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Immortal X-Men Using The Past To Divine The Future (XSpoilers)
Today's Immortal X-Men #8 takes a break from looking into the future of the X-Men after Judgment Day and the upcoming Sins Of Sinister stories set ten, one hundred and one thousand years from now (many details revealed this weekend at Thought Bubble's X-Men panel and more to come) Instead, it's a jump to Mystique[...]
Marvel Comics
So, in today's Immortal X-Men #6, the Quiet Council are busy dealing with Eternals and the Progenitor, Storm has her own duties on her new home planet. Legion saved a lot of Arakkii? How so? It looks like Legion Of X #6 will reveal all but a) that's out in October and b) there's still another[...]
Marvel Comics
The religious aspects of this were going to be picked up on.  In Immortal X-Men #1 by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck published by Marvel Comics, we learned that Exodus, the thousand-year-old Crusader mutant believed that Jesus Christ as also a mutant n interesting take, especially in the realms of a mutant race that can[...]
Interior preview page from IMMORTAL X-MEN #5 MARK BROOKS COVER
Immortal X-Men #5 time Kieron Gillen and Dan Watters are friends You'll see them at the bar together, Kieron as the ancient wizard, Dan as the young warrior And over drinks they chat – or at least they did in the Before Times Could there have been some cross-pollination? Or is this steam engine[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday X-Men
But there is a journey to get there, especially as Emma Frost, former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and member of The Quiet Council has a history with her. Emma wanted to show Firestar the Krakoan stables? Is that not rubbing it in? Don't know what we mean? Well, in today's Immortal X-Men #3, Emma[...]
Marvel Comics
Today sees the publication of Immortal X-Men #3 But the Immortality of the mutants is more prominent in X-Men #12, also out today, while underlined in Knights of X #3 as well Spoilers ahead for all three, so be warned going in We are going to talk about death and life. As Daily Bugle reporter gets[...]
Early Marvel Preview: Immortal X-Men #3 Ties Into X-Treme X-Men
We had an early Marvel preview for Immortal X-Men #2 So now we have one for Immortal X-Men #3 as well, out in a couple of weeks It's starting to be  a bit of a habit And it begins, narrated by the young Destiny who, at the age of thirteen saw the future, laid out[...]
X-Men Krakoa Spoilers
But Immortal X-Men taking the top! Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Immortal X-Men #2 by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck Immortal X-Men #2 Shadow War Zone #1 Batman the Knight #5 Thor #25 Nightwing #92 X-Men Red #2 Batman Superman World's Finest #3 X-Force #28 King Spawn #10 Catwoman #43 Thanks to the following Bleeding Cool Bestseller List retailers… Fat Jack's Comicrypt, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rodman Comics,[...]
Marvel Comics Reveals That Jesus Christ Was A Mutant
Recently, in The Trial Of Magneto, Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch extended that ability across time so that any mutant who had died throughout history, can now be reborn. Immortal X-Men #1 Like that, with Hope Summers created by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo, as one of The Five called upon to make the whole thing happen. [...]
The Latest Gossip From Bar Sinister
Today's Immortal X-Men #1 reveals that Mister Sinister may be getting all his Bar Sinister gossip from the future You know, it's not entirely different from how I get some of mine Youn know I had a TARDIS in my front yard at one point, right? But let's break down what we can from the[...]
Immortal X-Men Reveals Mister Sinister's Krakoan Secret
Immortal X-Men #1 and, along the way, it reveals a big secret about Mister Sinister that overnight transforms everything about his time on Krakoa, and before As House Of X and Powers Of X revealed, courtesy of Moira Mactaggert, was that Mister Sinister was an early recruit to setting up Krakoa, where he joined the[...]
Magneto Quits Krakoa In Destiny Of X's Immortal X-Men
Silence is broken in The Quiet Council, for the launch of Immortal X-Men #1 in March, and Magneto is leaving Krakoa What will The Trial Of Magneto #5 out tomorrow have let loose? He's off! The Master Of Magnetism is repulsed, leaving Krakoa, and it's all behind Immortal X-Men ONE OF MUTANTKIND'S MOST POWERFUL LEADERS WALKS AWAY[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
They promised us the big announcement for the X-Men titles today and, as the New York offices were shutting up for the night, someone over there went and pressed the button for Destiny Of X, with this image from Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. The titles are Immortal X-Men, Marauders, X-Force, Knights Of X, X-Men, Legion[...]