Watch Shazam Try To Sneak Back into the House in New Clip

Watch 'Shazam!' Try To Sneak Back into the House in New Clip

Pictures film Shazam!.Billy Batson is a streetwise 14-year-old who can magically transform into the adult superhero Shazam simply by shouting out one word His newfound powers soon get put to the test when he squares off against the evil Dr Thaddeus Sivana.David Sandberg is directing from a script by Henry Gayden The film stars Zachary[...]

Mark Strong Talks How He Makes Sivana Scary in Shazam

Mark Strong Talks How He Makes Sivana Scary in 'Shazam!'

Pictures' upcoming Shazam.[caption id="attachment_1005771" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mark Strong as Sivana in "Shazam!" Photo courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures[/caption]Strong spoke to about Sivana’s background and capturing his essence. "We talked about it and realized that the fun stuff is only gonna work if it's bookended by really terrifying stuff, and the terrifying stuff is only gonna[...]

Nerdist Mashes Up Shazam with Big in Parody Trailer

Nerdist Mashes Up 'Shazam' with 'Big' in Parody Trailer

Pictures' DC Comics film, Shazam.If that picture doesn't say it all, the trailer description sure does: Get ready for the BIGgest superhero movie of the summer! When Billy Batson says the magic word, SHAZAM - he transforms from a kid to an adult.. an adult Tom Hanks! Join Billy and Tom Hanks as they discover their new[...]

Annabelle 3 is Titled Annabelle Comes Home Releasing June 28

Annabelle 3 is Titled 'Annabelle Comes Home', Releasing June 28

Sandberg, who also directed Lights Out and has some superhero movie called Shazam! coming out in about a month Dauberman has been the creative force behind this whole series, so hopefully this third film is more like the latter, and they can keep that momentum going.Annabelle Comes Home hits theaters on June 28th. Annabelle, part[...]

Early Box Office Predictions &#8211 Shazam: $40-$45M Pet Sementary: $25M

Early Box Office Predictions – Shazam!: $40-$45M, Pet Sementary: $25M

According to The Hollywood Reporter Shazam! is currently tracking to do $40-$45 million its opening weekend That isn't bad but it's not the huge numbers that usually follow a superhero movie Then again, Shazam! was also a lot cheaper to make than other superhero movies with a budget of [only?] $100 million Warner Bros has[...]

IMAX Shares New Exclusive Artwork for Shazam

IMAX Shares New Exclusive Artwork for Shazam!

The marketing push for Shazam! continues as the release date gets even closer People were very worried just a few weeks ago but it looks like Warner Bros is far from ashamed of this latest entry in the DC universe The social media embargo is down and plenty of critics are praising the film, there[...]

Billy Batson Tries Out His New Powers in This Shazam Clip

Billy Batson Tries Out His New Powers in This Shazam! Clip

The early reactions to Shazam! are out and they are looking very positive so far It looks like DC might have another hit on their hands A new clip from early on in the movie, we can assume, has appeared on Youtube and seems to show Billy meeting up with Freddy's a pretty long[...]

Shazam Funfair to Open on Londons South Bank

'Shazam!' Funfair to Open on London's South Bank

We do a thing, play on the wooden slats playground, walk up the South Bank, maybe pop into the Royal Festival Hall to see what's going on, then wander up, maybe pop up the Tate Modern viewing pattern to invade the privacy of their very rich neighbors, then on past Shakespeare's Globe, the Golden Hind[...]

BC Toy Spotting: Transformers Funko WWE Star Wars Captain Marvel and More

BC Toy Spotting: Transformers, Funko, WWE, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, and More!

You can also outfit your bear with Captain Marvel specific clothing right now.Transformers TCG: Rise of the Combiners booster packs are hitting Walmarts really hard right now.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="999775,999774,999773,999772,999744"]Mattel has basic Shazam! figures on the pegs at Target, along with restocks on their popular Batman basic figures.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="999765,999754,999753,999752"]Figuarts collectors can fin the[...]

Warner Bros. Releases a New Promo Image for Shazam

Warner Bros. Releases a New Promo Image for Shazam!

We finally got a second trailer for Shazam! yesterday which showed off a ton of new footage The movie looks like a lot of fun and unlike anything we've seen before The embargo for this movie comes down in a couple of days so it's going to be interesting to see what kind of critical[...]

The New Shazam Trailer is Finally Here

The New Shazam! Trailer is Finally Here

and DC premiere a teaser trailer for Shazam! but that teaser was officially released to the public Maybe they were trying to avoid another Suicide Squad scenario but it showed that they had a lot of faith in the movie to release it so early.Now fans are nervou8s because we're a month away from the[...]

A Brief New Clip from Shazam Teases Superman [Sort Of]

A Brief New Clip from Shazam! Teases Superman [Sort Of]

A new trailer for Shazam! is set to drop tomorrow but Warner Bros has decided to share a short new clip from the movie While the Man of Steel isn't shown or referenced directly we all know where that saying comes from. can hope this is a start to a new marketing angle[...]

Were Finally Getting Another Trailer for Shazam on Monday

We're Finally Getting Another Trailer for Shazam! on Monday

It's a little surprising to think about, but we've only had one full trailer for Shazam! and it came out in July 2018 at Comic-Con That's not to say we haven't seen new footage since then, but it's mostly been in special looks and TV spots We've actually seen very little of this movie so[...]

BC Toy Spotting: WWE Funko DC Multiverse Captain Marvel Transformers and More

BC Toy Spotting: WWE, Funko, DC Multiverse, Captain Marvel, Transformers, and More!

We also found the Walmart exclusive Elite Bob Backlund! We haven't found them yet, but Targets are also getting NXT Series 4, featuring Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Ruby Riott, and Killian Dain.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="992900,992899,992886,992885,992884,992883,992882,992881,992880,992879,992878,992877,992876,992875,992860,992848,992849"]Funko product for this week include the new 5 Star Kingdom Hearts 3 figures, the full wave of Shazam! Pops, the[...]

Shazam Is Joining Injustice 2 Mobile Next Month

Shazam Is Joining Injustice 2 Mobile Next Month

It looks like Injustice 2 Mobile is getting one last character added to the mix, and this one comes in the form of the film version of Shazam David F Sandberg, the film's director, posted the official trailer for the character's appearance in the game on his Twitter feed today, showing that he'll be added to[...]

David F. Sandberg Shares a New Behind-the-Scenes Picture from Shazam

David F. Sandberg Shares a New Behind-the-Scenes Picture from Shazam!

Various people on productions have also started interacting with fans online such as answering questions when they can and even debunking bad news.Shazam! director David F Sandberg is one of those directors using social media in an interesting way Today he shared the new still that Empire posted and then what appears to be a[...]

Shazam Will Have a Post-Credits Scene but It Wont Include Black Adam

Shazam! Will Have a Post-Credits Scene but It Won't Include Black Adam

It sounds like Shazam! is going to give us that post-credits scene as Den of Geek spoke to producer Peter Safran and he confirmed that Shazam! will have a scene to wait for. “It's probably the same decision making that one has on all of these movies,” said Safran “Which is: what's going to be fun,[...]

Meet Pure of Heart Billy Batson in New Shazam Featurette

Meet Pure of Heart Billy Batson in New 'Shazam' Featurette

Pictures upcoming superhero release Shazam highlights the pure of heart orphan Billy Batson, who eventually gets imbued with the power of a wizard.[caption id="attachment_885085" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Billy (Asher Angel) and Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer)[/caption]The new featurette has both Asher Angel (who plays young Billy Batson) and Zachary Levi (who plays Shazam-afied Billy) talking about just[...]