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Sideshow Debuts Star Wars Crystallized Han Solo in Carbonite Relic
PureArts has captured this quest with their latest Assassin's Creed 1/6 scale statue Altaïr is about to cross the final Knights Templars off his list with Robert de Sablé in stunning detail, which stands 22" tall A lot of detail was captured in this piece from the assassin depicted in action using his Hidden Blade[...]
Take on the Night with PureArts New Batman DC Comics Statue 
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it is Superman making a heroic landing at PureArts with a brand new DC Comics statue Leaping right off the pages of the hit 1986 DC Comics mini-series from John Byrne, Man of Steel, comes the Kryptonian hero himself Standing at 12" tall, this hero is all about[...]
Take on the Night with PureArts New Batman DC Comics Statue 
Enter the world of DC Comics with PureArts as they unveil their set of statues from the DC Universe Coming to life right from Gotham, Batman has arrived and with a gorgeous 11" statue based on artwork by the one and only Neal Adams The Dark Knight is faithfully captured here in his iconic blue,[...]
PureArts Reveals New Assassin’s Creed Mirage Statue with Basim
PureArts is back once again as they enter the Animus with another breathtaking Assassin's Creed statue This one gets fans ready for the next installment in the franchise with Assassin's Creed: Mirage It is time to travel back to the 9th century, as we enter the county of as we witness a new assassin rise[...]
The Flash (Modified Batsuit) Cowl 1:1 Replica Revealed by PureArts
PureArts is finishing off it's The Flash replica collection with the 1:1 replica of Young Barry's Cowl The Speed Force holds the secrets of the multiverse, and PureArts is bringing them to life with these impressive replicas This marks the third release in the set with The Flash, Batman, and now The Flash (Young Barry)[...]
PureArts Debuts New Batman 1/1 Scale Cowl Replica from The Flash
PureArts is stepping into the DC Multiverse as they debut another replica cowl from The Flash This marks the second The Flash 1;1 replica we have seen, with Barry Allen's Cowl kicking things off first, which can be seen here This new replica brings a popular Batman cowl to life, with Michael Keaton's Dark Knight[...]
PureArts Enters the Speed Force with New The Flash 1/1 Replica Cowl
PureArts has broken the multiverse to give DC Comics fans this brand new 1/1 replica from The Flash The future of the DC Universe is changing as we know it, and collectors can now bring home a piece of it Coming in at a whopping $1,199 come a 1:1 replica of Barry Allen's cowl as[...]
PureArts Unleashes Nergigante with New Monster Hunter World Statue 
The hunt is on as PureArts is taking gamers back to the hit video game Monster Hunter World with a new statue The mighty Nergigante has been released, and hunters have answered the call with its incredible statue PureArts has unleashed madness here with a 30" tall Nergigante statue that captures the beast's appearance right[...]
PureArts Embraces the Creed with Assassin’s Creed Revelations Statue 
PureArts has been one company that has faithfully kept the world of Assassin's Creed to life Their incredible statues bring those stories to life like no one else, and they are doing it once again Two worlds collide as PureArts is taking fans back to the final capture of the Ezio Trilogy with Assassin's Creed[...]
PureArts Gets Creepy with Batman Returns Penguin 1:1 Mask Replica 
PureArts has announced their new life-size Penguin scale mask replica featuring Danny Devito's character from Batman Returns This terrifying release sits on a Gotham City base with cigarette and ascot He is also featured with his monocle, and top hat, all of which can be removed for different display options Limited to only 400 pieces,[...]
Assassin’s Creed III’s Connor Hunts His Next Target with PureArts 
PureArts is capturing the power of Assassin Connor Kenway with their newest Animus Collections statue.  Coming in at 27" tall, PureArts captures our hero on a snowy rock cliff with a wolf in the background His outfit is faithful captures right from the Assassins Creed game, and LED elements have been infused with the sculpt[...]
Assassin’s Creed Desmond Returns with New PureArts 1/6 Scale Figure 
PureArts is at it again as they dive deep into the Animus once again with their latest release Releasing as part of their Assassin's Creed 1/6 scale line, Desmond has awakened from the Animus This ancestor of the Assassin's Creed is the key to the first three games, and now his final story awaits your[...]
Batman Returns Catwoman 1:1 Scale Replica Mask Debuts from PureArts 
PureArts is back at it again as they dive into the world of Batman once again A brand new, officially licensed Warner Bros replica has arrived from the hit film Batman Returns We are not getting a Batman Cowl this time, but the Catwoman mask has been faithfully recreated This beautifully crafted replica features a[...]
The Witcher Blood & Wine Cover Comes to Life with New PureArts Statue
To make things even better, PureArts is bringing on the video games expansion cover arts to live with a brand new statue The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood & Wine Expansion comes to life as Geralt sits upon his throne with the High Vampire Dettlaff behind him This massive statue is incredible, coming in at[...]
Resident Evil VII Lady Dimitrescu Arrives at PureArts with New Statue
Fans have fallen in love with House Dimitrescu, and PureArts is bringing the lady of the house to life with a new statue.  Coming in at a massive 35" tall, the Resident Evil villain is featured in a custom tailored dress Her details come right off your screens, and she will include two swappable handpieces with[...]
PureArts Announces Incredible Batman 1989 1:1 Cowl Replica
PureArts is here to celebrate the return of the legend with a brand new 1:1 Cowl Replica! PureArts has used 3D scenes from the original prop from the film to give fans a beautifully crafted realistic cowl Two versions will be offered, with PureArts getting an exclusive release that will feature a Gotham display base and[...]
PureArts Reveals Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Eivor 1/6 Scale Figure 
PureArts has revealed their new 1/6 scale figure featuring the male version of Eivor Varinsdottir from Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Standing 12" tall, Eivor will feature 27 points of articulation and will come with a fabric outfit This Viking will come with a nice set of accessories and swappable parts like a wearable helmet, swappable hands,[...]
PureArts Debuts Limited Edition League of Legends Arcane Statue
A sisterly bond is the essence of the series, and PureArts captures it beautifully with the first League of Legends: Arcane collectible with a 1:6 scale statue Limited dot only 2500 pieces, Vi and Power are displayed sitting together with the world of Arcane displayed around them from boxing gloves to home-made grenades The colors[...]
Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine Receives Two PureArts Statues
PureArts has released their newest statue as Jill Valentine is back from the hit video game Resident Evil 3 This new 1/4th scale statue will feature two different versions with Classic Jill and S.T.A.R.S Edition statue featuring one of her costumes Standing 17.5" tall, Jill is shown going toe to toe with a group of[...]
Resident Evil Licker Receives Full Size 1:1 Replica Bust from PureArts
Darkness rises as the horror of the hit video game Resident Evil comes to life with PureArts newest life-size replica bust The deadly and terrifying Licker arrives to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil with this new 1:1 scale bust The entire statue is packed with horrifying and incredible detail that can bring a[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Smoke Gets Defensive with PureArts Newest Figure
PureArts recently unveiled their Operator Ash 12 inch articulated figure which you can find here This time we are getting a little more defensive as Operator Smoke has entered the game This figure also clocks in at 12 inches tall, featured custom tailed clothing, high articulation, and packed with accessories Rainbow Six Siege Smoke will[...]
Rainbow Six Siege As
It is time to call in the best as PureArts has announced Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege figures are on there way Eliza Cohen aka Ash is making heading our way first The American Attacker Ash is ready to put up a fight with this beautifully designed figure She features highly likeness from her Rainbow[...]
We have already seen the V Male Suit doing soon from PureArts and you can find that here This time though we are switching genders and taking a look at the recently announced Female V Suit figure This Cyberpunk 2077 figure is quite similar to the Male version with a fully articulated body, hand painted[...]
Ezio Enters the Animus with New PureArts Statue
We recently saw PureArts released an Altair LED statue and not it looks like its Ezio's turn The statue shows our assassin with Italian Renaissance architecture background fading in from the Animus Ezio Auditore is detailed and painted with a great amount of detail He has both hidden blades at the ready and is posed[...]
Auto Draft
You can bring one of those bosses home as the Lord of Cinder Yhorm enters our world thanks to PureArts This statue is 1/12 scale but it is massive, he sits 20.5" tall and weighs roughly 66lbs Yhorm is posed sitting in upon his massive throw as if he is waiting for you to arrive[...]