Red Hood Joins the Kotobukiya Ikemen Statue Line

Red Hood is joining Nightwing in the new Kotobukiya Ikemen line of statues. He will ship in July with a price tag of $89.99. Ikemen is the male line of statues modeled in the same way their line of Bushoujo statues are for women characters, done in the "pretty" style. Nightwing will be available in March, and now we know who statue two is.

Red Hood Joins the Kotobukiya Ikemen Statue Line

Kotobukiya is branching out into an all new statue concept with IKEMEN. Similar to the popular Bishoujo series, this fantastic expansion is a lineup of popular characters re-designed by the famous Japanese illustrator Ricken in the Japanese Ikemen ("handsome men") style. Following up after the debut Nightwing is a true bad boy in the Batman Family, RED HOOD! After Dick Grayson left Bruce Wayne's side to branch out on his own, Batman needed a new sidekick and found the young hoodlum Jason Todd to be his replacement. Todd excelled as Robin but had a violent edge, and the boy unfortunately met his end at the hands of the Joker. Even death can't keep a good character down, and Jason returned to life and became the anti-hero known as Red Hood, who takes his place as the second Ikemen style hunk with a special first edition with bonus part!

Jason Todd has always been a rebel, and here he stands in a defiant pose just begging you to look at him. As Red Hood he wears a super cool (and intricately sculpted) costume with black boots, reinforced black trousers, an armored black shirt decorated with a red bat logo, and a brown leather jacket with red accents and silver zippers. Of course, he wouldn't be in the Ikemen style unless his pose and outfit highlighted Jason's slim but muscular physique, and as Red Hood stands with one leg extended and one hand behind his head he shows off his toned body. The dark hero comes with interchangeable heads so you can customize your display: a full Red Hood helmet, a bare head revealing an aloof expression on his face and his black hair with a white streak, and exclusive to this first edition a bonus head wearing a sleek red domino mask!

Add this handsome hero to your collection and be on the lookout for more upcoming Ikemen Statues from Kotobukiya like Red Robin!

Man, that arm up pose is going to make collectors swoon. There is less butt emphasis than on the Dick Grayson figure, but that is to be expected, as Dick's butt is one of the most popular in comics. If you preorder the first edition of this one you get three different face sculpts to choose from as well. I love the non-helmet look, the white streak in his hair really makes that head sculpt pop.

This one is up for preorder now right here.

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