What Did Nick Fury Do During The Blip? The Daily LITG, 21st May 2022

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LITG: What Happened To Nick Fury During The Blip, in the ten most-read stories, yesterday

Captain Marvel nick fury
Samuel L. Jackson as SHIELD director Nick Fury from Marvel Studios
  1. Secret Invasion Taking Place "During The Blip" Raises Obvious Question
  2. Star Trek: Enterprise Star John Billingsley on Turning Down SNW Role
  3. Marvel Comics Relaunch Alien #1 in August 2022
  4. Image Comics Full August 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
  5. So Why Does Doctor Who Hate Jodie Whittaker? BCTV Daily Dispatch
  6. Legends of Tomorrow/Batwoman Update: The CW Boss on Cancellations
  7. Marvel Legends Reveals Include Mojo World, Sentinels, And More Spidey
  8. The Last Shadowhawk Will Have 13 Variant Covers from Image in August
  9. Zoolander Superman Flies on in with McFarlane's New 7" Page Punchers
  10. Saturday Night Live Promo: Natasha Lyonne Has That "Columbo Voice"

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

In case you fancied more LITG about comics.

  1. BEHOLD! Thirteen Covers for Amazing Spider-Man #900 in July
  2. The Strange Saga of the Black Knight in Zip Comics #2, at Auction
  3. Tillie Walden's Walking Dead: Clementine OGN Has A 100,000 Print Run
  4. Marvel Unveils 7 Star Wars Pride Variants Launching in June
  5. MLJ's Answer to the Human Torch, Fireball in Pep Comics #12 at Auction
  6. Evanescence Gets Their Comic Book From Opus Comics
  7. Tapas and Radish: Kakao Entertainment Merges Digital Platforms
  8. The Wachowskis Bring Matrix Comics Back To Print After $200 eBay Sales
  9. Erica Schultz and Carola Borelli Deliver The Deadliest Bouquet
  10. Golden Rage to Combine Golden Girls with Battle Royale in August
  11. Archie Comics Publish Jinx's Grim Fairy Tales in August 2022 Solicits
  12. SCOOP: Milo Manara's First Art For Frank Miller's Sin City
  13. Vault Comics Launch End After End & Revealer in August 2022 Solicits
  14. James Bond & Lady Hel in Full Dynamite August 2022 Solicitations
  15. AWA Launches A New Imprint, Lesser Evils, To Publish Emmett #1
  16. Sherlock Scandal In Belgravia Manga in Titan August 2022 Solicits
  17. Power Rangers: Death Ranger & Wyld in Full Boom August 2022 Solicits
  18. Turtles, Transformers, Trek, Trve Kvlt- Full IDW Solicits August 2022
  19. Netflix's Enola Holmes Gets Graphic Novel Sequel From Nancy Springer
  20. Star Wars & Love Everlasting On Next Week's Previews Covers
  21. Dave Sim's Cerebus In Hell – Mickey Mouse, EC Comics, Apocalypse Now
  22. The Arch Must Be Destroyed in Power Rangers Universe #6 Preview
  23. Phillip Kennedy Johnson & Marco Finnegan Take James Bond In 007 #1
  24. First Look at Final Issue of Kirkman and De Felici's Oblivion Song
  25. What Happened To Nick Fury During The Blip? Daily LITG 20th May 2022

LITG one year ago – Kith, Kin and Kindred

Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2021

  1. Kindred Revealed In Amazing Spider-Man #66 (Major Spoilers)
  2. The Nineties Are Back Bigger Than Even In Way Of X #2 (Big Spoilers)
  3. Nightwing Has The Best Alibi Any Murder Suspect Could Want (Spoilers)
  4. Marvel Reboots Darkhawk With New Series, New Identity
  5. Kang, Kindred, Krakoa & Kushala – Marvel Comics August 2021 Solicits
  6. Magneto Exposed in Planet-Sized X-Men #1 Improbable Preview
  7. The Wheel of Time Shares Season 2 Episode 1 Details But Not For Long
  8. In-Hand Look At New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Target Exclusive Figures
  9. Writer and Publisher David Anthony Kraft Has Passed Away
  10. The Next Batman Gets New Comic Series From John Ridley, I Am Batman
  11. First Issue of The Shadow Pulp Goes for Record $156,000 at Auction
  12. Venom #200 Delayed Again Because… The Printer Ran Out Of Paper
  13. Writer and Publisher David Anthony Kraft Has Passed Away
  14. PrintWatch: Image Comics Gives BTGTF Offer To Shops For Second Prints
  15. Killer Queens, A Queer Take On 1950s Sci-Fi Nostalgia, Arrives 8/18
  16. Star Trek: The Mirror War- IDW Announces Year-Long Comic Book Event
  17. Berserk Creator Kentaro Miura Has Passed Away
  18. First Look Inside Peach Momoko's Horizon Zero Dawn Poster Portfolio
  19. IDW Serialises Cavan Scott & Rachael Stott's Star Wars Graphic Novel
  20. You'll Wait At Least 3 Months Between TMNT: The Last Ronin #3 And #4
  21. Demon in a Pill Bottle: Tony Stark Gets a New Addiction in August?
  22. IDW Publishing Full Solicits and Solicitations For August 2021
  23. Spider-Woman Is Spinning Her Future In Current Marvel Comics
  24. No Excalibur, New Mutants or SWORD in August From Marvel Comics
  25. Michael Walsh. Joshua Williamson. Ram V. Matthew Rosenberg.
  26. Keanu Reeves to Speak to US Book Show About His Graphic Novel, BRZRKR
  27. Bandai and Marvel Create Tokusatsu-Inspired Avengers Comics & Figures
  28. Torunn Grønbekk & Edgar Salazar Launch Warhammer 40K Sisters Of Battle
  29. Don't Have A Cow, Magneto – The Daily LITG, 20th of May 2021
  30. Mark Russell Launches Another in August, Deadbox, From Vault Comics
  31. Maria Llovet's Porcelain On Front Of Next Week's Previews Catalogue
  32. London Comic Marts Begin Again This Sunday

LITG two years ago – IDW Redundancies

Bleeding Cool continued to report from the comics industry shutdown, as it started to ramp up, but with IDW Publishing making a number of employees fully redundant, a story that only Bleeding Cool deemed worth covering, it seems.

  1. Now IDW Publishing Lets Go Of Employees, Permanently
  2. Martha Hart and Chris Jericho Talk Death of Owen Hart, WWE Lawsuit
  3. McFarlane Toys Announces Batman: White Knight Figures Are Coming
  4. Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter
  5. SPOILER Makes Their Big First Appearance in Buffy #14
  6. Stargirl Series Premiere Offers Touching, Heartbreaking Easter Egg
  7. Batwoman Report: Ruby Rose Leaving Not "100-Percent Her Decision"
  8. The Orville Season 3: Seth MacFarlane Offers Production Update
  9. The Justice League Take on Darkseid in Massive Statue from XM Studios
  10. Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 Finale Examines The Death of Owen Hart

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