Nightwing And His Butt Look Amazing On New Kotobukiya Ikemen Statue

Nightwing has a reputation for being one of the more… sexy heroes in the DC universe. Much has been written about his various ways of having his perfect butt put on display in panels over the years. Now, thanks to Kotobukiya and their new line of Ikemen statues, those panels can come to life.

The Nightwing Ikemen Statue

Kotobukiya's new statue series the IKEMEN begins with Nightwing! Similar to Kotobukiya's popular Bishoujo series, the IKEMEN series is a lineup of popular characters re-designed by the famous Japanese illustrator, Ricken, into the Japanese Ikemen (handsome men) style! These PVC statues are perfect for display alone or alongside other Kotobukiya Bishoujo and IKEMEN statues!

The first production edition includes an extra interchangeable face part (Nightwing with his lips slightly parted)!

Sculpted by the talented Naoya Muto, Nightwing poses with his finger to his lips as if asking you to keep his identity a secret. He comes with two interchangeable head parts so you can display him with or without his mask. The mask part he is holding is also removable.

Ikemen is the male equivalent of their Bushoujo line of statues for the ladies of comicdom. Ikemen stands for "handsome men", so I can think of no other hero better to kick off the line.

The statue's initial run will feature and interchangeable face, so you can pose him with or without his mask. His tight butt is on display as well, all toned and perfect like you would expect. The cheesecake nature of these statues is not everyone's cup of tea, but they are very popular. And they have some of the better sculpts on the market as well. Koto always does a great job keeping quality up and pricing down.

Speaking of which, this one will set you back $79.99 and will be released stateside in March/April 2018.

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