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Minecraft Releases Sustainability City Map To Play
Mojang has released the new Sustainability City Map in Minecraft which was inspired by Microsoft's Annual Sustainability Report This is a completely free map that you can download either through the Education Edition of the game or through the "Education Collection" of content The goal of it is to teach regular users how to best[...]
Sea Of Thieves Officially Launches Season One
Rare and Microsoft revealed that they have officially launched Season One in Sea Of Thieves for the latest content A bit of a first considering the game has been out for a couple years now, but yes, they are now doing seasonal content with all the missions, treasures, and costumes you would expect for it[...]
Azerion Will Distribute Several Classic Microsoft Casual Games
Azerion made a weird little reveal this past week as they will be releasing several classic Microsoft casual games For anyone that's owned a PC since the '90s, everyone remembers there has been a small set of classic games include with pretty much every version of Windows since Windows 95 They're not the most intense[...]
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This morning, Microsoft revealed a new color for their line of official Xbox controllers as they now have Pulse Red as an option While there are a number of different patterns and color schemes you can get depending on what you're looking for in a variant, this is joining their official line of solid color[...]
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One of the first big surprises from The Game Awards 2020 was Microsoft revealing there's a reboot of Perfect Dark coming to Xbox The series is over two decades old and one of the best-yet-forgotten pieces of the Rare library With four games currently available in the series, the last entry was back in 2010[...]
We Review The Xbox Series X In All Of Its Next-Gen Glory
Microsoft revealed today that there's a massive update coming out for Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One The shorthand to the update is that it will be bringing new improvements to gamers, including a set of "Optimized for Series X/S" badges to games so players can easily identify which games are enhanced for[...]
Xbox & Samsung Partner For A Next-Gen Gaming Giveaway
Microsoft, Samsung, and CD Project Red will celebrate both the launch of the new Xbox Series X/S as well as the countdown to the video game by giving the final five elite codebreakers the chance to win multiple prizes Those prizes include a Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 Samsung QLED TV, Xbox Series X, a copy[...]
Halo 4 Has Now Been Optimized For Xbox Series X
Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed today that Halo 4 has been optimized for the Xbox Series X to be played in wonderful 4K To be precise, this is the version of the game from Halo: The Master Chief Collection both on Xbox and PC, not the backward compatible version Those looking to play the game[...]
We Review The Xbox Series X In All Of Its Next-Gen Glory
We have a snippet of the numbers and info they released on Xbox Wire for you below, as the company has been super appreciative of their fans on social media for the outpouring of Xbox Series X posts from the launch. It's nice Microsoft has having a good launch in this economy Courtesy of Microsoft. Your support,[...]
We Review The Xbox Series X In All Of Its Next-Gen Glory
The seven-year cycle of the previous console gave us a lot of titles and memories, but as amazing as it was to have a high-quality HD gaming console from Microsoft, it kind of felt like a half-step up for us It added some nice features and tech, but nothing that we couldn't get or improve[...]
Microsoft Brings Xbox Series X Jokes and Memes to TikTok
Microsoft and Xbox revealed they will be holding a special livestream event on November 10th when the Xbox One X/S launches The event will be a bit of a celebration of what they're viewing as a new era of gaming The event will take place on November 10th at 11am PT on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming[...]