Marvel Legends: Spider-Verse, Thanos, House of X, and More Announced

Marvel Legends galore were announced this afternoon during yet another Hasbro Fan Friday presentation. I have to say; I am enjoying these. We knew about most of what was shown today, as quite a few of these figures were teased at Hascon a few weeks ago. But the gaps we didn't know about on these new Marvel Legends waves were filled in a bit, and a bunch of them went up for preorder this afternoon as well. Why do';t we dive in and see what was shown off by the design team, starting with a wave of figures paying tribute to one of the most beloved Marvel films ever made.

Marvel Legends Continue To Impress

First up is a wave of figures features characters from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the beloved animated film from a couple of years ago now. The wave will consist of six figures, four from the film, and two comic-inspired figures. From the film, we get a new version of Miles Morales, a new Spider-Gwen that comes with Spider-Ham, Prowler, and Peter Parker. Comic figures will include the Hand Ninja and Frog Man. Yes, Frog Man. Collect them all, and you can build Stilt Man, and if you army build Hand Ninjas, you can get more and more leg parts and make him absolutely gigantic.

Next up, a new Marvel Legends comic version of Thanos is on the way in as a deluxe figure. He comes with a deco to echo his look from the Infinity Gauntlet comic. The figure is 100% new, includes a swappable King Thanos head, "snap" fingers, and a cardboard throne in the package.

The Scientist Supreme was shown off, teasing more A.I.M. to add to our collections. Not only did they also reveal more army builder figures coming to Pulse, but at the very end of the stream, they teased a new MODOK figure. Can't wait for that.

Finally, the House of X, Powers of X X-Men Marvel Legends wave was fleshed out a bit, with a new Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean, and Omega Sentinel showed off as renders. The BAF for that wave is still to be revealed.

A bunch of these new Marvel Legends is up for order now by clicking right here.

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