Opinion: Theros Prices: Beyond Low Pt.1 &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Opinion: "Theros" Prices: Beyond Low, Pt.1 – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello there, loyal readers and fans of the ever-popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering! For those of you looking to invest in single cards from Magic's latest expansion Theros: Beyond Death, I am afraid I may have a spot of bad news for you. This may be an opinion piece but it's based in […]

Worlds XXVI Day One: Dominguez Vs. Mengucci &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Worlds XXVI, Day One: Dominguez Vs. Mengucci – "Magic: The Gathering"

Javier Dominguez, reigning and defending Magic: the Gathering World Champion, took on longtime friend and colleague Andrea Mengucci during the Day One events at the 26th Magic World Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii. Javier, having drafted a Golgari (black/green) Draft deck with some very tough decisions regarding inclusions, took on Mengucci's rather exquisitely-sculpted Orzhov (white/black) deck. Mengucci, no […]

Wizards Posts New State of Arena For February &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Wizards Posts New "State of Arena" For February – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello, loyal readers! I cannot believe I nearly overlooked this but Wizards of the Coast has added a new entry to their "State of Arena" series of update articles for Magic: The Gathering's esports interface. It's relevant because while it does highlight a few of the promises made in the previous State of Arena article, so far […]

Uro Titan of Natures Wrath Deck Tech &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath" Deck Tech – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello there, loyal readers! Today, I'll be going over a deck tech for another new Magic: The Gathering commander, who, like Kroxa, my previous deck tech's subject, is also an Elder Giant (and no, before you ask, I'm not engaging in any Changeling shenanigans here). Today, as my title suggests, we will be giving a […]

Review: Theros: Beyond Death Sealed Play &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Review: "Theros: Beyond Death" Sealed Play – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello there, loyal readers! Today, following up on both of the Theros: Beyond Death booster draft box review I have done as well as that of the Planeswalker Deck gameplay from the very same set, I wanted to see how Sealed gameplay works out for the newest set from Magic: The Gathering. As a disclaimer, […]

Commander Getting Wizards-Sanctioned League &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Commander Getting Wizards-Sanctioned League – "Magic: The Gathering"

Yes, you read the above headline correctly, folks – Wizards of the Coast is finally sanctioning Commander League play for Magic: The Gathering! For the first time ever, Wizards of the Coast has devised a ruleset for an achievement-style level of gameplay for Commander. This will involve an achievement list and a set of rotating, presumably […]

Amid Tanking Coverage PT Brussels Carries On &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Amid Tanking Coverage, PT Brussels Carries On – "Magic: The Gathering"

Joel Larsson of Sweden is the Champion of Players Tour Brussels, a large-name professional Magic: The Gathering event! Larsson, back from retirement after having won Pro Tour Magic Origins back in 2015, used a homebrew deck dubbed by sources in the media as "Swedish Sultai", an apt name considering its origin and its color typing. […]

Review: Theros: Beyond Death PW Decks &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Review: "Theros: Beyond Death" PW Decks – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello there, loyal readers and fans of Magic: The Gathering, both invested and prospective! Today, I'm going to be discussing the Planeswalker decks for Magic's newest set, Theros: Beyond Death. As can be observed from the image above, the Planeswalker decks for this set, which is inspired by Ancient Greek mythology and other recognizable tropes, feature both […]

Kroxa Titan of Deaths Hunger Deck Tech &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger" Deck Tech – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello loyal readers! It's been a bit of a while since I last showcased any Magic: The Gathering Commander deck techs for you, but today I will be returning to this with a new deck that is a great example of inspiration on my part. A lot of decks in Commander nowadays are built with […]

Review: Theros: Beyond Death Bundle &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Review: "Theros: Beyond Death" Bundle – "Magic: The Gathering"

Hello, loyal readers! Yesterday, I noted with gratitude the package that I had received from Wizards of the Coast; it contained a Booster Draft Box, a Bundle, and the two Planeswalker Decks, all from Magic: The Gathering's newest set, Theros: Beyond Death. Today, I want to review the overall contents of the Bundle I'd received. […]

Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease Ends Today &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Theros: Beyond Death" Prerelease Ends Today – "Magic: The Gathering"

Today, the Theros: Beyond Death prerelease events for the ever-popular Magic: The Gathering collectible card game are set to end. The events have been going on since Friday, and now's probably the nest time for players to join up for Sealed pools of this set. Why now, if you haven't already done so? Well, as […]

Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease Begins Today &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Theros: Beyond Death" Prerelease Begins Today – "Magic: The Gathering"

Today marks the beginning of prerelease events for Magic: The Gathering's newest set, Theros: Beyond Death. Events are apt to begin sometime this afternoon at the very earliest and continue into Sunday. At the Theros: Beyond Death prerelease event, players will be handed a prerelease pack: six booster packs of the new set, a date-stamped rare […]

Theros Film Festival Contest Underway &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Theros Film Festival" Contest Underway – "Magic: The Gathering"

Wizards of the Coast wants players to escape their fates, through recorded, fifteen-second films! Yesterday, the company behind Magic: The Gathering and its derived games wrote an article detailing a contest they are holding known hereafter as the "Theros International Film Festival". The base rules of the competition are fairly simple – contestants will shoot a […]

Zippys Giant Burgers Getting Theros Tie-In &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Zippy's Giant Burgers Getting "Theros" Tie-In – "Magic: The Gathering"

A landmark restaurant in Seattle, Washington is about to have a tie-in of mythic proportions. According to a press release by gaming company Wizards of the Coast, Zippy's Giant Burgers is teaming up with the branding department for Wizards of the Coast's ever-popular collectible card game Magic: The Gathering to bring consumers (in either sense of […]

Wizards of the Coast Issues State of Magic: The Gathering: Arena

Wizards of the Coast Issues "State" of "Magic: The Gathering: Arena"

New features are coming soon to Magic: The Gathering: Arena, Wizards of the Coast's online interface for their massively-popular collectible card game Magic: The Gathering! According to an article written regarding the state of the game, players can look forward to seeing various tweaks to the interface begin to pop up very soon. For example, when organizing […]

Theros: Beyond Death Showcases its Promos &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Theros: Beyond Death" Showcases its Promos – "Magic: The Gathering"

Wizards of the Coast's upcoming set for Magic: The Gathering, titled Theros: Beyond Death, is a set much unlike we have seen in recent years. It's heavily graveyard-centric without being as focal on death as its name suggests, and features many new spins on old Greco-Roman folklore. However, where the set is quite like other sets […]

Yet More Theros: Beyond Death Cards Spoiled &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Yet More "Theros: Beyond Death" Cards Spoiled – "Magic: The Gathering"

Today is one of the last couple of days before the full spoiler for Wizards of the Coast's next upcoming set for Magic: The Gathering, Theros: Beyond Death, will be revealed to the public. In the meantime, it looks as though the renowned games company has left some of the very best cards for last. Today, […]

Calix Destinys Hand Spoiled Sparking Debate &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Calix, Destiny's Hand" Spoiled, Sparking Debate – "Magic: The Gathering"

Magic: The Gathering has had a fair amount of issues pertaining to plot continuity, but generally one thing has held very firm to the truth within the auspices of the storyline. That thing is this: the Planeswalker spark, the essence of magic imbued within a Planeswalker that is the source of their ability to planeswalk, […]

Titans Escape Theros: Beyond Death Spoilers &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Titans Escape! "Theros: Beyond Death" Spoilers – "Magic: The Gathering"

It's time to get excited, either out of sheer astonishment or sheer panic, because the Titans of Theros have been unleashed upon Magic: The Gathering! Let's back up a second though – we only got this spoiler (and another, among other less-than-titanic spoilers) today and we have a few days more to go over first. January […]