Hasbro's Walmart Exclusive Baby Groot Could Have Been Amazing, Settles For Pretty Cool

Hasbro Baby Groot Walmart Exclusive 1

Baby Groot is adorable and hilarious, and while ideally everyone should be able to get their hands on the life-size version from Hot Toys, that is not affordable for everyone. We have also already covered they weird looking ones  as well, so when I went into the toy section at my local Walmart today and saw the Walmart exclusive Baby Groot figure from Hasbro on the shelf I instantly grabbed it. And while not perfect by any means, it has its positives as well.

From a packaging standpoint, this is a home run. Giant window box that shows off the entire figure, great key art from the film on the box. The diorama shot on the back of the box is awesome, and kudos to the copy editor for sticking the pun into the character description. Also I am really glad that the Walmart sticker is not obnoxiously big, keep it simple and show off that figure. If you never took this out of the box, you would have a really cool Groot collectible for your shelf.

Then again, most people open their toys, and with this one that is where the problems begin. What you are seeing in the pictures up there is about all the movement you are going to get. Head, arms, and hands are the only five points of articulation on this one, which really limits the poses you can get Groot into. I would have liked to have seen some leg mobility here. This is in the style of their 12 inch line of plastic figures, so really this is just a huge chunk of plastic. I feel like 5-6 years ago the Ravenger costume would be rubber and the legs would move, but that is not where we are at in toy collecting anymore. What I will say is that the sculpt is awesome. While the suit is plastic, the detail on it is pretty great, right down to the popped collar on the jacket. Groots face is adorable, and the top of his head detail is decent, if not painted quite as well as I would hope. He is incredibly balanced on his feet, if you put him into a position, he will stay put and display very well.

When it boils down to it, this one is so-so. What could have been an incredible collectible is just a missed opportunity. My daughter has spent the last 5 hours playing with Groot all over the house however, and that is what matters most. At $19.99, as a display piece I love this thing, and as a playtime companion for my daughter, it works. However, as a collectible I wish we had gotten more as a store exclusive, those tend to be where they can do a bit more. Now that they have this one, maybe down the line we can get the ultimate Hasbro Baby Groot.


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