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Lois Lane Casts Doubt On Superman's Sexual Prowess
Superman was, after all, red, white and blue-blooded. But in today's Future State: Superman Vs Imperious Rex #2 published by DC Comics today, it seems that in the future, Clark Kent's star rating may have slipped a little. Looks like Superman still has his super-speed intact at least. FUTURE STATE SUPERMAN VS IMPERIOUS LEX #2 (OF 3) CVR[...]
Fantastic Four Get A Life Story To Follow Spider-Man From Marvel
A similar take to John Byrne's Generations books with Superman and Batman, Marvel are returning to the idea for Fantastic Four: Life Story, written by one of my other favourite writers, Mark Russell And spread out over sixty years with artist Sean Izaakse, Fantastic Four: Life Story, The Fantastic Four celebrates its 60th anniversary this year[...]
In Thirty Years Time, Lex Luthor Is Still Known for Just One Thing
And that's terrible." DC Comics: The Super Dictionary In 2011, Chris Roberson scripted a scene in Superman #709 that showed he remembered that scene very well. Superman #709 More recently in 2019, writer Mark Russell wrote Harley Quinn: Villain Of The Year which showed he remembered it too. Harley Quinn: Villain Of The Year #1 And tomorrow, Mark Russell and Steve[...]
How Did Poison Ivy Meet Harley Quinn? Read DC Love Is A Battlefield
I'm working with an amazing artist to tell a really wonderful story, but I don't think I'm allowed to spill the details yet!" But it seems that he may never be able to spill them as he's not on the final creative list below; But those who are now included are Oscar winner John Ridley, Christos[...]
The cover of Batman: Gotham Nights. Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics This script by Mark Russell very smartly shows how the Bat is able to overcome such intensely violent odds, using a kind of "captain's log" style of voiceover with captions, where he explains himself to an audience he does not see It likewise presents something that seems simple on the surface but has[...]
Mark Russell Comes to Humanoids, at Comic-Con@Home
Mark Russell is one of my favourite modern comic book writers A funny, satirical prose writer, he has shown no primadonna attitude when it comes to taking on a variety of IP, and twisting it to his nefarious means, whether that's Batman, The Flintstones, Snagglepuss, Red Sonja or Jesus Christ Man, that last license must[...]
Captain America Marvels Snapshot #1 Review: A Pyrrhic Victory
Unfortunately, the detonation of the Madbomb changes the course of his life, leading him to deliver the truth to power in ways that he never could have expected. The cover of Captain America Marvel's Snapshot #1 published by Marvel Comics with the creative team of Mark Russell, Ramon Perez, Rico Renzi, and Joe Sabino. What's best about[...]
Marvels Snapshots: Captain America Is a Well-Timed BLM Comic
Mark Russell is a political and satirical comic book writer who often finds himself writing comics like Flintstones, Batman, Snagglepuss, The Wonder Twins, Lone Ranger and Red Sonja, but still keeping the political satire and commentary He also happens to be rather funny But today sees his writing the much-delayed Marvel Snapshots: Captain America will very little[...]
Batman: Gotham Nights #7 Review: "At Best Icky"
From a meta sense, is it a fond farewell to a halcyon era, or is it another example of certain types of criminals getting away with their crimes? The cover of Batman: Gotham Nights #7 published by DC Comics with the creative team of Mark Russell, Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Alex Sinclair, and Troy Peteri.   First, you'll[...]
Mark Russell Writer's Commentary on Red Sonja #15 and Grocery Clerks
Mark Russell has a Writer's Commentary on this week's Red Sonja Volume 5 #15, on sale now from Dynamite Entertainment. Mark Russell's Writer's Commentary on Red Sonja #15 Art from Dynamite. Page 1: I love establishing shots They not only keep the location of the story straight in the reader's mind, it gives the artist a chance to[...]
Batman: Gotham Nights #4
On top of breaking so many laws, they're also awful people — buying a modeling agency to have beautiful women on call and control their immigration status, setting up a party drug to corner the market on the lost and desperate, all while laughing over drinks at the Fluttering Swan Country Club outside of Gotham. The[...]
Swamp Thing: New Roots #1
Without leaning as heavily on humor, this issue follows in the tracks of Wonder Twins to prove that Mark Russell is one of the smartest, subversive writers working in mainstream comics today With an apparent crystal dig at real-world Frankenscience, Swamp Thing takes a clear stand against GMOs created by a company called Sunderland Foods[...]
Art from DC. Well, it appears that DC Comics are a little narked at Marvel stealing their thunder, and in lockdown, released a new series Swamp Thing: New Roots as a digital-first-but-previously-appeared-in-Walmart comic by Mark Russell, Marco Santucci and John , to steal it back The Beet Goes On, we have a destructive environmental revenge force[...]
Creator Credits For Swamp Thing Giant #4 and Wonder Woman Giant #4, Released
Swamp Thing Giant #4 includes these new stories, under a direct-market only cover by Marco Santucci Strategic Outcomes, a 16-page story written by Mark Russell with art by Marco Santucci At Sunderland's request, the U.S military is testing ways to annihilate the monstrous threat known as the Swamp Thing From swamp to city they'll hunt him, and[...]