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Call Of Duty Will be Getting Leatherface & Saw Killer For Halloween
Activision and Infinity Ward will be adding two classic horror villains to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone later tonight! The game will be adding Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as Jigsaw from the Saw franchise to the game, as well as changing up one of the maps to make The[...]
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Six Launches Tonight
Activision and Infinity Ward will be launching the sixth season for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare tonight, September 28th, at 11pm PDT We have a few of the details of the new modes for you below, and you can read up on the full notes of what the season will entail here But the shorthand[...]
Auto Draft
Activision has launched a new event in Call Of Duty as both Modern Warfare and Warzone have entered The Games Of Summer This is basically your chance to compete in special competitions as if the company was holding their own Olympics The games are spread out across multiple game modes ranging from target practice all[...]
Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Getting 200-Player Battle Royale
On June 29th at 11pm PDT, the devs will send out an update for the game to help launch the new season for Warzone, as well as a ton of new content for Modern Warfare that will spice up multiplayer We have some of the details for you below, and you can read the full[...]
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 Launches June 5th
Activision and Infinity Ward will be launching the next season of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare on June 3rd, which brings more story to the game The next season will bring about a continuation of the primary campaign, as the story will pick up where the credits leave off Which ended with Captain John Price[...]
Activision Files DMCA Against Reddit For "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Leak
Activison isn't taking the latest Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare leak lightly as the company has filed a DMCA against Reddit over the situation The Hollywood Reporter picked up the filing, in which the company is calling on the social discussion site to "identify alleged infringers" who posted the leaked content about their upcoming battle[...]
Call of Duty Ghost Enters the War with McFarlane Toys
The second battlepass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare finally kicked off Tuesday This new 51GB update brings back two classics, the iconic map Rust and the operator Ghost This fan-favorite character has been in gamers hearts since his sad death in Modern Warfare 2. Now with a new story and mission, the team is back together again[...]
"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Launches Season Two On Feb. 11
Activision and Infinity Ward will be launching Season Two of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare as we head back into a familiar spot First off, several maps are being added to this season, but the biggest of all is a revisit to Rust You'll also be getting the Atlas Superstore, Khandor Hideout, Zhokov Boneyard, and[...]
The New "Call Of Duty" League Skins Make Players Invisible
A fun new problem Activision has to address in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is an unforeseen side-effect of the new CoD League skins Players have discovered that the newly added skins to the game, which feature all the newly formed teams in the League, actually make you invisible to other players. Credit: Activision These two clips[...]
"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Gets A Ton Of Free Content
Infinity Wars announced that a new mode will be coming to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, as 3-v-3 Gunfight will be making its debut soon The developers posted a new blog giving out the details for what's to come They kept the details of it short and sweet, but here's what they revealed to us. Credit:[...]