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Intrepid Izzy Will Release On Consoles Next Week
Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and developer Senile Team confirmed that Intrepid Izzy will be coming out on consoles in early December The game has already been out for PC since mid-2020, offering up what feels like a retro platformer with modern mechanics Now console players can experience it for themselves as it will drop on[...]
Inventory Management Puzzler Save Room Will Release Next Week
Ratalaika Games and Fractal Projects have revealed their latest game, Save Room, will be getting a release on November 11th This is a special kind of simulator game, in a way, as you'll be playing an inventory management puzzler where you'll need to figure out how to store all of the junk in your pockets[...]
Retro-Inspired Title The Dark Prophecy Set For Release This Friday
Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, along with Start Warp and Meridian4, will be releasing The Dark Prophecy for all three major consoles on Friday In what very much feels like a throwback to early '90s point-and-click adventure titles, you will head off on a fantasy adventure as a young lad who will engage in a multi-dialogue[...]
Catmaze Announces
Indie developer and publisher Ratalaika Games announced that they will be releasing Catmaze for all three major consoles this Friday Developed by Red Black Spade, the game has already been out on PC for a few years now, giving players a Metroidvania title in which you are a sorceress casting spells in the realm of[...]
Ratalaika Games Voyage
Ratalaika Games announced they will be releasing their new adventure title Voyage for all three major consoles on August 12th, 2022 We haven't seen a lot from this game since it was first announced, but it sure does look pretty with some amazing backdrops and level design, as you have what they're calling a casual[...]
Retro Arcade Title Avenging Spirit Set For Console Release Next Week
Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is dusting off a '90s arcade title as Avenging Spirit is making its way to modern consoles next week Originally created by Jaleco as a cabinet game known as Phantasm in Japan, the two-player platformer was later ported to the original Game Boy where it saw some success The game has[...]
Ratalaika Games Releases Two Games In One With The Parasite Pack
Ratalaika Games and Scottish developer Lowtek Games Studio have released a two-in-one game as you can now play the Parasite Pack The pack contains two games that have a retro vibe going for them, but they are anything but as they have modern mechanics and challenges that would make anyone with an Atari joystick cringe[...]
Ten - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds Drops On PC & Consoles
Indie developer The Bworg and publisher Ratalaika Games have officially released  Ten – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds onto both PC and consoles This is a franticly paced puzzle platformer in which you'll have very little time to figure out the situation you're in, assess what you need to do to survive, and then pull it[...]
Remote Life Announced For All Three Major Consoles
Now you'll be able to experience that on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch as the game will be ported over by Ratalaika Games for release on May 27th Enjoy the latest trailer below and see what the console version has in store. Credit: Next Game Level A huge and menacing alien hive is approaching our planet[...]
Quest For Infamy Set To Be Released March 4th
Ratalaika Games revealed that they will finally be releasing their click-and-point RPG Quest For Infamy for all three major consoles next week This game will give those of us who played PC titles back in the '90s some serious throwback vibes as this thing feels like a love letter to Sierra Entertainment Specifically titles like[...]
Chasing Static Releases A Free Demo Along With Publishing Plans
Ratalaika Games and developer Headwear Games have confirmed that they will release Chasing Static onto PC on October 14th, 2021 The game is designed to be a bit of a throwback to the original PlayStation titles from the '90s where horror games used the basics to scare the hell out of you While the game[...]
Chasing Static Releases A Free Demo Along With Publishing Plans
Ratalaika Games S.L and Headware Games released a brand new trailer for Chasing Static that comes off far more haunting than those before Previous to this we had seen bits and pieces of what the game was aiming to do, but didn't get a composite look at both the story and the gameplay This time[...]
Klang 2 Is headed To Next-Gen Consoles In Q3 2021
During this weekend's Game Dev Direct, Ratalaika Games and developer Tinimations revealed that Klang 2 will be coming to next-gen consoles The game was already slated to come out on all three major consoles as well as PC via Steam, but now the game will also be released on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X as a[...]
Chasing Static Releases A Free Demo Along With Publishing Plans
Headware Games and publisher Ratalaika Games revealed a few more details today on their upcoming psychological horror game Chasing Static During the Game Dev Direct showcase, it was revealed the retro-looking exploration title will be coming to all three major consoles, including next-gen systems, and PC sometime in Q3 2021 Along with the news of the release[...]
ININ Games Releases Turrican Flashback For PS4 & Switch
Developed by Ratalaika Games and Factor 5, this will take you back in time to play the original game that came out almost 30 years ago, But you don't just get the first one, you also get, Turrican II: The Final Fight, Mega Turrican, and Super Turrican All of which come with some fun retro[...]