DC Comics

DC Comics is one of the largest and oldest American comic book companies, and a subsidiary of Warner Bros. since 1967. Popular characters published by the company include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg and Supergirl. Popular DC Comics teams include Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, and Watchmen.

Former US Army Cavalry Officer and pulp writer Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the precursor to the company we now know as DC Comics, National Allied Publications in autumn 1934. His first comic book, the tabloid-sized New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 was cover dated February 1935 .

Detective Comics, a detective-themed anthology series, debuted with a March 1937 cover date, and would introduce Batman to the world with Detective Comics #27, cover-dated May 1939.  The initials "D.C." in DC Comics come from the title Detective Comics.

The publisher would release its most important issue ever with Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938, and the comic book that introduced Superman to the world.

As a subsidiary of Warner Bros, the publisher's characters and teams have been the subject of numerous tv series, films, and games.

Updates from the DC Booth at C2E2 &#8211 Cancellations and Signing Times

Updates from the DC Booth at C2E2 – Cancellations and Signing Times

Day 1 of C2E2 is in the books. DC had a strong presence, giving away comics all day for free to anyone who walked by the booth, including issues of Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Dark Knight Metal to name a few. In addition you could get you photo taken in a choice of scenes […]

Now Batman #90 Sells Out and Goes to Second Printing Before Going on Sale

Now Batman #90 Sells Out and Goes to Second Printing Before Going on Sale

As backorders continue to come in, Batman #90 has sold out At a distributor and publisher level, ahead of its March 4th on-sale date in comic stores. And as a result, DC is rushing back to press for a second printing. This marks the second subsequent pre-on-sale sellout for the series, following Punchline's debut in […]

Post-Dan DiDio Changes Already Happening at DC Comics

Post-Dan DiDio Changes, Already Happening at DC Comics?

I understand that it is too late to affect Flash #750, out at C2E2today and in comic stores on Wednesday. But it appears that a number of writers who have been working on upcoming comic books in line with the new DC Timeline, as of yesterday are being asked to make significant changes. The original […]

Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain (Spoilers)

Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers)

Monsieur Mallah is a superintelligent anthropomorphic gorilla supervillain, and loyal servant to the Brain. Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, they first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 in 1964, As a scientist, the man who would one day become known as the Brain performed experiments on animals to raise their intelligence. One of these […]

Official: Artgerm's Punchline Cover Switches From Batman #94 to #92

Oh, some people are going to be rather annoyed about this. I'd heard the rumour, but it has now gone official on Diamond's website and retailers are expected to be informed by DC Comics later today. The first Punchline cover, featuring the new girlfriend of The Joker, drawn by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, was to have […]

Welcome To Leviathan Country (Leviathan Dawn #1 Spoilers)

Welcome To Leviathan Country (Leviathan Dawn #1 Spoilers)

Not too long ago, Bleeding Cool ran the story, What If… DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes and 5G Were Planning a Similar Story to House Of X? I wrote of X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman, Before he took the Marvel shilling (and I understand it was a sizeable shilling) I get the word that he proposed Legion […]

Did Transitioning Give Suzie Su Her Powers Red Hood: Outlaw #43 (Spoilers)

Did Transitioning Give Suzie Su Her Powers? Red Hood: Outlaw #43 (Spoilers)

When the character of Suzie Su was first introduced in Red Hood And The Outlaws #2 in 2011 by Scott Lobdell, drawn by Kenneth Rocafort, it wasn't the most subtle or sympathetic of portrayals. An organised crime figure in Hong Kong, with her own enforcers, she was also one of DC's first trans characters. However, […]

Connor Kent Meets Superman &#8211 and Superboy Prime (Spoilers)

Connor Kent Meets Superman – and Superboy Prime (Spoilers)

Today's Action Comics #1020 drops a shoe from Brian Bendis' run on Young Justice, with Conner Kent – the Superboy/Lex Luthor clone who really shouldn't exist in this continuity, meeting Superman. But rather that having some emotional moment, or a tonne of exposition, it's hurried and rushed, because Superman – and the Justice League – […]

Meghan Fitzmartin a Big New Name For DC Comics

Meghan Fitzmartin, a Big New Name For DC Comics?

Meghan Fitzmartin is best known as her role as executive assistant to the showrunner on the TV show Supernatural, then becoming a staff writer on the show. But in comics-related media, she co-hosts a podcast called "Wine and Comics" with Topher Harless, has written and produced an audio drama called Red Rhino about a high school […]

What Is DC Comics 5G The Story So Far&#8230

"What Is DC Comics' 5G?" The Story So Far…

On the 13th of June, 2019, Bleeding Cool made the first mention of something DC Comics was planning called 5G. We had no idea what it was. All we knew was that it was, "something that is, or has, been planned at DC Comics at the upper creative and editorial echelons." It took until October […]

Geoffrey Thorne a Big New Name For DC Comics

Geoffrey Thorne, a Big New Name For DC Comics?

Geoffrey Thorne was an actor through the eighties and nineties, most prominently as one of the leads in long-running In The Heat Of The Night TV remake cop show as Sgt. Wilson Sweet. In 2000, he changed careers to become a writer, initially a Star Trek novelist, finalist in the Writers of the Future contest, he […]

Bang Old Guard &#038 Batman &#8230 Of Course On… – The Back Order List 2/19/2020

Bang, Old Guard, & Batman … Of Course, On… – The Back Order List 2/19/2020

Every week your Local Comic Book shop gets in the weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell our fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and let Diamond know they need more.  […]