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Netflix originally trolled fans on Twitter with this image, saying "If you're asking when Lupin Part 2 premieres, you're looking but not seeing." Image courtesy Netflix Eagle-eyed fans quickly guessed- while others were left scratching their heads But now, here it is- the official trailer: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Lupin Part 2 | Official[...]
First, we just want to apologize for interrupting you while you're going through the official trailer for Lucifer Season 5 Part 2, which dropped (as promised) earlier today And to say that the family squabbles between big daddy God (Dennis Haysbert) and his incorrigible kids Lucifer, Michael (both Tom Ellis), Amenadiel (D.B Woodside), and Maze[...]
Euphoria takes viewers behind the scenes of Part 1 (Image: HBO screencap)
In fact, that's just one of the aspects of the special that Zendaya, co-star Colman Domingo, and series creator Sam Levinson discuss in the following look behind the scene of the episode. Euphoria takes viewers behind the scenes of Part 1 (Image: HBO screencap) So to learn how the two episodes came about (more on the second[...]
Euphoria Part Two: Jules will premiere in January 2021 (Image: HBO)
ET/PT), viewers will have the chance to see Jules' perspective when Euphoria Part 2: Jules aka "F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob" premieres on HBO and HBO Max Directed by series creator Sam Levinson and co-written by Levinson and Schafer, the special episode follows Jules over the Christmas holiday as she reflects on the[...]
A look at Lucifer (Image: Netflix)
When it comes to finding out when Netflix's Lucifer will return for Season 5 Part 2, Lucifans have had a bit of a "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" time of things On one head, series star Tom Ellis was seriously optimistic that we could have him, Michael, Chloe (Lauren German), Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Amenadiel (D.B[...]
Lucifer Season 5 Trailer (Image: Netflix)
So what can we expect from Season 5 Part 2 of Netflix's Lucifer? Finally, God (Dennis Haysbert) has come to Earth to stop his children from fighting, but what is truly on his agenda? Will he join Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in therapy? Help his sons resolve some serious internal conflict? Has he come to observe[...]
A look at Lucifer (Image: Netflix)
By now, most Lucifans are in the middle of mapping out where they believe Netflix's Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 after how the first half of the season left things We all knew that Lucifer, Michael (Tom Ellis), Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and Amenadiel's (D.B Woodside) "dear old dad" God (Dennis Haysbert) was going to making[...]