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Power Rangers Won't Die with Dignity in Mighty Morphin #20 Preview
Mighty Morphin #20 is in stores from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios next week, sure to please all the powerbronies out there (that's the colloquial term for hardcore fans of the Power Rangers) BOOM! has released a preview of the issue, along with a press release full of helpful SEO-friendly text to copy and past from. BOOM![...]
Charge To 100
Boom Studios, however, will be doing so with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers later this year in September with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 – even if only Mighty Morphin #18 and Power Rangers #18 is out this month Because this month will have a "legacy" number of #90 and #91 respectively That's right, you have[...]
Cover image for Mighty Morphin #16
In this preview of the penultimate chapter of the Eltarian War in Mighty Morphin #16, some people just can't let go of things that happened centuries ago Like, just get over it, guys! What kind of message does this send to all the young powerbronies out there?! Check out the preview below. MIGHTY MORPHIN #16 BOOM! STUDIOS DEC210829 DEC210830[...]
Power Rangers Zord Ascension Project Dino Megazord Has Arrived
We go back to the beginning with the return of the iconic Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord with this 1:144 scale figure All five Dino Bots are included and will be able to be combined to recreate the Dino Megazord in both Battle and Tank modes There are plenty of fantastic features included with this Megazord,[...]
Mighty Morphin #10 Spoiler Cover Revealed (Spoilers)
And this week sees Boom Studios publish Mighty Morphin #10, with a bunch of variant covers that have been seen like his own 1:50 variant cover. Mighty Morphin #10 – not a spoiler cover … but it seems it might have changed between solicitation and publication and may be a little more… revelatory than initially planned The[...]
Massive MM Power Rangers Diorama Statue Series Hits Iron Studios
Iron Studios is stepping up their 1/10 statue series with their newest release featuring the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers That's right; we return back to 1993 once again as the company reveals their new statues featuring the original line-up of Rangers Seven Rangers are returning for the wave with Tommy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Billy, and[...]
Whose Secret Origin Will Be Revealed In Mighty Morphin #10?
We've been covering closely the events in Boom Studios' dual Power Rangers series, Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers, since the chart-topping, sold out relaunch kicked off in late 2020 More recently, we pointed out that Boom along with writers like Ryan Parrott, L.L McKinney, and Frank Gogol were doing something completely new in the publisher's[...]
Cover image for MIGHTY MORPHIN #7 CVR A LEE
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has a new issue out of Mighty Morphin next week, and Bleeding Cool wants to give a shout-out to all our readers out there who identify as powerbronies, the colloquial term for hardcore fans of the Power Rangers Of course, the Power Rangers within this issue are the new Mighty Morphin[...]
Mighty Morphin Metallic Power Rangers Coming From Hasbro
It seems that Hasbro can get nit travel fans outside of the world of the Mighty Morphin's Power Rangers as they unveiled new Metallic Rangers These Rangers are part of the Lightning Collection and feature a new metallic deco for each character Hasbro has already released a Metallic Pink Ranger, and now the rest of[...]
TOLDJA: Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness Sells Out
McKinney, who in addition to co-founding of the Juneteenth Book Fest and originating the #PublishingPaidMe and #WhatWOCWritersHear hashtags on Twitter, also happens to be the first Black woman to write a Power Rangers comic? Or is it because the issue tells the true origin of one of the most popular Power Ranger villains, Astronema, whom[...]
Power Ranger Special FOCing Today Sets Up 2021 Storylines
No one is more surprised by this than me. For the last 6 months, we've focused our attention on Boom's relaunch of the industry mainstay into two twin ongoing series, Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers, both written by Ranger architect Ryan Parrott with art by Marco Renna and Francesco Mortarino respectively In particular the run-up to[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Clears Half A Million Dollars In 2 Weeks
We mentioned earlier today that Image Comics had been changing their tune regarding the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series published by Boom Studios and were starting to us the series to promote the new Kyle Higgins' series Radiant Black, going to FOC today. That line of thinking looks smart when you consider Boom Studios[...]
Tommy Oliver is Back with New Power Rangers threezero 12” Figure
Threezero recently teased that they will be collaborating with Hasbro once again, giving fans new 12-inch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers figures Two teaser images were released; however, fans were surprised with the Green Ranger's appearance with pre-orders going live today That is right, Tommy Oliver is back in action with a beautifully crafted 1/6th scale[...]
Power Rangers Black Ranger Brings the Might to Hasbro and threezero
The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 1/6th scale collectible figures from threezero and Hasbro continue The mighty Black Ranger arrives and his ready to help his fellow team members fight against Zedd and his army of putties This figure will stand 12 inches tall, feature 34 points of articulation, and a specially designed hand-tailored fabric outfit[...]
Power Ranger Blue Ranger Brings the Brains to threezero
Hasbro and threezero really capture the design of Billy, which will provide an extra level of depth to any collection. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are in the iconic Rangers group, but it would be great to extend the Rangers' legacy by seeing new teams It'd be fun to see Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, Dino Thunder,[...]