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Another Week Of Penguinpocalypse For Marvel Comics and Comic Shops
PRH issued an apology, with replacement copy deliveries showing an improvement But those improvements do not seem to have reached the regular deliveries, as this week's deliveries looked much the same – or worse. MyComicShop, one of the larger comic book retailers followed DCBS's experience last week, tweeting out "If you noticed that our stock of[...]
Marvel Deliveries From Penguin Random House Are Another Horror Show
PRH issued an apology, and we saw signs with replacement copy deliveries that there would be an improvement But those improvements do not seem to have reached the regular deliveries yet, for some at least DM Smitty let Bleeding Cool share his local comic book shop's Marvel Comics delivery this week Warning, it gets ugly[...]
Retailers Report On Marvel Comics Damages From Penguin Random House
Tyne Hunter, Associate Director of Comic Sales [at PRH – Rich] appreciated the pictures and would forward to their secret Research and Operations Team I asked again once double-boxing is implemented this would eventually include the HCs and TPBs She said Yes I also told her to send me updates in the form of pictures[...]
Penguin Random House Apologises for Marvel Comics Distribution Issues
I reached out to PRH but they could not understand why it was so damaged.  I told them that the boxes were too weak and the packing material was non-existent so there was no protection for the books Also they had packed things like the V for Vendetta book and mask in the bottom of[...]
Retailers Report On Marvel Comics Damages From Penguin Random House
Which isn't saying much, given that Diamond doesn't make the boxes big enough to pad with bubble wrap or styrofoam, but still, it's pretty hard to do *worse* than Diamond and PRH succeeded at that failure." Gary Slaughter told us "As a retailer, this is the worst thing that's ever happened I'm on with Penguin House[...]
Penguin Random House Lost Their First Marvel Comics Shipment To DCBS
Neither were the reports from a number of comic book stores who had actually received their Marvel titles from PRH for the first time. Retailer Ryan Higgins of Comics Conspiracy tweeted "Oh no The PRH packing of Marvel Comics is bad Really bad Like, really really bad… Just normal boxes the same size as the comics,[...]
Marvel To Give Away Free Avengers #750 Sketchbooks To Comic Shops
Retailers can order additional bundles for $10 from PRH however. Marvel To Give Away Free Avengers #750 Sketchbooks To Comic Shops AVENGERS 750 SKETCHBOOK [BUNDLES OF 25] UPC: 75960628479502811 FOC: Oct 4, 2021 Retailers will receive free copies of this item, and can order additional bundles for $10.00 on .Biz while supplies last. Go behind the scenes of AVENGERS #50 (LGY #750) to[...]
Diamond Responds To IDW Distriubution Announcement I Haven't Seen
The new agreement complements and expands their current partnership, in which PRHPS sells and distributes IDW's trade-book frontlist and backlist to bookstores. IDW Goes Exclusive With Penguin Random House, Diamond Responds By expanding its reach into the Direct Market, Penguin Random House states that its mission is to support comic shops in fostering a life-long love of[...]
Marvel Square Logo
Stores that order Marvel through PRH still have a Monday FOC This is so Diamond can get their orders in to PRH by the Monday deadline." Marvel logo The change is a direct result of Marvel moving exclusive direct market distribution to Penguin Random House, even though Diamond will be sub distributing Marvel titles, and Lunar would[...]
Marvel Square Logo
However, Diamond had a get-out clause, those stores that still wished to order through Diamond rather than go direct to Penguin Random House, could do so. Credit: Marvel However, Bleeding Cool was told that Diamond's new terms would be the same 50% discount that PRH offers, or less, combined with reduced shipping charges for all titles[...]
Retailer Exclusive Marvel Covers Only Through Penguin Random House
Retailers, shows, subscription boxes, or creator studios will not be allowed to order them through the wholesale distributor, Diamond. Bleeding Cool has been looking at the  Diamond/Penguin Random House/Marvel Comics deal with interest to see what would lead different retailers to choose PRH or Diamond for their Marvel Comics titles. PRH offers a flat 50% discount rate[...]