A Wrench In The Works? Karl Kerschl No Longer Gotham Academy Series Artist

On Wednesday, after the release of issue #12 of Gotham Academy, series artist Karl Kerschl tweeted this:

Since then, I've been incredibly concerned. For me, part of the major draw of a series is the art. If I can't get on board with the style, unfortunately it doesn't really matter how great the writing is. I'm sure some of you can relate. It's a package deal with comics. Thus far, Gotham Academy has had a flawless combination of Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher's writing,with Kerschl's art. Now what? My hope is that whoever is next is pretty epic, Hopefully the style and overall feel of the comic won't be affected. Part of what I love about Gotham Academy the most is the feeling I get being transported to that dark and gloomy Hogwarts world. Whoever steps in, has to preserve that.

Karl, you will be missed! At least we got to see that adorable drawing of you hugging all of the characters goodbye.