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'Black Lightning' Review: "Just and Unjust" Shows (Super) Power of Grief [SPOILERS]

In this week's new episode of the CW's Black Lightning, the Pierce family is back this week–united by grief over the death of Khalil but still facing the pressures attempting to tear Freeland apart. We also find out more about the pod people Tobias stole, international intrigue from Markovia, relationship troubles for Anissa, and a […]


Black Lightning Season 2: Guess Who's Back? CW Offers a Reminder

With Black Lightning set to return to the CW tonight after a well-received first season, the stakes are much higher (and deadlier) heading into season 2 – especially for the Pierce family. Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning (Cress Williams), Anissa Pierce aka Thunder (Nafessa Williams) and the rest of "Team Lightning" are going to have a lot more than […]

Black Lightning Season 2: Nafessa Williams Talks Thunder's Role; Familiar Faces Return

With Black Lightning returning to the CW next month after a first season that was highly praised by fans and critics alike, the stakes are much higher heading into season 2 – not just for the series, but for the Pierce family. Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) and Thunder/Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams) are back keeping […]


Black Lighting Season 1: the Most Surprising Moment of the Season

We're now looking at the most surprising moments in the recently concluded (except for Supergirl) seasons of the big superhero shows. Each show has multiple surprise moments, some bigger than others, but I'm judging based on how much the surprise affected the series, a single character or was just out of the blue. Here we […]

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The CW to Rebroadcast Black Lightning Season 1 Starting Tonight

If you haven't watched the first season of Black Lightning, you really should. It hands down is one of the best new series of the 2017-2018 season, and The CW is trying very hard to give you every opportunity to watch. You can stream the series on Netflix, watch some of it on The CW […]

Shadow of Death

Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: Shadow of Death

This article contains spoilers for the Black Lightning season 1 finale, 'Shadow of Death: The Book of War'. The season finale of Black Lightning is simple, straightforward, and shows us why this series is so damn good. Gambi (James Remar) has taken the injured Jefferson (Cress Williams) and the rest of the pierce family to […]


Black Lightning Season 1: Gambi Knows Tactics in This Season Finale Scene

Tomorrow night we get the first season finale of Black Lightning. The culmination of the 13-episode season from series creator Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil shows Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) in the woods where he was taken after being injured in the previous episode. With him are his ex-wife Lynn (Christine Adams), his daughters […]

Shadow of Death

Black Lightning Season 1: Extended Trailer for Season Finale

The CW has released an extended trailer for the Black Lightning season finale, which will air on Tuesday at 9 p.m. The series stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero, high school principal, and father of two trying to do his best for the city of Freeland and reconnect with his ex-wife (Christine […]

Sins of the Father

Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: Sins of the Father

This article contains spoilers for Black Lightning season 1 episode 'Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption'. The episode starts with our new favorite reformed drug dealer Two-Bits (Jason Louder), who is now selling DVDs and baby clothes. He sees a a kid from Garfield High take some Green Light and suddenly start giving […]

Little Black Lies

Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: The Book of Little Black Lies

This article contains spoilers for the Black Lightning season 1 episode 'The Book of Little Black Lies'. Tonight's episode of Black Lightning took some interesting turns. It started off with following up on last week's reveal of Jennifer (China Ann McClain) having powers. She's upset so Anissa (Nafessa Williams) shows her she's Thunder and reveals […]

Black Lightning Season 1: What is the A.S.A. that Gambi was Talking About?

There were a lot of revelations in this weeks Back Lightning, aptly titled The Book of Revelations. The biggest one has to do with Peter Gambi (Jame Remar) and his past. I'm going to mention some spoilers, so of your not caught up… go watch and come back. Otherwise scroll down to learn about the […]

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Black Lightning Season 1: Jefferson Finds a Secret He Didn't Anticipate

The Flash may be going on hiatus, but Black Lightning is going strong with the story involving Gambi's (James Remar) past and Alvin, Jefferson's (Cress Williams) father. If the show continues on it's current schedule, we should have new episodes straight through until April 17th, with the season finale airing the day after the return […]