Tekken 7

Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is Coming to Tekken 7 Next Week

It's been confirmed that Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is set to arrive in Tekken 7 in just under a week.Tekken 7 really did land with a splash last year While a Tekken game is always bound to hit with a fair bit of fanfare (what with it being one of the biggest fighting game franchises[...]

Bandai Namco Announces Tekken World Tour 2018

Over the weekend, Bandi Namco made the official announcement that the Tekken World Tour would be returning to the world of esports competition with a 2018 tournament, and revised the website with brand new dates for 2018 This year's set of events will have tournaments happening across the globe with a final tournament set to take[...]

ELEAGUE Adds Tekken 7 To Their Esports Broadcast Roster This March

It seems today is the day for making esports announcements, as the ELEAGUE made it official today that they will be hosting Tekken 7 tournaments live on Twitch and TBS, starting with Tekken Team Takedown that will kick off on March 3rd Below are the complete details about the upcoming games via their press release[...]

Totaku God of War Kratos Statue 1 gamestop

PlayStation Favorites Coming in New Mini-Figure Line at GameStop

This initial wave will feature characters from God of War, Tekken, Little Big Planet, Wipeout, PaRappa The Rappa, Bloodbourne, and Crash Bandicoot.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="779362,779365"]Welcome to the TOTAKU Collection (pronounced Toe-Tak-Oo), a unique series of highly detailed figurines from video game franchises past and present Join the collection today and create a whole collection of[...]

Fighting Games of all time

Bleeding Cool's Top 10 Fighting Games of All Time

Basically, we're trying to keep things proportional, okay?Here are our staff picks for top 10 fighting games of all time:Tekken 3 Street Fighter II Mortal Kombat Street Fighter III Soul Calibur II Marvel vs Capcom II Super Smash Bros (N64) Injustice 2 Killer Instinct Gold King Of FightersIf you've got any top fighter picks[...]

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Adds Fatal Fury Fighter Geese Howard to Its Roster Tomorrow

Tekken 7's roster is about to get a little bit bigger As already announced, Fatal Fury's Geese Howard is coming to the fighting game, but now we have a release date from Bandai Namco: he's here tomorrow, too He will come alongside a new stage and costumes to pad out the paid DLC.For those not[...]

Dynamite To Produce A Tekken Hardcover Art Book Retrospective

Dynamite is adding to their Video Game Icons line as their third New York Comic Con announcement of the day is a partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc to produce a hardcover retrospective art book for Tekken.Since its original release in 1994, Tekken — one of the first games at the time to incorporate 3D animation[...]

Geese Howard Will Be In The Next 'Tekken 7' DLC This Winter

One of the biggest is that Geese Howard from Fatal Fury will be joining the crew of Tekken 7 when their next DLC pack is released in the winter In what looks like another partnership where Bandai Namco is working with other companies to have a little fun with the fans, the SNK-owned character will[...]

Capcom & Bandai Namco Tag Team To Improve Matchmaking

That may not sound as sexy as a sequel to Street Fighter X Tekken, but it's just as important to the gaming communities of both titles Over the years, both companies have developed their own online systems that have worked out, for better and worse This new partnership is essentially going to take the best[...]

Finding Closure In The Middle Of A Fighting Tournament With 'Tekken 7'

It's been nearly eight years since we've had a proper Tekken sequel on console in North America and Europe, almost five years if you're counting Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the mix A lot of time has passed and other franchises have stepped up and helped redefine the genre in the modern console era So[...]

Twitch & Bandai Namco Partner Up For "Tekken World Tour"

The social video platform site has teamed with Bandai Namco in an exclusive partnership to broadcast the Tekken World Tour  In other words, all Tekken 7 eSports events happening under this banner across the globe will be shown live on Twitch, with the goal of building a bigger community and infrastructure to help the long-running series[...]

The 'Tekken 7' Character Trailers Just Keep On Coming

[caption id="attachment_656747" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bandai Namco[/caption]Bandai Namco just dropped another character trailer building up to the June release of Tekken 7 This one may interest more than a few of you as it features a few new faces and some old classics including Master Raven, Sergei Dragunov, Lili, Asuka Kazama, Leo, and Yoshimitsu[...]

'Tekken 7' Releases The Opening Title Sequence For Fun

Bandai Namco has released the entire opening movie title sequence for Tekken 7, which features a lot of footage you've probably already seen from other trailers and footage, with a little bonus material that hasn't been shown off until now In any case, enjoy the show!There isn't really a good or bad reason for[...]

Bandai Namco Gives Us Just A Little More Info With A Tekken 7 Story Trailer

Bandai Namco dropped the latest trailer for Tekken 7 this morning, and while it doesn't quite give intricate details about the storyline, it does paint a better picture of what we're looking at when the game comes out on June 2nd.If you believe the subtext of the trailer, it sounds like this may be the[...]

The Latest 'Tekken 7' Trailer Focuses On Character… Sort Of

Released a couple days ago, Bandai Namco has started putting out short trailers about the characters you'll see in the game. But the trailer you're about to watch below isn't too descriptive. Unlike trailers you see in other game franchises like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, about all you get from this one is a […]

Fulfill Your Destiny With Tekken 7's Character Episode Trailer

Bandai Namco's Tekken 7 will be here in just a few months, but that doesn't mean we've seen the last of the hype for it Bandai's main fighting franchise is looking to wrap up the whole Mishima Family Blood Feud in it's 7th installment, and along those lines we have a "character episode" trailer for you today.The[...]

The Tekken Comic Is A 90s Throwback – A Review Of Issue #1

 [rwp-review-recap id="0"]Titan comics' Tekken series is a straight tie-in to Tekken 7, and seems to include the whole Mishima family But it does give a solid amount of info for the uninitiated, because the whole Mishima family blood feud is a bit of a convoluted mess The comics opens with a recap of the feud and an intro[...]

Bandai Namco Shows Off "Jin vs. Xiaoyu" In Latest 'Tekken 7' Footage

We're less than two months away from Tekken 7 coming to the states, and Bandai Namco is slowly giving fans a taste of the game's English port This week, we get to see Jin Kazama vs Lin Xiaoyu It's a quick battle, but we get a good feeling of graphics, sound, and overall gameplay It actually[...]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For March 30

by John Hinckley Jr.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRTFyWb9fQU1984- Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous debuts, hosted by Robin Leach.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4N9OA6MYYM1993- DOS 6.0 is released by Microsoft.Today in gaming history saw the releases of Resident Evil (1996), a plethora of fighting games in Japan as Dead or Alive 2, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, and The King of Fighters Evolution all came[...]