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Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #

A Jam Comic About Getting Spidey Out of Jams – Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #1 [Preview]

Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #1 is in stores this week from Marvel Comics, bringing together a veritable cavalcade of creators for one Spider-Man tale Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, Nick Spencer, Kelly Thompson, Al Ewing, Chip Zdarsky, Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, Greg Smallwood, Michael Allred, Valerio Schiti, Chris Sprouse, Rachel Stott, Cameron Stewart, Mark Bagley, Tim[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #32 [Preview]

Straight from One Event Tie-In into Another in Amazing Spider-Man #32 [Preview]

It seems like it was just last issue that The Amazing Spider-Man was tying into a super-mega-crossover event, Absolute Carnage That's probably because it was just last issue But the churn must continue, and so as Amazing Spider-Man #32 hits stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, and more, our preview[...]

Today's Amazing Spider-Man #31 Narrows the Odds of Kindred's Identity (Spoilers)

Today's Amazing Spider-Man #31 Narrows the Odds of Kindred's Identity (Spoilers)

Kindred, as seen in recent Amazing Spider-Man comics by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, once upon a time, was a human who died and went to hell He became a demon and climbed the ranks of hell He began torturing Mysterio in hell, and seemed to possess a mutual familiarity with Peter Parker, Spider-Man, referring to him as “Pete”[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #31 [Preview]

This Preview of Amazing Spider-Man #31 is Not Approved by the Comics Code Authority

Amazing Spider-Man #31 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week by Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Nathan Fairbairn, and Joe Caramagna, continuing the book's tie-in with the Absolute Carnage super-mega-crossover event We've got a preview below.Spider-Man and Venom are doing their best to protect Dylan Brock and Normie Osborn from Carnage's murder spree,[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #30 [Preview]

A Clue to Kindred's Secret Identity in Amazing Spider-Man #30 [Preview]

Amazing Spider-Man #30 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, tying into the Absolute Carnage super-mega-crossover event, from Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Nathan Fairbairn, and Joe Caramagna We've got a preview below.The recap page warns us that this issue could contain spoilers for Absolute Carnage up to #3.. but what kind of comic[...]


"X-Men: The Animated Series" & More: Disney+ to Stream Classic Marvel Animation

Let's not forget the 1977 live-action Amazing Spider-Man series that ran on CBS for two seasons.NOTE: Availability of titles are subject to change depending on country The titles screened are based on the test pilot program Disney implemented in The Netherlands. The Walt Disney Company's new streaming service Disney+ is one step closer to becoming[...]

Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1 [Preview]

Gerry Conway and Erik Larsen Return in Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1 [Preview]

The Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1 hits stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, with Gerry Conway and Erik Larsen returning for brand new Spider-Man stories along with Mark Bagley We've got a preview below.First up, a look at Conway and Bagley's story, which takes Spider-Man to the worst place imaginable for a New Yorker: New[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #28

Betraying the Syndicate's Feminist Cause in Amazing Spider-Man #28 [Preview]

Amazing Spider-Man #28 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by the creative team of Nick Spencer and Kev Walker, and we've got a preview below.And last issue, we saw the Syndicate, an all-women group of criminals tired of sexism in the crime industry, capture Spider-Man's friend and roommate, Boomerang!Now, the Kingpin has surrounded[...]

Marvel Solicit Covers... temp

Marvel 2099 Event Swings Out of Amazing Spider-Man in November

Spinning out of the pages of Amazing Spider-Man is Marvel 2099, crossing over through the following titles from this checklist: MARVEL 2099 CHECKLIST AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33 2099 ALPHA #1 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #34 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #35 2099 OMEGA #1 2099 TIE-INS FANTASTIC FOUR 2099 #1 PUNISHER 2099 #1 CONAN 2099 #1 SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 GHOST RIDER 2099 #1 DOOM 2099 #1 VENOM 2099 #1 The story sees Miguel O'Hara return to[...]

Wednesday comics

Amazing Spider-Man #27 – and the Gender Politics of Being a SuperVillain (Ess?)

The current Amazing Spider-Man has made much of a new supervillain gang, an all-female version of the Sinister Six, known as the Sinister Syndicate.Today's Amazing Spider-Man #27 lays out why, in the Marvel Universe, such a thing may be both necessary and desirable, as their target is Spider-Man's roommate and previous Sinister Six leader, Boomerang.And[...]

City Of Bane Begins in July From Tom King and Tony S Daniel, Gets a Variant Card Stock Cover...

Diamond Planning to Change Monthly Stats Going Forward? Did Batman #75 Outsell Amazing Spider-Man #25?

The record industry has long-combined sales on deluxe format and standard format releases, and this is the argument for something similar being applied to comic statistical reporting.Because, it seems, Batman #75 did outsell Amazing Spider-Man #25 And DC Comics would rather that be reflected in the official Diamond charts... TOP 10 COMIC BOOKS BY UNITS SHIPPEDRANK DESCRIPTION PRICE VENDOR1 HOUSE[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #27

Spider-Man and Boomerang Fight Feminism in Amazing Spider-Man #27 [Preview]

Amazing Spider-Man #27 (legacy number 828) hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Nick Spencer and Kev Walker, and this preview of the issue jumps right into the action...Well, after a brief recap, of course Blah blah radioactive spider, blah blah great responsibility You get it.And then we find Boomerang the target of the[...]

Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle Gathers All-Star Creative Team in October

Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle Gathers All-Star Creative Team in October

Sure, Peter Parker stars in three bi-weekly or monthly comics: Amazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Symbiote Spider-Man And yes, there's also Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man, and Spider-Gwen starring alternate versions of the wall-crawler in solo series Plus whatever one-shots, specials, and team books feature a Spider-person on a monthly basis, and probably some[...]

Spidey Gets "Romantic" with MJ in Amazing Spider-MAn #24 (Preview)

Spidey Gets "Romantic" with MJ in Amazing Spider-Man #24 (Preview)

After the events of Hunted in Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker deserves some time off And in this preview of Amazing Spider-Man #24, we see Spidey enjoying that time off with his one-time wife, current girlfriend (it's magic - they don't have to explain it), Mary Jane Watson And showing he's not quite as vanilla as[...]

Marvel Comics August 2019 Solicitations

Marvel to Reprint Todd McFarlane's Amazing Spider-Man #300 in 3D and a Polybag

Hell, it's not even the only one with that cover! Revealed in Marvel's August solicitations, the House of Ideas has unveiled the next comic book to get the 3D treatment: McFarlane and David Michelinie's Amazing Spider-Man #300, featuring the debut of Venom.So to be sure we've got this right, we've got a Rob Liefeld and[...]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Amazing Spider-Man #25 Holds the Line at $7.99 in July

price gouging?!Marvel's July solicitations reveal that Amazing Spider-Man #25 by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley will be a double-sized issue selling for $7.99 Check out the solicit and cover below: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25 NICK SPENCER (W) • RYAN OTTLEY (A/C) Variant Cover by WALTER SIMONSON VARIANT COVER BY GREG SMALLWOOD HIDDEN GEM VARIANT COVER BY TBA VARIANT COVER BY Dan Hipp VARIANT[...]

The Vulture Rewrites Marvel History in Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Spoilers)

The Vulture Rewrites Marvel History in Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Spoilers)

But now, in Amazing Spider-Man #19, continuing the Hunted storyline, The Vulture becomes the first comic book character to make a retcon himself!Of course, it's not a long-past story that Vulture is changing here, but one that happened just last issue, when Vulture used The Gibbon as a human.. er, simian shield, tossing him in[...]