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“Inuyasha” Finally Goes Up for Pre-Order with Good Smile

Funko Officially Announces Jack Nicholson Joker Pop with Chase!

Funko showed off a massive announcement of upcoming Pops at the London Toy Fair. During the announcement, we only really got to see the CGI design of the figure, not the final design. That all changes today as Funko officially announced their next Batman wave and even better the newest Joker Pop. This is based […]

“Batman Returns” Receives Cosbaby Collectibles from Hot Toys

"Batman Returns" Receives Cosbaby Collectibles from Hot Toys

Batman Returns wasn't the best Batman film and it surely wasn't the worse. I mean hell, we got Danny Devito as The Penguin and that was a sight to see. Hot Toys is keeping the bat alive with a new wave of upcoming Cosbaby figures. We have already seen a release of The Dark Knight […]

Batman Forever, Returns, and More Revealed at London Toy Fair

Batman Forever, Returns, and More Revealed at London Toy Fair

Batman is back and he is getting a huge announcement of Funko Pop reveals at London Toy Fair. It looks like some fan favorite films like Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin are getting Funko Pop debuts! This could only mean we will start seeing more characters from those films getting collectibles soon too. First up […]

Duke Nukem 3D Nuclear Winter LV1: Deja Vu (100% secrets)

Five Video Games You May Not Know Had Christmas Themes

For some, Christmas is an overly cheery holiday that borders on annoying especially how blatantly over the top it can be. While there are specific titles the holiday is intricate to the plot like the Home Alone franchise, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Nightmare Before Christmas here are some titles you may not know that […]

Christmas Films Pics Collage

Bleeding Cool Picks Their Favorite Christmas Films (And Shows)

Everyone here at Bleeding Cool is caught up in the holiday spirit (yes all of us). With families and friends getting together over the next couple days, we figured we would make our picks and let you know not only what we are going to be watching with everyone, but our recommendations for what you […]

Up for Auction: Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman Corset, Boots, Gloves

However you may feel about Tim Burton's Batman Returns film, you have to agree that Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume was one of the iconic moments from the picture. Good news if you have several thousand spare pounds if you are a fan of that version of Catwoman, as her underbust corset, boots, and a glove are going up […]

We Almost Had a Michelle Pfeiffer 'Catwoman' Spinoff Film

You know those times you discover plans for a pretty damn perfect film that was never made? Thanks (or curses) to the trending Twitter hashtag #ShareYourRejections, we now know how close we came to having a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman spinoff film from her role in Batman Returns. Screenwriter John August revealed his rejections from Warner Bros., one of which […]

Netflix Starts 2018 with Lots of Batman and a Polka King

With a new year right around the corner, Netflix is readying subscribers for a serious injection of new viewing options for January 2018. Highlights for the first month include the addition of five Batman and Bring It On films, four Lethal Weapon films, and all three The Godfather films. Other notable editions include: Breakfast at Tiffany's; The […]

Even More Dark Shadows Stills… But Where Has The Trailer Got To?

We're drawing in on the release of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows pretty rapidly, with just a little over two months remaining on the clock. The pace of promotions seems to be picking up, with almost daily releases of new images, but we're still yet to see a single drop of footage. It seems, from comments […]

Win Tickets To This Weekend's Batman All-Nighter At The BFI IMAX

This Saturday, March 26th, the BFI IMAX at Waterloo will be showing four big screen Batman movies – two by Tim Burton, two by Chris Nolan. Kicking off at midnight, the films will run through the night. It's a rare chance to see The Dark Knight in the IMAX format, and the opportunity to catch […]

BFI IMAX Having All Night All-Night Batman Marathon

I'm a big lover of the Tim Burton Batman films, and the Nolan pictures certainly have their fans too. If you'd like to see all four back-to-back, and bigger than is humanly decent, then the BFI IMAX have you covered with their upcoming All-Nighter. Seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX is probably the biggest selling […]

Batman Returns By Tom Whalen… And More

Superb iconic recreations of geek movie posters from Tom Whalen. Some for fun, some for actual use for his local cinema running old films. Pick your favourites…