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Apex Legends Season 5 Fight
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer showing off more of Season Five for Apex Legends With a new hero introduced and a few new perks to the game, the devs decided to take a moment and show you just how everything will work out in the game with this two-minute[...]
Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor
Another season approaches in Apex Legends, and with it comes a new character and challenges as you enter Fortune's Favor Respawn Entertainment released a ton of info about what Season 5 will bring about, including a new character trailer featuring Loba Andrade If that name doesn't strike a chord with you, the story will as[...]
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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced new information this week for the Apex Legends Global Series online tournament The companies released the next dates for the tournaments, which will now be held May 2-3 and May 30-31, which is being done in order to better fit competitors' schedules and give time for people to watch[...]
Electronic Arts Stay Home Play Together
As part of their new Stay Home, Play Together initiative, Electronic Arts have started promoting new Apex Legends online tournaments Basically, the company launched the new initiative to help keep people connected through these weird times as we deal with the self-quarantine measures from the coronavirus Over the past couple weeks, they've held small events[...]
Apex Legends The Old Ways Promo Art
Respawn Entertainment revealed a brand new event coming to Apex Legends next week as players will be diving into "The Old Ways" on Tuesday The game is essentially going to be a bit of a throwback event, as Bloodhound will receive their own Town Takeover on World's Edge Everything in the game will be much[...]
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Primarily these affect events for Apex Legends and FIFA 20 We have a list of the events changed by Electronic Arts for you below. Credit: Electronic Arts Apex Legends Global Series: Major 1 of the Apex Legends Global Series | Arlington, Texas | March 13 – 15 | Postponed EA is postponing this event and will provide a new event date and[...]
Electronic Arts Announces Their E3 2019 Stream Schedule
Right now it appears the three big ones being hampered by the servers are FIFA, Need For Speed, and Apex Legends At least, as of the time this article is being written We'll keep an eye on things and see how they progress, but right now it's looking like this is a widespread problem that[...]
"Apex Legends" Reveals System Override Collection Event
Respawn Entertainment revealed a new Apex Legends event on the way as the System Override Collection event kicks off in March From March 3rd-17th, you'll have a few new items to take advantage of, which we have listed below You'll also be able to take advantage of the new Deja Loot mode, which will see[...]
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Apex Legends fans aren't too happy with Epic Games this week as Fortnite's Season 2 of Chapter 2 has copied one of the game's hallmark additions Last week, the company finally launches Season 2 with a new spy theme going for it, and with it came a number of new additions to the game One[...]
"Apex Legends" Brings Back Kings Canyon For The Weekend
Would you like to travel back to Kings Canyon in Apex Legends for a moment? Because that's exactly what Respawn Entertainment is doing The devs announced on Twitter this week that starting today, you'll be able to revisit the Season One location where it all began The map will remain in the game from February[...]
Apex Legends Launches The Valentines Day Rendevouz Event
Apex Legends has launched a brand new event this week as those searching for love can take part in the Valentine's Day Rendevouz Event The event is pretty brief as it will run from February 12th-19th, with a few little additions like a special badge and Valentine's items You can see everything added below as[...]
"Apex Legends" Shows Off The Season Four Launch Trailer
Respawn Entertainment has revealed more of the new additions thrown into Season Four of Apex Legends, and expand on the Revenant's abilities Players will now have a chance to be a ruthless killer as the Revenant as you're basically The Terminator on speed Yeah, you can be cut down like every other character, but it's[...]
"Apex Legends" Shows Off The Season Four Launch Trailer
After swerving people into thinking that we were going to get one character, Respawn Entertainment has introduced us to the next Apex Legends character Revenant will be a haunting cybernetic assassin that you'll have to contend with and learn how to control You'll also be getting a new weapon called The Sentinel, which is a[...]
"Apex Legends" Will Start Up Season Four On February 4th
Respawn Entertainment released a brand new trailer today showing off the story going into Season Four of Apex Legends Along with the brief look at Forge and what he'll be bringing personality-wise to the battlefield, the devs also gave everyone a rundown of the changes coming to Season Four Everything will kick off next week[...]
"Apex Legends" Will Start Up Season Four On February 4th
Respawn Entertainment announced this week that Season Four of Apex Legends will be kicking off on February 4th along with a new legend Of course, the season will kick off with a brand new legend joining the group, and this time around you get the hunk of meat below named Forge According to his backstory,[...]