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Niantic's Pikmin Bloom Announces First Anniversary Event
Niantic has announced a celebratory event for the first anniversary of their walking game and wellness app, Pikmin Bloom. Based on Nintendo's Pikmin franchise, the game invites players to decorate their world with beautiful flowers that others can see on their in-game map Let's take a look at how the mobile developer behind Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Harry Potter: Wizards[...]
Pikmin Bloom Announces August 2022 Updates & Community Day
Pikmin Bloom announces August 2022 updates & Community Day in-person meet-ups and bonuses, including guaranteed Four Leaf Clovers Let's get into the details. Pikmin Bloom graphic Credit: Niantic Pikmin Bloom announced to players the following update: August comes bringing sunflowers! These flowers are often associated with bright and cheerful imagery, evoking images of blue skies and vast yellow[...]
Niantic Brings New Pikmin Bloom Changes in July 2022
Changes are coming to Niantic's Pikmin Bloom this summer Let's see what the mobile developer behind Pokémon GO will bring to this game based on Nintendo's franchise as it moves toward its second year. Pikmin Bloom graphic Credit: Niantic Here are the new features coming to Pikmin Bloom: New Flower Planting Weekly Challenges: Niantic previously introduced Weekly Challenges to Pikmin[...]
Pikmin Bloom Announces Big Flower Forecast for July 2022
Niantic has announced new detail for Pikmin Bloom in July 2022 Let's see what this new Big Flower Forecast and a month focused on lilies will bring to the game. Pikmin Bloom graphic Credit: Niantic Niantic announced the following update to Pikmin Bloom's Flower of the Month choice in a blast to the AR game's players: The lily is[...]
Niantic Sets Details for Pikmin Bloom June 2022 Community Day & More
Pikmin Bloom has announced three new features including the arrival of Leaf Hat Decor Pikmin, a Father's Day event, and a hydrangea-themed Community Day for June 2022 Let's get into the details. Pikmin Bloom graphic Credit: Niantic Leaf Hat Decor Pikmin: Niantic has announced a new type of Decor Pikmin Decor Pikmin are decorated with elements from[...]
Niantic Announces Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom Update Ahead of GO Fest
Ahead of the event, they aren't slowing down the normal gameplay updates, though, as they have news to share for both Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom Let's get into the details. Pokémon GO Fest logo Credit: Niantic Niantic has confirmed another year of Ultra Unlock events coming to Pokémon GO[...]
Niantic Announced Tiny Book Décor Pikmin for Pikmin Bloom
Pikmin Bloom, Niantic's latest AR game and wellness from Niantic Labs, is adding a new kind of Pikmin This game is cut from the same cloth as mobile developer Niantic's previous games Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (which i greatly miss), but it actually removes the competitive aspect with the goal less "collect 'em all"[...]
Niantic's Pikmin Bloom Rolls Out New Snack Decor Pikmin & Challenges
Niantic Labs, the mobile game and AR developer best known for Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, has announced new content coming to one of their newest games, Pikmin Bloom. Pikmin Bloom adapts Nintendo's popular Pikmin franchise into an AR wellness and walking app that invites players to grow their own Pikmin while planting flowers on their map, decorating[...]
Pokémon GO Developer Niantic Launches Creature-Based Game, Peridot
Their previous hits include the 2021 launch Pikmin Bloom based on the Nintendo franchise, the now-canceled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that involved the players in a post-Deathly Hallows interactive narrative, and, of course, their biggest hit, Pokémon GO Since its launch in 2016, Pokémon GO has been and remains one of the world's biggest games with an incredible active[...]
A New Sushi-Based Decor Pikmin Comes To Pikmin Bloom
Decor Pikmin are some of the most sought-after finds in Pikmin Bloom They are Pikmin that have a special feature, similar to a costume, that can be grown from seedlings found at certain locations and times in Niantic's new game based on the hit Nintendo franchise The new Decor Pikmin is inspired by sushi[...]
Niantic Announces Pikmin Bloom April Community Day 2022 & More
Niantic has announced details for Pikmin Bloom's April Community Day as well as details for the company-wide Niantic Community Day This continues Niantic's efforts to tie their multiple games together with real-life events happening during coordinated, shared Pikmin Bloom and Pokémon GO Community Day Dates. Pikmin Bloom April Community Day graphic[...]
Pikmin Bloom Kicks off Four-Leaf Clover Event & More
A new event is coming to Pikmin Bloom today in time for St Patrick's Day This will include a Huge Seedling that can grow into a special Decor Pikmin. Pikmin Bloom graphic Credit: Niantic The new event coming to Pikmin Bloom is as follows: Date and time: Thursday, March 17th 2022 to Sunday, March 20th 2022 all day. Pikmin Bloom[...]
Today is March 2022 Community Day in Pikmin Bloom
Today is Pikmin Bloom March 2022 Community Day This event will include in-game bonuses for all players as well as real-world bonuses for those in the United States Let's get into the details. Pikmin Bloom Community Day graphic Credit: Niantic Niantic says the following about this Pikmin Bloom Community Day: Spring is a time of renewal, bringing with it each[...]
Challenge Days Come to Pikmin Bloom in New Update from Niantic
Niantic Labs, the mobile developer behind the hit game Pokémon GO, has announced a new event coming to their Pikmin Bloom app This hybrid game/wellness app has previously only had a winter event and Community Days, so it is interesting to see more themed events come to the game Let's take a look at this new announcement[...]
Niantic Announces Pikmin Bloom February 2022 Community Day
Niantic has announced the details for Pikmin Bloom February 2022 Community Day in addition to a partnership with subscription service Bloomsybox Let's check out the details as well as a preview of upcoming Pikmin Bloom content coming after the event. Pikmin Bloom graphic Credit: Niantic Niantic broke down the details for Pikim Bloom February 2022 Community Day, which you[...]
Pikmin Bloom January 2022 Community Day Set For Next Weekend
Niantic has now announced the next Pikmin Bloom Community Day event This walking-based game will invite players to play January Community Day next Saturday, posing this question to players: Are you ready to fill the world around you with flowers on your first #10KWalkWithPikmin of 2022? Let's get into the details. Pikmin Bloom January 2022 Community[...]
Pikmin Bloom Hosts Photo Contest With Plushie Rewards
A new contest is now live in Niantic's Pikmin Bloom Based on the hit Nintendo franchise, Pikmin Bloom is an AR walking game that invites players to decorate their world with flowers When one player plants a flower, others players can see it on their map, creating a dynamic and interactive world Now, players can take this[...]
Seasonal Decor Pikmin Come to Pikmin Bloom For The Holidays
Niantic has announced the arrival of a new type of Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom Let's get into the details of these holiday-themed Seasonal Decor Pikmin: Seasonal Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom Credit: Niantic Well, those are certainly cute While Niantic has been a bit unreliable with their work on the final months of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,[...]
Pikmin Bloom December 2021 Community Day Details Revealed
Niantic has revealed the date and details for the second Pikmin Bloom Community Day This newly launched game based on Nintendo's popular Pikmin franchise debuted in October 2021 and featured its first Community Day in November 2021 Let's take a look at what will be going on in-game for December 2021 Community Day in Pikmin Bloom. Pikmin Bloom promo[...]
Thoughts on Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom: First Month of Gameplay
A little over a month has passed since Niantic, the mobile game developer behind Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, launched Pikmin Bloom This mobile game reimagines the popular Pikmin franchise as a means to digitally enhance the real world with flowers Let's take a look at this game and see how it compares to the rest of[...]
First Pikmin Bloom Community Day Announced for November 2021
Fresh off of the launch of their Pikmin Bloom game, they announced a major departure and an almost equally major arrival this week The departure? Niantic, known for their mobile games based on popular franchises, has announced the end of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite While the narrative-based game had a small but dedicated fanbase, it failed[...]
Niantic & Nintendo Debut New Mobile Title: Pikmin Bloom
Niantic and Nintendo have come together for a brand new mobile title on the way as they will soon be releasing Pikmin Bloom for iOS and Android Music like Pokémon GO, this game is designed to get the most out of walking as you will be using the colorful creatures to do tasks along your[...]