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3) I'm storyboarding Superman Legacy and don't have time! Have a great day!" I'm getting barraged with bullshit DC rumors this morning I'll just reiterate the general rule not to believe anything unless it comes from me or Peter But, unless it's especially egregious, I'm going to slow down on calling shit out (Sorry, I know,[...]
But thanks to an interview that Gunn and Chris Pratt had with the Toronto Sun, we might've gotten a heads-up on one character who's making the cut for the big-screen adventure (and overall DCU). During the interview, Gunn joked about casting Pratt as a very popular character: "I was hoping I could cast you as Krypto[...]
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Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? Disney+'s The Mandalorian, Netflix's Dead Boy Detectives, AMC/Anne Rice's Immortal Universe, James Gunn/Superman: Legacy, CBS' Ghosts, ABC's The Rookie, USA Network's WWE NXT, Disney+'s Stan Lee, Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard, Netflix's The Sandman, WWE/Goldberg/Trish Stratus, Creator Clash 2, BBC's Doctor Who, AMC's The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes[...]
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While things may not be so clear on who may or may not be directing DC Studios's upcoming James Gunn-penned Superman Legacy (more on that in a second), Gunn isn't wasting a second clearing up a rumor that's rumbling around social media like it's a fact Basically, a casting call has been put out already[...]
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As far as Gunn was concerned, we learned that he had penned the scripts for the animated Creature Commandos series and was penning the script for the next big-screen adventure for The Man of Steel, Superman Legacy As for who would be directing? That had yet to be determined at the time that the announcement[...]
Snyderbros, Leaky Pools & Lofty Dreams: James Gunn/DCU Watch Thoughts
We already knew that Gunn was writing a new Superman movie, but we got the first details for the film and a title; Superman Legacy. Image: DC Comics/HBO Max Screencap Gunn, infamous now for using social media to his advantage, has taken to Twitter to ask the public the most important question regarding one of DC's most[...]
The Authority, Superman and Swamp Thing from DC Comics.
Some of these projects we've known about, but others are entirely new so let's look at the five films and what we know about them via The Wrap. The Authority, Superman, and Swamp Thing from DC Comics. Superman Legacy We knew that a Superman movie was on the way, it was already announced, and we knew that Guinn[...]