Marvel Legends Is Getting Some Awesome Additions To The Line Soon

Marvel Legends figures were all the rage at Hascon last weekend, with the reveals from SDCC getting their prototypes shown off. Now we have glorious (and awesome) glamor shots for us to all drool over!

Marvel Rides

First up are the new run of Marvel Rides, featuring Black Widow and Ghost Rider on motorcycles. They even have suspension, as I found out at SDCC. The Rider looks pretty perfect, that is going to be a tough find in stores.

Heroes and Villains

Next we have a few heroes and villains coming, including a new Spider-Woman and a new Black Bolt. An eralier rendition of Namor with a bearded face sculpt is coming, as is a cool new two-pack of Klaw and Shuri from Black Panther. Man, I can't wait to see that movie line. Rounding those out are a Paladin and a King Kobra, and the Kobra looks AWESOME. I am in love with that cape.


The most-anticipated and talked-about figures were of course the next wave of X-men and mutants. Psylocke gets a much needed update, and a mohawk Storm is always a good thing. The lighting effects that are included with Storm are going to put that one over the edge. The yellow suit Wolverine was also a much-requested figure, even though it means every wave of mutant-related figures has had a version of Logan. Finally, an updated build a figure of Apocalypse can be pieced together when buying the entire wave.

Marvel Legends Thanos - Walmart Exclusive

And finally we have a new version of Thanos that is Walmart-exclusive. Just in time for Avengers: Infinity War, this one will include the Infinity Gauntlet and new paint aps that are different from the build a figure we got a couple years back.

All of these are due out in the near future, with the mutants wave hitting the furthest out sometime next year.

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