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A Nice Atari Disney Sorcerer's Apprentice Game Is At Heritage Auctions
One of the cooler Disney items offered in this latest round of Heritage Auctions, a nice graded copy of the old Sorcerer's Apprentice game for Atari, is sitting at auction and ending today Currently, this cartridge is sitting at a cool $360, which for something like this should be right up Disney collectors alley This[...]
Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged Hits PC & Switch Next Week
Atari decided to show off a little of what the Atari VCS can do this week with a brand new trailer for Missile Command: Recharged The company revealed this week that the game will be one of the launch titles for their upcoming gaming console, and to show off both the game and the console's[...]
Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged Hits PC & Switch Next Week
Atari will be bringing back one of their classic titles for a modern audience as Missile Command: Recharged will drop next week The company originally released the game on iOS and Android as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and saw some success on mobile Now they're moving it over to both Steam on PC and Nintendo[...]
Pong Quest main art
Atari released a new game out of the blue today on Steam as players can now try out PONG Quest, developed by Chequered Ink Ltd Taking inspiration from the classic video game, players will embark on what is essentially an RPG action-adventure game You'll be playing a roleplaying adventure featuring several immersive customization options, dozens[...]
Atari Joins Forces With WonderOS For Cross-Platform Gaming
It looks like the Atari VCS will be able to do cross-platforming gaming after the company announces a new partnership with Wonder The company announced a new partnership today that will bring the WonderOS to their upcoming console, which will allow for cross-platform works Meaning, for example, if Epic Games releases Fortnite on this console,[...]
Atari Announces Video Game-Themed Arati Hotel In The Works
Of all the things we expected Atari to tell us they might be working on in 2020, a chain of hotels with their own logo and branding was not on the list This morning the company announced the company had penned a new deal with GSD Group, which is an innovation and strategy agency led[...]
The "Atari Vault" Collection Just Got Updated To 150 Games
Some cool news from the world of Atari as the publisher has expanded the collection of games in the Atari Vault library to 150 titles Developed by Code Mystics, the game was launched back in early 2016 to present a digital library of classic titles from all of the company's systems This new DLC pack[...]
A ROM Has Been Released Of Atari's "Pursuit Of The Pink Panther"
There have been some retro games lost to time for every console, and a holy grail from the Atari 2600 has always been Pursuit Of The Pink Panther Originally conceived in 1983 under the original title, Adventures of the Pink Panther, the game was based on the cartoon character More specifically, the cartoon show that[...]
The Atari VCS Officially Enters Pre-Production
Atari announced today that they have officially put the Atari VCS into pre-production ahead of the first wave of backer-supported shipments in December The word came down from an article on Medium, where they give a breakdown of the construction of the modules and how they've been designed It's an interesting look at how these[...]
Auto Draft
Some interesting retro gaming news today as Atari have signed an exclusive partnership with Arcade1Up for future arcade cabinets The two companies had already been working together on the latter's special 4' tall retro cabinets that store four games in one It appears Atari was so happy with the results, they decided to pen a[...]
We Got A Better Look At The Atari VCS During E3 2019
For over a year we've wanted to see what exactly would be going on with the Atari VCS in person, and during E3 2019, we finally got the chance For some reason, Atari decided they didn't want to be on the E3 floor either and only held private meetings to check out a fully functional[...]
Six Flags and Atari are Partnering to Make Real RollerCoaster Tycoon Rides
Six Flags and Atari have announced a licensing partnership so that real-world Six Flags rides will be featured in Atari's RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch The Six Flags content will include several world record-breaking roller coasters and attractions, as well as popular restaurants, retail stores, and signature landmarks. So now, RollerCoaster Tycoon players can manage their own dream version of[...]
Atari Partners With PowerA For VCS Peripherals
This morning, Atari made the announcement that they were partnering with PowerA to create peripherals for the Atari VCS leading up to its launch Medium had the complete exclusive today in which they detailed the two different controllers being made for the console The first being the classic joystick we all love and remember, only[...]
Atari and Nightdive Studios Reboot PC Horror Shooter Blood: Fresh Supply
Atari and Nightdive Studios have rebooted the late-90s PC horror shooter Blood for a new generation with Blood: Fresh Supply If you're not familiar with the game, it was released back in 1997 as a much more gory and frightening version of classic shooters of the time like DOOM and Quake, which include an insane[...]
A Super Rare Atari Game Pops Up On Emulator Websites
Atari's Akka Arrh was in the last category, until this month Ars Technica is reporting that the long lost arcade game has been ported online as a ROM for anyone to emulate and play freely Why is that such a big deal? Of all the games in the Atari library, Akka Arrh is probably one[...]