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Hot Toys Announces Iron Man 3 1/4th Scale Figure Reissue
Hot Toys is taking Marvel collectors back to Iron Man 3 as they announce the reissue to their Mark XLII 1/4 Scale Deluxe figure Standing at over 19″ tall, this figure features 40 points of articulation and a highly detailed armor sculpt Iron Man comes with two interchangeable portraits that allow collectors to display him[...]
Eaglemoss Reveals New Marvel Vs Hero Collector Statues
Six characters are, while they can be mismatched, they do seem to be paired up together with Iron Man vs Captain America (Civil War), Loki vs Thor, and Spider-Man vs Green Goblin Standing 6-8 inches tall, these Marvel Vs statues are highly sculpted, with each coming on a sculpted base with battle effect Eaglemoss has[...]
Iron Man Iron Monger Comes To LEGO With New Infinity Saga Set
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a truly remarkable achievement, and LEGO is going back to the film that started it all, Iron Man To help celebrate the Infinity Saga, LEGO has revealed their newest Marvel set that captures the final battle of the film with Iron Man versus Iron Monger Coming in at 479 pieces[...]
Medicom Updates Their Iron Man Mark 85 MAFEX Figure
It looks like Medicom has updated Marvel fans with the production of their upcoming Iron Man figure The Iron Man Mark 85 Armor was already revealed last year, and it looks like some new modifications have been made Coming out of Avengers: Endgame , this highly detailed figure already featured a huge set of accessories[...]
Iron Man Annual #1 Review
Tony Stark makes a great showing of the justifications for his ego and his ability to fight for what's right in an extra-sized issue that gives you everything you'll need in its pages. Iron Man Annual #1 Cover Credit: Marvel Things start off with a kind of Tribbles situation as the aforementioned teenaged Spider-Man, and the Armored[...]
Bid For This Comic Page from the First Iron Man Film Adaptation
When it comes to the popularization of superheroes in the modern era, there is no more influential work than Marvel Studios' Iron Man The studio took a hero that was iconic to Marvel readers but certainly not to the average film goer, cast him as a then wildcard choice of Robert Downey Jr., and turned it into[...]
Cover image for IRON MAN #9
Earth Republicans have spent the last several months blaming coronavirus relief funds for difficulty in convincing people to go back to toiling away for less than living wages, but maybe those Republicans can take some pointers from the Space Republicans in this preview of Iron Man #9, in stores next week from Marvel Comics They[...]
Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster Armor Deploys With threezero
This figure is a companion piece to the already revealed Iron Man Mark 43 from threezero, and collectors can even load him up inside this new Hulkbuster armor This mighty busting armor has a fusion of plastic and metal pieces as well as an LED effect for the chest, eyes, and back Avengers fans will[...]
Marvel Comics' New Bearers Of The Infinity Gems. Stones. Whatever.
In today's Iron Man Annual #1: Infinite Destinies, we saw Iron Man go up against Quantum himself Still as silent as ever, though Tony Stark certainly makes up for that. But finding ways to use Quantum's unique skillset to take down heavy hitters like the suited-up Tony Stark. But as the annual concludedm, we got a better[...]
Iron Man 2 War Machine Hot Toys Figure Receives A Reissue
Move over Iron Man, War Machine is back, and he is ready to take the fight to Whiplash and his bot army That's right; Hot Toys has revealed that their popular 1/6 scale War Machine figure is getting a reissue Capturing his MCU appearance from Iron Man 2, James Rhodes stands 12.8 inches tall and[...]
Cover image for IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 (RES)
Iron Man has a new enemy in Iron Man Annual #1: human trafficking Miles Morales has informed Tony Stark that kids are being kidnapped in Brooklyn, and Stark is on a one-man crusade to stop them Wait a minute, this sounds kind of familiar Does that mean Iron Man is the new leader of the[...]
New Marvel Comics Statues Arrive From DST With Heroes and Villians
Kicking things off first is a new Iron Man statue that shows off one of his classic 1990's suit design Standing 9" tall, the Armored Avenger is displayed on the ruin of an Ultron Lab as he prepares for action with a repulsor blast Swinging on in next is Miles Morales Spider-Man with the newest[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2021
You see this most often with veterans of wars changing which war they were a veteran of as it becomes impossible (except in the case of time-displaced or immortal characters) to reconcile their current youthful bodies with a history steeped in geo-political conflicts that happened half a century ago or more, such as the Vietnam[...]
Marvel Battleworlds
Funko Games has released their newest line of game pieces and accessories for their board game Marvel Battleworld! In this massive expansion of the game, Treachery at Twilight, Funko Games introduces various different components such as Loki's "Trick Cards", Black Panther's Talon Fighter covert vehicle, and The Collector's Tower, which is a toy, a puzzle, and a[...]
Hasbro Announces Marvel Legends Replica Iron Man Nano Gauntlet
Iron Man's Nano Gauntlet comes to life as Hasbro celebrates the Infinity Saga with their newest creation Unlike previous Infinity Gauntlet releases, this one seems to feature flexible elements around the fingers This will allow collectors to recreate the iconic "I am Iron Man" scene from Endgame and snap your fingers The Nano Gauntlet will[...]