indie rogue-lite game, to mobile! The game will be coming out on June 25th of this year. Key art and the logo for Humble Games and Alt-Shift's new indie mobile game, Crying Suns. Crying Suns, as explained by the[...]
Auto Draft
The devs over at Humble Games have released a new gameplay video for Wildfire, showing off ten full minutes of the game The 2D stealth title has been getting a little attention as we creep closer to the May 26th release date, showing you how to become one with your surroundings in a platforming environment[...]