Marvel Titan Hero Series Collection is Perfect for Certain Collectors

Marvel Titan Heroes figures from Hasbro are now available as a huge box set in time for the holiday gift-giving season. Featuring 12 figures in all, the set is a great way to get these characters into the hands of little ones that enjoy the MCU and Disney XD Marvel cartoons. Hasbro was nice enough to send this one over for us to take a look at, and while I was less than impressed, my 5-year-old daughter has a new favorite set of toys.

The figures come housed in a big square box. One side features key art of each character surrounding a Marvel logo, and on the other side is each figure in the package. All 12 have their own little compartment, with Thor getting the biggest. I have to say, it is a clever way to get these in there. They're also all individually wrapped as to not lose any accessories included with the figure.

Once you unwrap them all — that is where the issues start. Well, let me rephrase that. That is where a collector's issues will start. Most of these have no more than five points of articulation. One wishes that four of them were in the elbows and knees so that they could pose a little better. The weapons that come with the figures are made of cheap plastic and they bent. Groot has a weird expression on his face. Spidey feels like he is hollow. These are just not great for someone like me, who is used to the Marvel Legends style.

But then my daughter got a hold of them and I instantly forgot about all of that. She ran around with Black Widow and Gamora, saving the world from the evil Hawkeye and his partner Iron Man. Cap led Star-Lord in an epic clash with Falcon and Black Panther. She has not stopped playing with them for days.

This set is not for us older collectors. But if you have kids, this is a fantastic set to get for the kiddos to use as an introduction to the Marvel Universe. Or, if they already are familiar, they will have hours of fun playing with all 12. At $99, it is a great value, too. Each one of these is $9-10 a figure at the store. So getting them all in one shot in a box you can store them in? This will make a great gift for the young Marvel fan.

You can order one here.

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