The cover to Captain America Comics #1

Jack Kirby's Son: Captain America is the Antithesis of Donald Trump

Neal Kirby, the son of comics legend Jack Kirby, has issued a statement in response to insurrectionists who stormed the United States Capitol last week in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the results of the presidential election, after being egged by President Donald Trump and his circus sideshow of an inner circle last […]

The official logo for WWE NXT.

NXT Recap: The Men's Dusty Rhodes Classic Tournament Begins

Welcome everybody! The Chadster has been lobbying Bleeding Cool for months to let The Chadster take over these weekly NXT recaps. First of all, I don't think Jude Terror even likes WWE so I don't know why Bleeding Cool even lets him cover them. But more importantly, The Chadster feels he can really make a […]

Shiny Buizel & Floazel Are Now Live in Pokémon GO

Poké Spotlight: Getting To Know Buizel Outside Of Pokémon GO

Part of the fun of the main series Pokémon games is the lore of each species, which Pokémon GO recreates with short descriptions in their Pokédex entries. However, looking into the roles these Pokémon play in other games, and even the anime, can enrich the experience of hunting these creatures in Niantic's mobile game. In honor of […]

Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community

Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community

Tapas, the leading digital publishing platform of webcomics and novels, has launched Tapastry,  the community side of the platform for all creators to share their stories and find their audience. The Tapas creator community contributed to the naming pool and ultimately decided on 'Tapastry.' Tapas creators Sera Swati and Miqin originally submitted the name. Just like countless individual […]

Wes Lee and Nash Carter, FKA Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, debuted on NXT as MSK

The Rascalz, Repackaged with New Names, Debut as MSK on WWE NXT

Former Impact Wrestling stars Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier, better known as Wentz and Dez from The Rascalz, made their short-awaited debut on WWE NXT this week. I say short-awaited not for lack of interest, but because it's only been a little more than a month since the pair signed with WWE after leaving Impact. […]

Bandai Namco Reveals Little Nightmares 2 At Gamescom

Little Nightmares 2 Gets A New Trailer & Console Demo

Bandai Namco released a new trailer today for Little Nightmares 2, along with more info on a console demo on the way. First off, the new trailer runs about 90 seconds as it shows off more of the journey that you'll be experiencing, as well as the various dark nightmares within. This particular trailer shows […]

Amazing Fantasy #15 Signed By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko To Auction

Amazing Fantasy #15 Signed By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko At Auction

Okay, this is one of those things that looks like it costs a lot of money… and really does. A copy of the first appearance of Spider-Man, in Amazing Fantasy #15, signed by the character's creators Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. With a CGC grade of 5.5, it is being auctioned by Heritage Auctions, as […]

Walker -- Image Number: WLK_S1_8x12_300dpi -- Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker -- Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Walker Star Jared Padalecki Says Jensen Ackles Will Be On The Show

With The CW's long-running Supernatural having now ridden off into the sunset, Jared Padalecki is getting ready to introduce his SPN Family to the world of Walker on Thursday, January 21. Up until now, viewers have been treated to a look at Cordell Walker's (Padalecki) tragic backstory and his efforts to turn his life around, as […]

Tonight is Heatran Raid Hour in Pokémon GO: January 2021

Pokémon TCG Rebel Clash Expansion: Complete Review

As the second Pokémon TCG set under the Sword & Shield banner, Rebel Clash has a lot to prove. Pokémon V and VMAX cards were still new as a mechanic and many new species were getting their first-ever feature on cards. Now that we've had some time to settle into this set and compare it […]

Savage Dragon Recreates The Punisher As A Serial Killer

Savage Dragon Recreates The Punisher As A Serial Killer

Bleeding Cool recently ran a story looking at the possibility that Marvel Comics may have already cancelled their character The Punisher. That this was a decision that may have been made during the Black Lives Matter protests, as the use of the Punisher logo by police, army, militia, white supremacist groups, QAnon events, Sean Hannity on Fox News, and […]

The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Recap – Darby Allin Defends the TNT Championship

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting to you live from Lindsay Graham's colon. That's right, I have used a shrink ray to transform myself into El Pequeño Presidente and infiltrated the Senator from South Carolina's body by donning my presidential scuba gear and hiding underneath an ice cube in a Mint Julep. […]

Gargoyles Is Back With New Q-Figs From Quantum Mechanix

Gargoyles Is Back With New Q-Figs From Quantum Mechanix

Things continue to get animated as Quantum Mechanix unveils the new special Q-Fig statues. We are staying into the realm of a 1990s cartoon as QMx unveils new statues for the hit animated series Gargoyles. Goliath and Demona are ready for action with these new, beautifully detailed Q-Figs. Quantum Mechanix captured the characters very well […]

Redemption Exclusive: AWA Studios' Upshot Studios Show Variant Covers

Redemption Exclusive: AWA Studios' Upshot Studios Show Variant Covers

Redemption, AWA Studios' imprint Upshot Studios' major new series by Christa Faust (Bad Mother) and Mike Deodato, Jr. (The Resistance), is coming this March. AWA Studios' imprint Upshot Studios will be releasing 6 covers for the first issue of their "Big Book" with the help of Bulletproof Comics in Brooklyn, NY. Redemption, which The Hollywood […]

Britt Baker will face Thunder Rosa at AEW Beach Break on Dynamite on February 3rd

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa Set for AEW Beach Break in February

AEW announced the first match for the upcoming Beach Break, a special event taking place on AEW Dynamite in February. After Britt Baker's attack on Thunder Rosa at Winter is Coming, Thunder Rosa will get a shot at revenge when she faces Baker one-on-one. Rosa announced the match during The Waiting Room talk show, airing […]

Fill Your WandaVision Void With Collectibles You Can Buy Today

Fill Your WandaVision Void With Collectibles You Can Buy Today

We are just days away from finally getting our Marvel fix with WandaVision premiering on Disney+. The Marvel drought is coming to an end, and fans cannot wait to get their fill with the first-ever live-action MCU television series. The Disney+ series will kick off phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans are […]

DC Comics Future State Week Two

The Brazilian Wonder Woman Yara Flor And Her Gods in DC Future State

In last week's Future State: Wonder Woman, we met up with Yara Flor, the new Wonder Girl and future Wonder Woman, as she traipsed through the Brazilian rainforests meeting up with Brazilian mythical creatures and gods, and a trip to Hades in the fashion of a small city airport. It was a little wackier than […]

Ray Fisher Says He Won't Work With DC President of Films Walter Hamada

Ray Fisher Confirms The Flash Exit and Walter Hamada Allegations

The Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. back and forth seem to be finally coming to an end. After many months of back and forth from the studio and Fisher, both of which got a little petty at times, the last we heard was what Fisher had been dropped from The Flash, and they weren't going to […]

Mickey Mouse Is the Sorcerers Apprentice With Beast Kingdom

Mickey Mouse Is the Sorcerers Apprentice With Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom is taking us back to 1940 to relive the magic with Fantasia as they unveil their newest statue. Mickey Mouse is back as The  Sorcerer's Apprentice with a beautifully designed and highly detailed Disney Mastercraft statue. The classic Disney story comes to life once again with this 14 inch tall Mickey Mouse statue […]

So Who Sired Shinobi Shaw Anyway?

So Who Sired Shinobi Shaw Anyway? Marauders #17 Spoilers

Shinobi Shaw, Sebastian's Shaw son, first appeared in X-Factor #67 in the nineties, created by Chris Claremont and Whilce Portacio. But right from the beginning, there were questions regarding Shibobi Shaw's lineage, as he mass density controlling powers were more similar to fellow Hellfire Club member, his "uncle" Henry Leyland. It was an issue that […]


Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Offers Detail on Post-Time Jump Betty

Over the past few weeks, Riverdale creator/EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been offering viewers of Riverdale glimpses of what's to come when the fifth season's time jump kicks in (after the first three episodes wrap up their senior year- and we're sure lay clues to the future). Initially, we got to see raw video of Archie (KJ Apa), […]

Darkwing Duck Returns With New Q-Fig From Quantum Mechanix

Darkwing Duck Returns With New Q-Fig From Quantum Mechanix

Things are about to get dangerous as Quantum Mechanix announces their next Disney Q-Fig statue. Coming out of the 90s, we return back to the classic animated series Darkwing Duck who is back and ready for action. Darkwing is near and dear to my heart, and this statue has beautiful detail, great craftsmanship, and colors […]

DC Comics Future State Week Two

Rise (Not Much) The Demon Etrigan, DC Future State Justice League Dark

The Demon is a character created by Jack Kirby, Etrigan, often allied with the forces of good, because of Jason Blood, a human to whom Etrigan is bound. In recent years his backstory has been rewritten so that he was a demon who rebelled against Lucifer and was handed over to Merlin, who then bound […]

The Walking Dead profiles Andrea, on-screen and in the comics. (Image; Skybound)

The Walking Dead Looks Back on Andrea's Two Very Different Journeys

It's time to take a pause from all of this speculation about the future of AMC's The Walking Dead to look back on the series' history as well as the comic book series that inspired it. This means it's time for another chapter in Skybound's continuing "Who Is…?" video series where they compare and contrast TWD […]

Tonight is Heatran Raid Hour in Pokémon GO: January 2021

Complete Sinnoh Celebration Raid Rotation In Pokémon GO

The Sinnoh Celebration event is underway in Pokémon GO, bringing with it the return of Gible raids. Let's take a look at the full raid rotation for this event and determine which of these raids are worthy of your pass. The complete raid rotation for the Sinnoh Celebration event in Pokémon GO includes: Tier One Buizel – […]

The King In Black

Who Wants To Be Carnage In The King In Black Today? (Big Spoilers)

There are no actual issues of The King In Black published today. Not even an issue of Venom, from which this event spawned from. But there are plenty of spin-offs, Gwenom Vs Carnage #1, Planet Of The Symbiotes #1, The Union #2, SWORD #2 and Thunderbolts #1. So the earth is covered in alien goo […]

Terrahawks Comes To Amazon Prime - New Series To Follow?

Terrahawks Comes To Amazon Prime Video – New Series To Follow?

Terrahawks was a 1983 British science fiction television series created by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr, following the likes of Supercar, Fireball XL5, UFO, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90 from the 60s and 70s. The show was Anderson's first TV show in over a decade to use puppets for its […]

Multiple Ubisoft Executives Out Due To Misconduct Allegations

Ubisoft Reveals They Are Working On A New Star Wars Game

Some interesting news this morning as Ubisoft revealed they are now working on a brand new Star Wars title. This week has been an interesting one as Lucasfilm Games was announced, and shortly after that, we got the reveal of a new Indiana Jones game in the works with Bethesda Softworks. After that, we kind […]

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, The Great Pretender in The Marvel Universe, Today

So what's with the Scarlet Witch right now? She has a TV show in Wandavision but not much presence in the Marvel Universe right now – though her presence is felt. She's popped up in Strange Academy, and did that thing with turning all the Genoshan dead mutants into zombies, but might there be an […]

The Flash has cast Jon Cor in season 7. (Images: NBCU/DC Comics)

The Flash: Shadowhunters Star Jon Cor Joins Season 7 in Chilling Role

The Flash executive producer Eric Wallace doesn't plan on making the seventh season of the long-running The CW series easy on Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Following up on word that The Scarlet Speedster would be facing off against Mirror Master Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) and the "even more powerful and devastating threat on Central City" that […]

McFarlane Toys Unveils Wave 2 of Their New Gold Label Series

McFarlane Toys Unveils Wave 2 of Their New Gold Label Series

Last year McFarlane Toys announced that they are their figure lines will be getting a special Gold Label series. Yesterday, Todd McFarlane took to social media to unveil three figures for their second wave of Gold Label for various series. Each one of these figures will feature a special gold deco that will shine, giving […]

DC Comics Has Turned 5G Into Future State Imprint

DC Future State Teen Titans Hits $15 on eBay, Swamp Thing $13 + More

DC Future State has seen DC Comics jump forward all their books by years to see future versions of the characters. Originally this would have been the DC Universe going forward, dubbed 5G, but that all changed last year, so you get a concentrated two-month burst of all the titles instead. So how has all […]

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Ratings Increase Amidst Cable News Bonanza

One week after the shocking event where supporters of President Donald Trump, egged on by the president himself and in what seemed like the inevitable conclusion to his constant stream of lies and incitement, stormed the United States capital. The repercussions of that day are not yet fully known and will be felt for some […]

Pokémon Collaborates With Katy Perry For 25th Anniversary

Pokémon Collaborates With Katy Perry For 25th Anniversary

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the world's most popular media franchise: Pokémon. The Pokémon Company International will celebrate a quarter-century of bringing joy to fans of all ages this year with a brand new movie, special sets of the TCG, and… Katy Perry music? Here are the full details. The Pokémon Company International has paired […]

How Brexit Affects Marvel Comics Today, In The Union #2

How Brexit Affects Marvel Comics Today, In The Union #2

Today sees the publication of The Union #2, the second issue in the United-Kingdom set-and-themed comic book by Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito, published by Marvel Comics. And it's the first issue published after Brexit was all finalised. Something some comic book stores are having difficulty with – especially those outside the UK. Such […]

NXT used this teaser image with the letters MSK to promote a mystery tag team that is probably The Rascalz

MSK: WWE Teases Mystery Tag Team That's Probably The Rascalz

WWE has unveiled the brackets for the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament, and one mystery team is featured. Referred to only as MSK, the mystery team is set to face Isiah "Swerve" Scott and Jake Atlas in the first round of the tournament. Based on the look of the logo in the teaser image, […]

Skystone Reveals Two New Games With Boundary & The Last Friend

Skystone Reveals Two New Games With Boundary & The Last Friend

Skystone Games revealed two new games on the way from them for 2021 as they unveiled Boundary and The Last Friend. We shape proper info on both games below, but the shorthand for both is that Boundry is the latest from developer Surgical Scalpels asd they have created a gravity-defying shooter. Meanwhile, Stonebot Studios have […]