New York Toy Fair: 100+ Pics From Mattel, Including WWE, Jurassic World,Barbie, and More!

Mattel held their press event this morning, and we were there so we can bring you all of the cool stuff from Jurassic World, Toy Story 4, Mega Construx Detective Pikachu line, WWE, DC Comics, and of course, Barbie! They were a little more laid back than in previous years, but had plenty of awesome stuff to show off. Let's dive in!

First up, some new debuts in Mattel's WWE line, including Elites of King Mabel (with a chase version), Pat Patterson, Brie Bella, a new Daniel Bryan in his Seahawks style gear, a new Iron Sheik, ABA Undertaker, a new Roman Reigns, and a Braun Stroman with a cello. An Elite two-pack of Brood-era Hardy Boyz was also on display and will be a Ringside Collectibles exclusive. Four new Retro figures were shown off, including Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, a repaint of Macho Man, and a Goldust with removable wig. The big news though is the launch of Ultimates. These will be the most articulated WWE figures Mattel has ever done and will include multiple sets of gear and accessories, interchangeable hands and heads, and more. The first two are The Ultimate Warrior and Ronda Rousey. The third will be Bret Hart, and forth this year will be Shinsuke Nakamura.

Jurassic World has become a huge hit for Mattel, and tons of new dinos were on display. Kinda neat: the blue Triceratops is a callback to an old unreleased version of one from a previous line. Kinda cool. Besides that, the repainted T-Rex looks great, the Indominous Rex is spectacular, and the colossal version of Blue is amazing. No six-inch human figures on display, but they are still coming I was told.

They also debuted their figures and such for Toy Story 4, with all of the classic characters like Woody and Buzz well-represented. Even the newbies from the film have a strong presence. The coolest things I saw on that display were the new Minis blind bags. They are so adorable! Looks like there are over 20 to collect, and I already am hoping to find them all.

Mega Construx will have building sets in support of Detective Pikachu, including a giant Pikachu that raises its arm so he can look through a magnifying glass to look for clues. Other Pokemon will join him in the smaller sets, like his detective office. Look for these in April.

All kinds of new Barbies were on display in the biggest area of the showroom. Barbie has become maybe the most inclusive brand on the market at this point, as they have dolls representing everyone. Part of their display today was the newly announced dolls that come in wheelchairs, offering even more representation. Even while standing at the display, a gentleman in a chair seemed to really like the doll, even discussing accuracy and tweaks with the Mattel team. It was cool to see that type of interaction.

Finally, Hot Wheels was showing off their new Mario Cart racers, that should be in stores this summer, along with the coolest Star Wars car yet: Jar Jar Binks. BTS fans can soon play BTS Uno. Which brings us to DC. We don't need to tell you reading this it is a weird time to be a Mattel DC collector, but they still had some great stuff on display. The Multiverse offerings look great especially The Riddler figure. Tons of new 12-inch Batman and DC characters will be hitting stores this year as well.

We will end with a cool treat: the first ever Barbie was on display! That was kind of cool to see in person.



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