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Neverwinter Is Now Available On The Epic Games Store
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios revealed this week that they have brought Neverwinter to the Epic Games Store The free-to-play action MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms has officially been added to the service, with all of the current content in the game as players can embark on the latest adventure with The Redeemed[...]
Torchlight III Gets A Special Gear ‘N’ Goblins Update
Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have released the Gear 'N' Goblins into Torchlight III this week This is their version of the Halloween event which goes across PC and consoles as well This update has added a ton of new content including three new Halloween-themed exclusive pets, eight new Legendary items (including two new[...]
Giveaway – Star Trek Online: House Divided Console Codes
Best of luck! How will you manage the galaxy with a Klingon house divided? Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment. Star Trek Online: House Divided Federation Fleet Admiral Faction Pack T6 Valiant (Escort Vessel) T6 Andromeda (Cruiser Vessel) T6 Pathfinder (Science Vessel) 2 Ship Slots 1 CaitianBridge Officer Racing Uniform 1 Exocomp Pet Title: Voyager Title: Seeker Title: Pathfinder Valiant: The Tier 6 Valiant Class Tactical Escort is based[...]
Torchlight III Will Officially Launch On PC & Console On October 13th
Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games revealed today that Torchlight III will be released for PC and consoles on October 13th The game has already been out on Early Access on Steam this year giving players a chance to experience parts of the game, but now they'll be getting the full version next month on[...]
Neverwinter: Avernus Will Be Arriving On June 30th
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released the second episode to The Redeemed Citadel in Neverwinter: Avernus The latest update to hit the game will continue the campaign they launched last month where you will be aiding the powerful ruler of Avernus, Zariel Who somehow has become newly redeemed and free from Asmodeus' bondage,[...]
Neverwinter: Avernus Releases Episode One Of The Redeemed Citadel
Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment revealed the first episode to The Redeemed Citadel happening in Neverwinter: Avernus This is a brand new campaign where players can find that the powerful ruler of Avernus, Archdevil Zariel Only changed, as she has been redeemed and free from Asmodeus' ties She now seeks to redress the balance[...]
Star Trek Online Releases Collaboration With Star Trek: Lower Decks
In a special collaboration, Perfect World Entertainment is giving everyone crew members straight from the show, as you can use all four of the main characters as special duty officers, totally available for free On top of that, you'll also have access to a ton of special content from now until September 3rd, which includes[...]
Neverwinter: Avernus
We had a chance to speak with Chris Whiteside, the Executive Producer for Neverwinter, to go over the addition of this new content and what it means for players who dare tread into this new world. Credit: Perfect World Entertainment BG: When that first came out and you realized that you would end up eventually adapting it into[...]
Star Trek Online Day Of Honor
Perfect World Entertainment revealed today they will be holding a Day Of Honor event in Star Trek Online, which will run all day tomorrow In this Klingon-centric event, Kahless, Eaglemoss, Modiphius, and the Streampunks are all teaming up to hold an all-day streaming event, featuring "some favorite Trek stars and a whole heaping helping of[...]
Star Trek Online Officially Launches The House Divided Expansion
Perfect World Entertainment has launched a brand new expansion into Star Trek Online as the Klingons battle in a House Divided This latest storyline gives returning players the chance to experience an epic Klingon-centric war story alongside Martok from Deep Space Nine You're going to see a lot of crossover and lore with some deep[...]
Torchlight III Unveils New Final Act Called Echonok
The game technically isn't finished, but Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are adding in a third and final chapter to the game This update will unlock additional story content, unique environments, and a ton of challenging dungeons Each of them filled with a number of new bosses, enemies, and Econok-themed loot The new act[...]
Neverwinter: Avernus
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios revealed that Neverwinter: Avernus will be coming to the game on June 30th, 2020 For those of you who aren't playing the game right now, Neverwinter plays hand-in-hand with the current content being released by Dungeons & Dragons in 5th Edition Usually, after a short period of time, the[...]
Perfect World Reveals Remnant: From The Ashes – Subject 2923
Perfect World Entertainment revealed a new DLC pack on the way this summer as we will see Remnant: From The Ashes – Subject 2923 The DLC will drop on August 20th, 2020, and will include a new campaign mode as well as more weapons to choose from, harder modes for you to tempt fate in,[...]
Star Trek Neverwinter Logos
Perfect World Entertainment announced today that Neverwinter and Star Trek Online would be teaming up for COVID-19 relief Along with Cryptic Studios and in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast, players can visit starting today There they can purchase in-game items for both titles with 100% of the proceeds being split between two non-profit organizations[...]