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"Altered Carbon" Season 2: Netflix Recaps "Sleeve" Joel Kinnaman's Season 1 Run [VIDEO]

But for those coming to the series starting with the Anthony Mackie-lead second season and without the time to binge the Joel Kinnaman-starring first season, things might still be a little confusing "Digitized consciousness transfers to bodies aka 'sleeves'" can get a wee bit complicated.[caption id="attachment_1162752" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Netflix[/caption]Thankfully, the fine folks at Netflix have[...]

'Robocop Returns' Yet Again With Abe Forsythe Directing

Joel Kinnaman tried, but there was no saving it With this new film ignoring the previous sequels and surely the 2014 one, with they go period piece? How weird is it to refer to a film taking place possibly in the 80's as a period piece? That seems like the direction to go if it[...]

Apple TV+ Releases First Trailer for Ronald D. Moore's "For All Mankind" Series

Apple TV+ Releases Trailer for Ronald D. Moore's "For All Mankind" Series

Moore's (Battlestar Galactica, Outlander) upcoming Apple TV+ series For All Mankind to release later this year, and we just got our first trailer for it!Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) stars, and will be joined by Sarah Jones, and Michael Dorman in the alternative space history series.Just LOOK at this shot of all the women!"What if the space[...]

'Hanna': Amazon Offers Season 2 Renewal; David Farr Returning As Writer

I can’t wait to explore fresh terrain for this lonely young woman who wants only to belong, but who has to fight every day just to survive.” - David Farr In Season One, 15-year-old Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles), who was raised in total seclusion in the remote woods of Eastern Europe, has spent her entire young life training[...]

'Hanna' Pilot to Screen for Amazon Prime Members Post-Super Bowl; Premieres March

With an amazing cover of Smashing Pumpkins' “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” performed by Karen O igniting the action, here's a look at the newest teaser for Amazon Prime's Hanna: the Amazon series, Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will be taking on the roles played in the original film by Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana, respectively[...]

Hanna: Why Did The Ruthless Teenage Killing Machine Cross the Road? (VIDEO)

Before we go any further, it's time for you to open up, come clean, and admit what you were thinking the moment you saw the first teaser for Amazon Prime Video's series adaptation of Joe Wright‘s 2011 Saoirse Ronan-starrer film Hanna - and be honest!"It would be kinda' cool if the series was about a 'ruthless infant[...]

Amazon Teaser Asks, "Who Stole Hanna? And Why?" (VIDEO)

Amazon Video is sharing the first teaser for their series adaptation of Joe Wright's 2011 movie Hanna, an update on the Saoirse Ronan-starrer about a young woman transformed into a ruthless teenage killing machine. Sarah Adina Smith (Buster’s Mal Heart, Room 104) serves as director, with original film writer David Farr (The Night Manager, Troy: Fall[...]

Joel Kinnaman, 2 Others Join Ron D. Moore's Space Series for Apple

Moore's new space series for Apple will be called, we do know that three new faces have been added to the cast.[caption id="attachment_902366" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sarah Jones, Michael DormanCredit, both: Kathy Hutchins /[/caption]Sarah Jones, Michael Dorman, and Altered Carbon's Joel Kinnaman will be playing the three leads in the upcoming space series the Battlestar Galactica helmer[...]

'Hanna' Series Reunites The Killing's Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman

Dick’s Electric Dreams) and Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) are set to join the series adaptation of the 2011 assassin film Hanna.With newcomer Esme Creed-Miles (Dark River) as lead, the series is directed by Sarah Adina Smith (Legion) from a script adaptation by David Farr (film's co-writer) NBCUniversal International Studios will serve as the main production studio, with[...]

The Killers

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: The Killers

Meanwhile, Reileen gives Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) a gun with one bullet and tells him to shoot out the stack of either Vernon (Ato Essandoh), Ava or Ortega He tries to shoot out his own, but she lied about there being a bullet Lizzie appears inside a synth body and starts killing people, changes the body[...]

Rage in Heaven

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: Rage in Heaven

This article contains spoilers for Altered Carbon episode nine – Rage in Heaven. . . . . . This episode starts off with Kovacs (Joel Kitterman) meeting with Reileen (Dichen Lachman) where he tells her that he doesn't care. She tries to convince him otherwise, but he tells her that he's going to spend some […]

Clash by Night

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Clash by Night

This article contains spoilers for Altered Carbon episode eight - Clash by Night......This episode picks up just after Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) found out that his sister Reileen (Dichen Lachman) is the one that sold the Envoys out to the Protectorate and got them all killed He also finds out that she has multiple sleeves and[...]

Wrong Man

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: The Wrong Man

This article contains spoilers for Altered Carbon episode five, 'The Wrong Man'.This episode starts off a little strange as we see Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) interrogating a guy about Mary Lou Henchy, but we quickly discover that this is actually Elias Riker doing the interrogating and Henchy was his friend growing up He doesn't believe her[...]

Force of Evil

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: Force of Evil

Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) is captured and taking to a clinic where they do virtual torture He is then confronted by Dimitri the Twin (Tahmoh Penikett), the guy who attacked Kovacs at the Raven Dimitri double sleeves (copies his stack into two bodies at once), hence the nickname But when doubled, they don't share memories going[...]

In a Lonely Place

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: In a Lonely Place

We get flashes back to Takeshi (Will Yun Lee) in his days with Quell (Renée Elise Goldsberry) and then modern Takeshi (Joel Kinnaman) awakens to find that Miriam (Kristin Lehman) is gone, they had been monitored by a drone the night before and he had an invitation to a dinner part hosted by Bancroft (James[...]

Fallen Angel

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: Fallen Angel

We move to Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) waking up the morning after accepting the case and meeting Bancroft's lawyer, Oumou Prescott (Tamara Taylor).  She takes Kovacs to the company that keeps Bancroft's clones ready and Bancroft (James Purefoy) arrives in all his glory He tries to threaten Kovacs back into line, but Kovacs doesn't take threats[...]

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 1 Recap: Out of the Past

We meet Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), one of a breed of special solders called Envoys who can be deployed onto any world, immerse themselves into the culture and be ready to fight like a native in minutes They were trained to be soldiers, detectives or anything else that was needed Kovacs went astray of the[...]

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon Season 1: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Immortality

As long a the stack is saved, the person can live forever.[caption id="attachment_785162" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Titles: Altered Carbon People: Martha Higareda, Joel Kinnaman © Netflix[/caption]The series focuses on Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy), the wealthiest man on Earth He has died, and has now hired someone to find out why To investigate the death, he brings[...]