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Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime Return To Warframe On August 10th
Digital Extremes are bringing back a couple of goodies to Warframe this week as both Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime will return Both of these armaments have been in the Vault for a while, but they're busting them out for a while for people to get into them again But when the devs giveth, they[...]
Digital Extremes Shows Off Cross-Platforms Play For Warframe
During TennoCon 2021 today, Digital Extremes revealed plans for Cross-Platform Play coming to Warframe, along with other options The news is pretty amazing as it will give players on PC the chance to play with those on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, all at the same time with multiple options opened up to everyone This[...]
Warframe Reveals The new War During TennoCon 2021
Digital Extremes made a major reveal during TennoCon 2021 as the next major event coming to Warframe is The New War The next chapter of the game will bring in a major expansion where players everywhere will need to unite together in the Origin System like never before If they don't, there may not be[...]
Warframe Will Release Interactive Preview At TennoCon 2021
Digital Extremes revealed this morning that they will be introducing an interactive preview for Warframe during TennoCon 2021 When the event happens on Saturday, July 17th, virtual attendees will be able to watch The New War world reveal live on Twitch But shortly after, the devs will be hosting an in-game Relay event where players can[...]
Auto Draft
Digital Extremes released a new trailer and info on the next Warframe update, Sisters of Parvos, being released in the game on July 6th You can watch the trailer down below as they show off all of the content that will be coming to this update, as well as introducing a wealth of new experiences[...]
Digital Extremes Reveals Schedule For Warframe's TennoCon 2021
The folks at Digital Extremes revealed the main schedule this week of what will be coming at TennoCon 2021, being held online again this year The single-day event will be taking place entirely on Twitch and YouTube, among other platforms where it will stream live, on July 17th Throughout the day there will be tentpole[...]
Warframe Reveals Prime Gaming Fashion Frame Collection Set
Digital Extremes revealed a new Warframe exclusive happening with Twitch and Prime Gaming, including a launch date and rewards roadmap As you can see from the image below, you're getting a new set of purple and white armor (just like Twitch colors) which will be called the Verv Fashion Frame Collection This particular collection will[...]
Warframe Announces Gara Prime Access With Release Date
Digital Extremes revealed today that they have a release date for the Gara Prime gear in Warframe, and it's coming very soon The team will be releasing it on May 25th as the legend of the glass-armored warrior continues with a special powered-up Prime variant, which will officially become the 32nd Prime Warframe release We[...]
Digital Extremes Reveals Details For TennoCon 2021
Digital Extremes took a moment to reveal their plans for TennoCon 2021, or at least what they have in store for Warframe fans The event will be digital again due to the pandemic, which has especially been hard on the Canadian-based team where people are waiting four months to get a second vaccine dose Everything[...]
Warframe Announces Plans To Celebrate Its Eighth Anniversary
Digital Extremes revealed new details today of what they'll be doing to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Warframe starting this week Along with some special merch that you can purchase from their shop, there's not a ton happening this time around compared to previous years The next four weeks will be holding special challenges that[...]
Warframe Releases Newly Revised Corpus Proxima & Railjack Update
Digital Extremes has released a ton of new content into Warframe today as we get the revised Corpus Proxima and the Railjack update We have the full notes for you down below as to what this will mean for the game, as well as a couple of videos from the company showing off what can[...]
Warframe Shows Off The New Railjack That's On The Way
Digital Extremes decided to give a bit of a preview of the new Railjack that is coming to Warframe very soon The team released a brand new developer video, which you can check out below, that serves as an in-depth walkthrough of the next PC update called Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack While the[...]
Digital Extremes Unveils Upcoming Warframe Spring 2021 Gameplay
Digital Extremes dropped some new gameplay footage today for Warframe, showing off the new content coming for Spring 2021 The short video, which you can check out below, gives a short but closer look at the content coming this spring to the Origin System Along with that video, the company also released info on several[...]
Digital Extremes Unveils Update 30 Info For Warframe
Digital Extremes revealed details today about Update 30 coming to Warframe, which is titled Call Of The Tempestarii During Devstream 151, which you can watch in full at the bottom, the developers revealed the first Prime Access of the year and everything you need to know surrounding the next bit of content This includes the[...]
Warframe Launches Onto PS5 On November 26th
After the news this past week of Tencent Games buying out the major shares to Digital Extremes, fans became concerned for Warframe All things considered with the way some of their subsidiaries have been run in the past, there was a worry from the game's fanbase that their favorite title may go the same way[...]