LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime: We Take An Early Look

LEGO and Hasbro announced a new set that dreams are made of a couple of weeks ago. That's right, LEGO is making Transformers sets, and the kick-off is the ultimate one. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and friend to us all, is coming in brick form. The set itself goes up for sale this coming Wednesday, June 1st, but we have a special treat today. Hasbro and The Lego group sent us over the set to take an advance look. Thank you to them, and you can watch our video of the set below, as well as see a few pics and some thoughts about it as well.

LEGO Optimus Prime Was The Only Way To Kick This Line Off

So, if you didn't want to watch the video above, this set is special and frustrating at the same time. The fact that we have a LEGO Optimus Prime in our hands is wild, and that it transforms is even more mind-blowing. The issue with that is that in the process of making the set transforming, it creates some design problems that range from minor annoyances to outright hatred. Certain parts are held together by only a couple of bricks, which presents a challenge when shifting between robot and vehicle mode. For instance, the main ratchet joint in the torso that controls pretty much the entire transformation is very easy to mess up, and if you do, it is even harder to fix. Optimus is so top-heavy that it wants to slip out and come off, so you have to be very careful when transforming him. Little bricks all over the place break off with barely a touch, which happens with lots of LEGO sets, but become frustrating when you have to keep putting them on as they fall off. This is especially true of the feet.

That being said, the two modes of the LEGO Optimus Prime are awesome to look at. When push comes to shove, it will stay in a specific mode and won't be changed that often. It is a great display piece and comes with a ton of accessory builds, which was a nice surprise. I love his blaster and the energon, and the Matrix of Leadership is a great touch. You see him standing there, and he is G1 Optimus through and through. The actual build itself is great; seeing the iconic parts of him come together in LEGO form just puts a huge smile on your face.

I guess this one breaks down two ways. First, is the price too much? I don't think so, though $120 would have been a sweet spot for this. The retails price is $169.99, and the per brick cost is right in line with other special sets that have come out recently and other 1000+ brick sets I have purchased in the past. So the second part, how much do the issues annoy you? This LEGO set is a great display piece for a Transformers fan and a fun build to put together. I doubt many will sit there and transform in daily, so maybe those issues will not bother you. Hopefully, if they do more of these, they can look at how to make the build a bit more solid when done. Until then, for a one-off, LEGO Optimus Prime is a cool addition to a collection, and nobody who purchases it will be disappointed.

The LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime goes up for sale this Wednesday, June 1st, here.

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