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Today's line-up of news and opinions includes Hulu's The Orville scoring Season 3, The CW's Batwoman out for justice, AEW/WWE ratings, FX's What We Do in the Shadows digs Atlantic City, STARZ's Heels offers three-for-free, ABC's Big Sky previews new mysteries, Amazon's Carnival Row wraps Season 2 production, and FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia[...]
Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel in October.
WWE has made it official: Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar But it won't happen at Survivor Series or at any traditional WWE PPV The match is set to take place at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in October. Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar in[...]
The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
AEW Dynamite has once again beaten WWE Raw in the 18-49 demo, for the second week in a row It is, without a doubt, the worst thing that has ever happened to The Chadster in The Chadster's entire life And there's one man to blame: Tony Khan. Overall viewership ratings chart for WWE Raw, WWE NXT,[...]
Andrew Yang Urges WWE Independent Contractors to Contact Attorney
Greetings, comrades! It is, your El Presidente, here to bring you exciting news on my third favorite topic after coup attempts and professional wrestling gossip: labor rights! Andrew Yang has made good on his promise to speak to the United States government on behalf of WWE's independent contractors, who Comrade Yang and many others believe[...]
The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
A lot of people doubted that WWE knew what it was doing with NXT 2.0, but one person who never doubted WWE is The Chadster, because The Chadster has never doubted WWE or even thunk a critical thought about the company in his entire life That's what makes The Chadster the best WWE fan, the[...]
NXT 2.0 Recap- A New Era Begins With A New NXT Champion Crowned
 And now it's time to dive into the new era of the NXT brand, dubbed NXT 2.0, a more WWE-polished product overseen by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, and Kevin Dunn  So what's in store for us now?  Only one way to find out  Let's get at it! The official logo for NXT 2.0, courtesy of WWE. We open with[...]
Dave Bautista is not a fan of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista lashed out at Tucker Carlson over a report on the Fox pundit's show reading the allegedly swollen balls of a cousin of woefully-misinformed music star Nicki Minaj Bautista, who has expanded his long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump after Trump was pinned clean by Joe[...]
Today's line-up of news and opinions includes FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jared Padalecki & Stephen Amell call on Supernatural & Arrow fans, USA Network's The Sinner, Amazon's The Boys, Seth MacFarlane & Saturday Night Live remember Norm Macdonald, Matt Wagner's Grendel gets a Netflix series deal, Law & Order: Organized Crime gets a[...]
The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
Last week, AEW Dynamite beat WWE Raw in the ratings for the first time ever, making it the worst thing to happen on the week of 9/11 since 9/11 The Chadster spent the next several days drinking White Claw seltzers in his garage and pondering his place in the world, but he felt for sure[...]
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to Collide on WWE Raw Next Week
Did that Big E title win get you hyped for WWE Raw? Well, get ready for more excitement, because you won't believe the match WWE has booked for next week's show: Shayna Baszler vs Nia Jax! Please, try to contain yourselves. WWE announced the match following Jax costing her own tag team partner Baszler a non-title[...]
WWE Raw Review 9/13/2021: That'll Show AEW
Last week, AEW Dynamite just barely edged out WWE Raw in the 18-49 demo, which we can only assume was a massive blow to Vince McMahon's ego, because prior to this Monday's episode of Raw, Smackdown star Big E took to Twitter to announce that he would cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase[...]
NXT Preview For 9/14- A New Champion And A Wedding Begins "NXT 2.0"
 The night that WWE management is very much looking forward to and the night that longtime NXT fans have been very nervous about  The night that the black and gold are retired and the night that the rainbow splash takes over  The night that Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell tie the knot and the night where a[...]
NXT GM William Regal Announces A New Champion Will Be Crowned Tuesday
 With a new logo, a new color scheme, and a new set design, there will be plenty to digest visually, but behind the scenes, things are changing as well, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and his right-hand man Bruce Prichard are taking over the show going forward and implementing a new vision. And if that all wasn't[...]
Big E cuts a promo on WWE Smackdown.
Last week, for the first time ever, AEW Dynamite edged out WWE Raw with a higher rating in the crucial 18-49 demographic In completely unrelated news that has absolutely nothing to do with that, WWE Smackdown star Big E announced plans to cash in his Money in the Bank contract for a WWE Championship shot[...]
NXT Recap-
 He explained that he demands to be a fighting champion in NXT and that due to injury, WWE doctors have not cleared him for action going forward and have asked him "to step away from the ring for a brief, but indeterminate amount of time."  Samoa Joe had been noticeably absent from TV for the[...]