We Take a Look at the Iron Spider Spider-Man Figure from Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War merchandise is starting to leak out, and I was surprised to walk into our local Walmart today and find the Titan Hero Power FX Iron Spider Spider-Man figure from Hasbro on the shelf. They also had the Hulk, but I left that one. The Spider-Man interested me greatly because of the new suit for the film, and I am a sucker for the Iron Spider suit from the comics.

The packaging they are using for the line looks great. I love all of the purples and golds alluding to Thanos. They did a great job designing that logo as well. Big pics of Spidey all over the place, while you will also notice there are figures like this for Captain America, Iron Man, and Star-Lord.

Two major selling points for this one: the new Spidey suit, and the FX Pack that attaches to the figure on the back. The FX pack contains quite a few phrases, all spoken by someone that is definitely not Tom Holland. Nothing too spoilery; things like "Web Shooters engaged," "Here comes Spider-Man," "It's web-slinging time," "This suit is awesome," and a bunch of gross-sounding web-shooting noises. He does say, "Deploying web wings," so those may make an appearance again, and he does also say, "Whoa, heads up!" — but that could mean anything.

These Titan figures are not really for collectors; they are more affordable for kids. There is no elbow, ab, or knee articulation, so that limits what you can realistically do with Spidey. The spider-arms move a little off the FX pack, but not much, and they fall off constantly. As a collector, if you were just popping him on the shelf to stand there, it isn't bad. I love the look of this suit; the gold really adds character. If you just want a really cool-looking example of the new suit from the film, this one works pretty well.

Avengers: Infinity War stuff will be hitting stores hard these next couple weeks and in the next month. As we find it, we will show it to you.

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