Chucky Never Stops Being Creepy, New Doll Coming from Mezco

Chucky in all of his creepy, gross, should-not-exist glory is getting yet another doll release from Mezco Toyz. This new Mega Figure stands at 15 inches tall, and it talks! The doll says tons of things (unfortunately) in that familiar, terrifying voice done by the great Brad Dourif.

Sculpting for this doll is admittedly amazing. This is from Child's Play 3, after getting half of his face chopped off. Affectionately known as "pizza-face Chucky", this has haunted my dreams since I was a little Monster Kid in 1991.

Look, I love movie monsters, I love slashers, I love horror. Everyone has that one that creeps them out, and for me that is Chucky. Even looking at this thing is making me want to not live in a world where this is available. I still run up the stairs at night thinking he is going to pop out and get me. I hate this doll. The work is top-notch, I am sure fans will love it. Just keep it the hell away from me.

This is available for preorder right now here. Check out all the details and pics down below.

Chucky has been revived! Due to a mishap at the Play Pals' factory, Chucky has been given a new lease on life and a new opportunity to take over an unsuspecting soul.

The Mezco Designer Series Talking Pizza Face Chucky features an all-new head sculpt, depicting his mutilated face after a run in with the Grim Reaper's scythe in the "Devil's Lair".

Just as he did in the films, Chucky has lots to say from his trademark "Hi, I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend till the end!", to far more sinister phrases.

Sporting his signature 'Good Guys' overalls and stripped shirt, he features 11 points of articulation, his trademark orange hair, and realistic glass eyes. He comes complete with a gun that fits neatly into his right hand.

The Mezco Designer Series Talking Pizza Face Chucky stands 15" tall and comes packaged in a collector-friendly, film-inspired window box.

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